Final Revised Petition Issuance of New OCT Divinagracia Hombrebueno 5

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  Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Fourth Judicial RegionBranch __Rosario, Batangas IN RE: PETITION FOR THE ISSUANCE OF NEW OWNER’S DUPLICATE OFTHE TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OF TITLENO. 053-2018000175 OFTHE REGISTRY OF DEEDSOF THE PROVINCE OFATANGASPETITION. NO.!!!!!!!!!!!DIVINA RA IRE# PERE#$SHARA %ANE PERE#REYES &'( DIVINA GRACIA PERE#HO REUENO$ )*+*,'+*+**'/*(  DIVINA GRACIA PERE#HO REUENO$  Petitioners. x ----------------------------------------------- x PETITION Comes now, Petitioner,   through counsel, unto thisHonorable Court, respectfull submits that! #$Petitioner DIVINA GRACIA PERE#HO REUENO , Filipino citi%en, of legal age, married to Juanito Hombrebueno, and a resident of &aia, 'an Juan,Batangas is one of the co-owners of a parcel of land,co(ered b Transfer of Certicate Title No. 053- 2018000175 1 , sub)ect of this Petition* +$ B (irtue of a Special Power of Attorney  , +  whichwas dul recorded   before the Registr of eeds of Batangas, Batangas, she herein represents her mother 1  Certi.ed /rue Cop of TCT 2018000175  issued b the Registr of eeds of Batangas, Batangas which consists of  pages is herein attached as  A''* A4 and made an integral part hereof  .   2  Cop of said S*,&6 P*+ 9 A//+'* is herein attached as  A''* 4 and made integral part hereof*  Pae 1  of 5  Petition    for t!e ss#ance of New $wner%s &#plicate  of TCT No. 053-2018000175    & ' NA ()AC A P*)*+  ,$)*/*N$    Petitioner   DIVINA RA IRE# PERE# , widow, and her sister, SHARA  %ANE PERE# REYES , married to Joseph Rees, bothFilipino citi%ens, of legal age, and residents of &aia, 'an Juan, Batangas* Howe(er, notices, orders, decision, and allother court processes, ma be ser(ed to herein undersignedcounsel,  A//. S'' %* . R,&6&'& at Borigas'anche% Ricablanca /alag Castillo 0B'R/C1 &aw 23ices,4enaida 5rcade, 6 7*H* del Pilar 'treet, Batangas Cit* $B (irtue of an  *tra#icial Settle4ent wit!Si4#ltaneo#s Sale of a Portion of an  6   i(ina Ramire%Pere%, 'hara Jane Pere% Rees and i(ina 8racia Pere%Hombrebueno, being the sur(i(ing heirs of the late 2scar /*Pere%, who died intestate on 96 June +99:, ad)udicatedextra-)udiciall unto themsel(es a parcel of land containingan area of Fort-2ne /housand Four Hundred Fi(e 06#,69:1s;uare meters, co(ered b /ransfer Certi.cate of /itle <o*/-=6+> and left b the deceased* &i?ewise, the portionwhich is /en /housand 0#9,9991 s;uare meters of saidparcel of land was sold b the said heirs to @idung 7ustafa 5bdula)id* /hus, the mentioned heirs retained the remaining#,69: s;uare meters of said parcel of land in pro iniiso e;ual shares* 6$'ubse;uentl, a new /ransfer Certi.cate of /itle<o* 9:-+9#=999#>: was issued to herein Petitioners* /he technical description of said sub)ect propert isherein described as follows! 3   Cop of the *+&'(; 9 E';+&'*  of /C/ +9#=999#>: reAecting said S*,&6 P*+ 9 A//+'* is herein attached as  A''* C4.   