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Further Insights in Deciphering the Dimensional Space-Time of the Cosmos

A summary account of creation of the cosmos and the nature of dimensional consciousness has been presented. It is explicated that consciousness is disseminated via light through the advent of space-time. In this respect, time epitomizes the free
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  Further Insights in Deciphering the Dimensional Space-Time of the Cosmos By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract  A summary account of creation of the cosmos and the nature of dimensional consciousness has been presented. It is explicated that consciousness is disseminated via light through the advent of space-time. In this respect, time epitomizes the free flowing nature of the light of consciousness, which in conformance with the requisite that EVERYTHING, must inevitably gravitate towards the central SOURCE - the incipient fountain for providing the light of consciousness - exemplifies the process of rotation about the SOURCE. Thus, time is most suitably depicted by a rotating bi-directional vector. Space, on the other hand, represents congealed time giving rise to a continuum that holds ALL that is created. And, due to the curved or circular nature of time, it is prudent to visualize space as a curvilinear continuum whose curvature epitomizes the extent of progression of time within such a medium. And, as clearly, space is co-dependent with time, with its  propensity of occurrence (congealment) increasing with the diminishment of the (free flowing) time, it may be construed as being the inverse of time. Thus, the curvilinear domain can be collectively labelled as the ‘   space-time ’   or ‘   dimension, ’   at which a sentient being routinely anchors its consciousness. Furthermore, clearly, space is also a quantity that is of vectorial nature, suitable of being depicted by a vector that is tangent to the curvilinear surface of space-time at any  point within a dimension of consciousness. Moreover, as the curvature of a space-time could be conceived as discretely varying as to define a set of cosmological space-time dimensions, clearly what distinguishes a  cosmological dimension of consciousness from another is the rate of  progression of time within its confined continuum that is usually expressed via the parameter of frequency as the rate of rotational speed of s space-time dimension about the SOURCE. The advent of cosmological (main) space-time dimensions of consciousness via their distinction in time progression, or alternatively, rotational speed (frequency), constitutes the primary or ‘   non-local  ’   aspect of time. Thus, one may conceive of two or more space-time dimensions that occupy the same space, yet differ in time progression, a phenomenon that is articulated by the author through introduction of a new cosmological law referred to as the ‘   Essential Law of Spatial Cohabitation. ’   And, since time is directional in nature progressing either in a counterclockwise-clockwise, or alternatively, positive-negative manner, in particular, it is  possible to conceive as two ‘   conjugate ’   or ‘   mirrored  ’   space-times occupying the same space, yet progress in opposite time directions. Furthermore, as the fabrics of such mirrored space-time dimensions (  ‘   matter  ’   and ‘   antimatter  ’   ) are, indeed, quantumly entangled with one another, the author has introduced a cosmological law appropriately entitled as the ‘   Law of Entanglement of the Conjugate or Mirrored Dimensional Space-Time. ’   Moreover, by the virtue of the fact that a seemingly infinite number of space-time dimensions could occupy the same space, undergoing the same rotational speed (frequency), yet either ‘   lag ’   or ‘   lead  ’   each other in terms of their positional angle of rotation about the SOURCE (  ‘    phase angle ’   ), a series of infinite ‘    parallel dimensions ’   of consciousness may be defined about a sentient being ’  s anchored domicile space-time dimension. The advent of parallel dimensions epitomizes a secondary or the ‘   local  ’   attribute of time defined through the introduction of ‘   local frequency  ’   as the rate of change of phase angle giving rise to the advent of an ‘   apparent  frequency  ’   describing the state of affairs within a parallel dimension.   Introduction: Creation of Dimensional Space-Time    The ‘location’ of every point in the cosmos may be defined through the specification of its positional vector.    A position vector is a vector that connects the point to a fixed point of srcin residing at the center of the cosmos [1].    This point of srcin represents the location of the very fixed SINGULAR point of omnipotent conscious energy that exploded-imploded upon itself as to create everything within the cosmos.    