Explanation of How You May Benefit From This Brief Reference Guide Appeal to Dr. Peikoff to Let Me Publish The Full Version Though, originally, I wrote a complete Fountainhead Reference Guide that delivered on my introduction’s promises, sadly, I
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  1  The Fountainhead Reference Guide: A to Z 2  Introduction Since this  Reference Guide  organizes  most of The Fountainhead’s  facts bymajor character, minor character, journalism, chronology, buildings, symbols, places, and more, it will help students   link their theories about the book to the book’s particulars. So pupils write precise papers about the novel’s exacthappenings not floating treaties that abstract away from the novel’s concretes.Accordingly, this  Reference Guide  focuses on   the book’s who’s, what’s, when’s,where’s, and why’s. So it can help all people, whether they are objectivists or not,connect their theories on the novel to the book’s empirical evidence. To the book’sexact data-points. So high-school students writing papers for their teachers,undergraduate bachelors writing essays for their instructors, graduate studentswriting theses for their professors, doctoral candidates writing dissertations for their mentors, and independent scholars writing books for the general public, canwrite accurate critiques about The Fountainhead from a precise point-of-view. Solearners not only induce from the book’s particulars the book’s   universals but alsoso they can understand the novel according to how Ayn Rand conceived it and howObjectivist Intellectuals critique it. That said, this  Reference Guide  is not simply a verbatim organization of The Fountainhead  ’s facts in Ayn Rand’s own words. It also analyzes scenes from the book, symbols from the book, narrative techniques used in the book, as well as its’characters’ thoughts, motives, actions, and emotions in my own words. Thus, eventhough 10 % of this  Reference Guide is my own unique analysis – while 90 % of itis a neutral presentation of the novel’s   facts – scholars may still be refreshed by itnot only because it offers comprehensive data about The    Fountainhead organizedin an easily understandable format but also because my analysis is not simplyobjectivist – or non-objectivist – boilerplate. It is my own  sui generis  views. 3  Additionally, people may also find this  Reference Guide  helpful since ittables Ayn Rand’s fiction and non-fiction according to title, publisher, division,imprint, location, edition, and reprint. Ergo, pupils who wish to understand AynRand’s scope of ideological production can see her intellectual output illustrated inone place. Moreover, students can also use this  Reference Guide  to direct themselves tothe books, lectures, and articles of 58 Objectivist Intellectuals on topics such asteaching values in the classroom, study methods and motivations, the self-madescholar, and more. They can do this via an Objectivist Intellectuals  spreadsheet placed at the back of this book that guides understudies to Andrew Bernstein’s Cliff Notes , for instance, or Robert Mayhew’s  Essays , for example, as well as theessays, presentations, and books of other Objectivist Intellectuals, too, whichtogether synopsize The Fountainhead  ; summarize its four parts; analyze its’ 15main characters; and offer essays on topics such as how the novel inspires a spiritof youth, how people are to understand the rape scene, how humor is used in the book, and more. In sum, this  Reference Guide  is not only useful because it directs pupils tolearn how Ayn Rand’s philosophy can benefit them pedagogically but it is alsouseful because it guides pupils to understand how her philosophy applies to issuessuch as justice, free-will, happiness, and goodwill. Finally, to promote a clearer picture of Ayn Rand’s architectural universe,this  Reference Guide  defines 39 design terms in a back-matter glossary, so peoplecan better understand how the  Fountainhead  ’s buildings reflect the esthetic philosophies of its’ builders. In brief, since this  Reference Guide  organizes The Fountainhead’s  facts morefully than any other source I know of – including any objectivist source – it makesa significant intellectual contribution to our understanding of Ayn Rand’s secondgreatest novel. 4  Explanation of This Brief  Fountainhead Reference Guide  /Appeal to Dr. Peikoff to AllowMe to Publish the Full Version Though, srcinally, I wrote a complete  Fountainhead Reference Guide  thatdelivered on my introduction’s promises, sadly, I cannot share it with you, rightnow, because I cannot secure copyright permission, presently. However, I can share with you a condensed version of my study primer,which elucidates The Fountainhead  by doing seven things. First, it clarifies thenovel by summarizing, in one sentence, the essence of the book’s 152 characters.Second, it explains their beings in 91 analytical sections. Third, it visualizes the book’s buildings by defining 39 architectural words. Fourth, it explains how Ilearned about Ayn Rand’s philosophy, what I have done to support it, and why Ishould be trusted. Fifth, it tables Ayn Rand’s fiction-and-non-fiction in a chart, soyou understand her intellectual output. Sixth, it illustrates, in a spreadsheet, howobjectivist intellectuals have applied Ayn Rand’s philosophy to different fields of thought, so you understand how her viewpoints apply to modernity. Seventh, itenumerates works I have read, highlighted, and studied to understand The Fountainhead  , so you comprehend the scholarship I will use to support myforthcoming  Fountainhead Analyzed   Essay Book. 5
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