4  Certi.ed /rue Cop of said E/+&<;(,,&6 S*//6**'/ ,/)S,;6/&'*; S&6* 9 & P+/,' 9 L&'(  dul recorded before theRegistr of eeds of Batangas, Batangas, is herein attached as  A''* D4 and made an integral part hereof*  Pae  2  of 5  Petition    for t!e ss#ance of New $wner%s &#plicate  of TCT No. 053-2018000175    & ' NA ()AC A P*)*+  ,$)*/*N$    Petitioner   :$/he sub)ect owners duplicate cop of which was?ept in Petitioner i(ina 8racia R* Pere% possession andsafe?eeping* $Howe(er, sometime recentl, the Petitionerdisco(ered that the sub)ect owners duplicate cop of theaforementioned title was missing* >$Petitioner exerted all diligent and earnest e3ortsto locate the missing sub)ect owners duplicate cop of thecerti.cate of title, but it pro(ed to be futile* =$Conse;uentl, the Petitioner executed an  Aiaitof oss :  stating therein the fact of loss of the sub)ectcerti.cate of title* 'aid 53ida(it was dul recorded   beforethe Registr of eeds of Batangas, Batangas* D$'aid 2wners uplicate of the sub)ect /ransferCerti.cate of /itle <o* 9:-+9#=999#>: had not beensubse;uentl deli(ered to an person or entit to secure thepament or performance of an obligation whatsoe(er, noran transaction or document relating to the same is pendingregistration before the Registr of eeds for BatangasPro(ince* #9$/he original cop of said sub)ect title is stillintact >  in the 23ice of the Registr of eeds for BatangasPro(ince which could be the basis for the issuance of a newcop of the lost owners duplicate of /ransfer Certi.cate of /itle <o* 9:-+9#=999#>:* ##$2riginal Certi.cate of said /C/ <o* 9:-+9#=999#>: is under Ta &eclaration No. 21-0019-03:27 = and with Propert Endex <o* 9+6-+#-99#D-996-+#* 5  Cop of said  A=,(&>,/ 9 L  is herein attached as  A''* E4  andmade an integral part hereof* 6   Cop of the *+&'(; 9 E';+&'* of /C/ +9#=999#>: reAecting said 53ida(it of &oss is herein attached as  A''* F4 and made an integral part hereof* 7  By virtue of LRA Circular No. 33-2018, t!e etter #roof a$ to t!e e%i$te&ce of title$ a&''ocu(e&t$ i$ a certifie' true co#y of t!e tile or 'ocu(e&t for t!e a&aly$i$, e%a(i&atio&, a&' i&for(atio& of all #artie$ co&cer&e'), t!u$, t!e Re*i$try of +ee'$ $!all &o lo&*er i$$ue a Certificate of &tact&e$$ a&' t!e$a(e $!all e #rove' t!rou*! a Certifie' rue Co#y of t!e $u ect itle. 8  Cop of said T& D*6&+&/,' , issued b the 7unicipal 5ssessor of 'an Juan, Batangas is herein attached as  A''* G4  and made an integralpart hereof*  Pae 3  of 5  Petition    for t!e ss#ance of New $wner%s &#plicate  of TCT No. 053-2018000175    & ' NA ()AC A P*)*+  ,$)*/*N$    Petitioner   #+$/he tax due on the propert has alread beenpaid D  for the ear +9#D b the Petitioner under 2*R* <o*+D9+:96 dated 9= Januar +9#D* #$/he boundaries, names, and addresses of thead)oining owners of the propert co(ered b /C/ <o* 9:-+9#=999#>: are as follows! ;'(&+,*:N+/) Brg*Road 5&< -6# E&/  5&<-##,++ Sps. A4ao (. (a4el ; #cia '. (a4el <i#n #stafa A=#lai S;/)  5&<-9D  eopolo Pere>  W*/  5&<-9D  eopolo Pere>  #+$ltimatel, Petitioner desires to secure a secondowners duplicate cop of /ransfer Certi.cates of /itle0/C/1 <o* 9:-+9#=999#>:, in lieu of the lost one* PRAYER     WHEREFORE$ premises considered, it is mostrespectfull praed of this Honorable Court that )udgmentbe rendered!#* eclaring the owners duplicate cop of the /ransferCerti.cate of /itle <o* 9:-+9#=999#>: that had been lost,as null and (oidG and+* 2rdering the Registr of eeds for BatangasPro(ince, to issue a new owners duplicate cop of /ransferCerti.cate of /itle <o* 9:-+9#=999#>:, in the same termsand conditions as the srcinal thereof, upon pament of allthe proper fees therefore* /  Cop of a C*+/,?&/,'  that taxes due up to C +9#D of theproperties co(ered b /ax eclaration <o* +#-99#D-9+> has been paid,issued b the 23ice of the 7unicipal /reasurer of 'an Juan, Batangas Cit isherein attached as as  A''* H4  and made an integral part hereof*  Pae 4  of 5  Petition    for t!e ss#ance of New $wner%s &#plicate  of TCT No. 053-2018000175    & ' NA ()AC A P*)*+  ,$)*/*N$    Petitioner 
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