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Final test Elementary F2F

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    Name Date: Level: Elementary Duration: 90 FINAL EXAM A. Choose the right answer.( 2 pts. Each) 1. Richard and I _______ friends.   a. is b. am c. has d. are   2. Bob and Jack are ________.   a. English b. France c. Russia d. Greece   3. “What is ______ name?” “Caroline. She is my cousin.”   a. your daughter b. his c. her d. its   4. Rafael is from _______.   a. Turkish b. German c. Japanese d. Mexico   5. What’s your _______ name? _____   name is Robert.   a. wife’s /Her    b. sister’s/His   c. son’s/His  d. brother/ His   6. My aunt is _____ holiday. You can’t visit _____.   a. on/her d. in/her    7. This dictionary isn’t expensive. It is _________.   a. difficult b. small d.old   8.  ________ is your mother’s dentist? “Mr. Chopper”   a. What b. Who c. How d. Where   9. He is a very ________ man. He has thirteen jobs.   a. old b. boring c. busy d. mean   10.  __________ doesn’t serve drinks. He designs buildings.   a. An interpreter b. A postman c. An architect d. A pilot   11. How________ milk ____ there in the fridge?   a. many/is b. much/ is c. many/are d. much/are   12. They _________ and get _______.   a. chat/ married b. chatted/engage c. fell in love/married d. marry/ fell in love   13. What time do you go ____bed? ______ 10 o’clock.   a. of/At b. to/At c. for/On d. in/At   14. The course begins ______ 12 November and ends sometime _____ May.   a.on/in b. in/on c. in/in d. at/in   15. My father doesn’t work _____ CIA. He works _____ a bank.   a. on/for b. at/for c. in/at d. for/in   16. Maria ________ early; she gets up late.   a. don’t get up   b. isn’t get up   c. doesn’t get up   d. didn’t get up   17. ________ do you do ___ Sundays? I play football ______ my friends.   a. When/ in/ at b. What/in/at c. What time/on/in d. What/on/ with   18. I don’ t _______   playing football, but I like ________ football match.   a. like/ watching b. liking/watch c. like/watches d. liked/watching   19. They never ______ to school early.   a. goes b. don’t go   c. doesn’t go  d. go   20. I usually work _____ the evenings but I stay ___ home ___ Saturday evenings.   a. in/at/ on b. on/at/in c. in/at/at d. in/in/on   21. There aren’t ______ books on the shelves.   a. isn’t  b. some c. any d. are   22.  A: “Excuse me! ___    there a post office ____ here?”   B: “Yes. It’s over _____.   a. Is/ far/here b. Are/ near/there c. Isn’t/ over/here  d. Is/ near/ there    23. Where ______ your father born?   a. were b. did c. was   24. There ________ a good film on TV last night, but there _______ nothing good today.   a. was/ is b. wasn’t/ is   c. isn’t/ is   d. was/isn’t   25. _________ can help you. You must do it yourself.   a. Nothing b. Everybody c. Nobody d. Somebody   26.  A: “Do you always watch soap operas on TV?”   B: “Yes. Everybody in my family ________ them.”   a. watch b. to watch c. watches d. watching   27. ______ your sister use computer? Yes, she can. But not very well.   a. Could b. Can c. Did D. Has   28. I ______ read when I ______four.   a. can/was b. could/was c. could/were d. can/were   29.  A: “Why ________ you go to school yesterday?”   B: “Because, I ______ a terrible headache.”   a. don’t/had   b. didn’t/ have  c. did/ had d. didn’t /had   30. I was very tired, so I ______ to bed early.   a. went b. go c. didn’t went   d. didn’t go   31. When _______ the school ________ last year?   a. does/start b.did/starts c. did/start d. do/start   32. What _________ books do you read?   a. kind of b. of kind c. kinding d. kinded   33. I’d like ________ orange juice. Is there _____ in the fridge?   a. a/ some b. some/ any c. some/some d. a/any   34. _____ you give ____ the bill please?   a. Could/ me b. Can/I c. Can/ she d. Could/ I   35. “_______________ a drink?”   “Yes, please. Some Coke.”   a. Can you b. Do you like c. Would you like d. Can I have   36. Istanbul is _____________ than Izmir.   a. crowder b. much crowded c. more crowded d. crowdier    37. Who is the ___________ in your family?   a. oldest b. most old c. old d. olderer    38. Your flat is _______ and _________ than mine.   a. more small/more expensive b. smaller/most expensive c. most small/more expensive d. smaller/more expensive   39.  A: “Whose is this jacket?”   B: “It is ________.” b. me c. mine d. her    40. The children usually _______ eggs for breakfast but today they _________ toasts.   a. haves/eat b. have/ are eating c. are having/have d. has/is having   B. Read the following story and answer the questions about it.( 2 pts. each) A Girl in Rain   The taxi driver finished work about nine o’clock in the e vening. He was tired and he wanted to get   home quickly.On his way home it started to rain heavily. He saw a girl under a tree near the road.   The next village was four kilometres away.“Perhaps she wants a lift in my taxi,” he thought.   He stopped the taxi and asked the young girl, “Do you want a lift home?”   “Thank you,” she said, “but I haven’t got any money.”   “That’s OK. I don’t want any money from you,” said the taxi driver.   “I live in the house on the hill,” said the girl.   The girl got into the taxi and the taxi driver drove her home.   He went to the house and knocked on the door. An old woman opened the door.   “I drove your daughter home - here she is.”    “What?” asked the old woman angrily. “My daughter died five years ago under a tree.”   She went back into the house and closed the door in the taxi driver’s face.   The taxi driver turned round to ask the girl some questions, but she wasn’t there. He never saw her again.   Questions: 41. When did the taxi driver finish work?    _____________________________________.   42. Where did he see the young girl?    _____________________________________.   43. Did he drive the young girl home?    ________________________.   44. What did the girl’s mother tell the taxi driver?    ________________________.   45. Did the taxi driver see the young girl again?    ________________________.   C. Writing. Choose only one of the following topics. ( 10 pts.) 1.Write a postcard with the help of the adjectives and verbs given below.(Use as many as possible.) Adjectives: wonderful, warm, beautiful, cheap, blue, awful, cold, delicious, excellent, expensive.   Verbs:  meet, have, sleep, swim, dance, hurt, take, go, climb, stay.   2.Write about a place you know well. Use the words given below to help you. Where? How big? A town/village/city? How long from Ist.? How many people live there?   Is it beautiful/ugly/boring/exciting/crowded/etc.? Historical places? Sea? Mountains? Famous for…?   3. Describe the person you know well. Use the words given below to help you. Friendly, helpful, cheerful, happy/sad, beautiful/handsome, tall/short, talkative, shy, etc.  ________________________________________________________________________________  _____    BONUS *****( 15 pts.)   Complete the following extract by filling the blanks with the appropriate words given below.  Are - breakfast - taxi - clean - friendly - seventy two pounds - bus-- has - metres - nice - kilometres  –   isn’t  - very - eighty - liked   I really ______ the Seaview Hotel. It is big. The hotel _____two rooms, it is only a hundred  _____from the sea   Bed and _______ for one night is eighty pounds per person. The staff _____ friendly and the rooms are very    ________. It is a _____ hotel. The only problem is that it ______ near any shops. You have to get a    ______ or a bus if you want to buy something at the shops.   The Falcon Hotel has _____ rooms. One night with breakfast is ________________. It is only seventy metres to the shops but you have to get a ______ to the beach because it’s six    _____________ from the hotel. The staff aren’t very _______ and the rooms aren’t ______ clean.  
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