The process of creation is akin to what has been termed as the ‘ Big Bang.’      And, while the process of explosion and consequent creation of ‘space’ is readily decipherable by us in which we can visualize it readily, the concept of implosion of a point as to create an ‘internal’ versus an ‘external’ domain of cosmos is much more cha llenging, vague, or at best appears illusive to us as physical conscious entities.    While, the dimensional space may be characterized by a Euclidean system comprised of three coordinates defined via the intersection of three mutually independent perpendicular vectors or coordinate axes, description of the time dimension is much more elusive and challenging and extremely hard to visualize or imagine.    In this paper, it is attempted to overcome this challenge or at least alleviate the difficulty commonly encountered in deciphering the phenomenon of time and its role in giving rise to myriad of dimensions.    And, the first step to achieve this is to not simply perceive time as a scalar quantity definable by a simple magnitude or number such as commonly measured as hours, minutes, or second [2].    The concept of a scalar time and its designation by earthly seconds representing the sensation of time on the earth as a tilted sphere  revolving about itself while subtending an elliptic path about our local sun (the disseminator of light) only represents a rudimentary way as to characterize a ‘local’ aspect of time  that does not shed any light on the reality of its non-local nature nor its inception as having had anything to do with the process of creation.    In reality, the aforementioned vector of position epitomizes the vector of creation, a direct consequence of the fact that a SINGULAR point of seemingly infinite conscious energy implodes-explodes upon itself as to create multiple aspects of itself while giving rise to ‘time,’ ‘space , ’ and everything else in the cosmos.    And, while the process of explosion as an ‘external’ event can be readil y visualized as creating ‘space’ (as well as time), the ‘internal’  act of implosion may be perceived as to solely epitomize the concept of time, which is harder to visualize.    This is probably why as physical beings, it is hard for us to imagine the concept of time and the dimensions it is responsible to generate.    Furthermore, as the process of creation has both an external and an internal attribute, and it is intuitively clear that even the process of creation of external space also entails progression of time from its inception.    Thus, not only the concepts of space and time are interrelated, but also both are directional in nature that must be mathematically expressed as vectorial quantities [3].    And, while the measurement of space in terms of specifying three ‘lengths’ that describes projections of a point on the Euclidean coordinate axes and identifying their associated projected ‘distances’ with respect to a fixed coordinate origin is well established and readily understood, the concept of dimensional measure of time remains elusive at best.     Note that strictly speaking, space and time describe different aspects of the same thing that is light physics [4-5].    It is through light that consciousness gets fragmented into units referred to as the ‘God particles’ and are then dispersed throughout the cosmos that, in fact, epitomizes the body of the Prime Creator emanating from the SOURCE - the incipient SINGULAR point of omnipotent consciousness [6].    This is what the author has referred to as the ‘Engine of Life’ (or ‘Engine of Light’)  [7-8].    And, this process occurs through the advent of time and space.    Furthermore, space is nothing but congealed time facilitated through congealment of the particulates of the light of consciousness as they get dispersed sufficiently away from the incipient SOURECE of consciousness [9].    As the process of creation is undoubtedly an isotropic development in which the God particles are disseminated all over the cosmos at all rotational angles with respect to the SOURCE, it is prudent to perceive of cosmos as being spheroidal.    Thus, the vector of creation (or vector of time) must be rotational in nature [10].    Furthermore, at any point within the cosmos at which a conscious entity is residing, the vector of time has a rectilinear length that classifies its level of consciousness as clearly the further one gets from the incipient SOURCE, both the ‘light quotie nt, ’ describing its intensity of light, as well as the ‘propinquity , ’ defining its relative position with respect to the SOURCE, diminishes [11].    And, obviously the extent of consciousness defined through the parameters of light quotient and propinquity is a function of length of the vector of time that defines the radius with respect to the SOURCE.
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