Garcia's Legacy: Examining Heidegger on Thinking

Intro to Philosophy of Education Eduardo Duarte, Professor Hofstra University Fall Semester 2015 Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Thinking Essay We have focused on Heidegger for the past three weeks, and through him we have explored via an ontological
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  Intro to Philosophy of EducationEduardo Duarte, ProfessorHofstra UniversityFall Semester 201!uesday, "ovem#er 10, 201 Thinking Essay  $e have focused on Heide%%er for the past three &ee's, and throu%hhim &e have e(plored via an ontolo%ical approach the relationship#et&een thin'in% and learnin%) *nd in this &ay &e+ve #een a#le tounderstand &hat Iri%aray meant &hen she &rote, !eachin% re-uiresus to #e, and not only to have 'no&led%e.In fact the most importantthin% that a teacher has to pass on is a &ay of #ein% more than a &ayof havin%, a &ay of #ein% someone and not a somethin%)/!!, 234 Inli%ht of our discussions these past three &ee's, please respond to thefollo&in% prompt, inspired #y the teacher, 5arcia, &ho &eencountered in the short story, !he 5ospel *ccordin% to 5arcia,/ #y *riel Dorfman   New Yorker  , 1162620147  Dear Student of Garcia, I am writing you as a former student of Garcia who is at thebeginning of compiling a book about him, and I would like you to helpme. I am taking up the most fundamental questions we could ever askabout a person: ho is he! here did he come from! here did hego! Do you know what happened to him after he departed the school!ait, forget I asked the last question, because of course you knowwhat happened, and I don"t want to hear  your   answer to that   question,because I am only interested in what   you learned from him, how  youlearned from him, and what, now , in his#departure, you will do withyour learning. $es, that is all I want hear from you. %nd why have Iasked you to tell me something! ell, it"s obvious, isn"t it, that I"veheard about the letter you received from Garcia after his#departure.&f course I did, because you were not alone. In fact all the students of Garcia received one. 'anuel#you know 'anuel (ono, yes! )e wasthe *rst who came to me and showed me his letter from Garcia. +henhil Splash, Donna -ean, and so on. %nyway, you are amongst a few Ihave not heard from, and I am hoping you will share your letter"scontents with me, speci*cally, the three lines from )eidegger thatGarcia shared with you. ere you surprised to read in the letter thatGarcia had attended )eidegger"s seminar that took up the questionhat Is /alled +hinking!0, and that he"d heard )eidegger give hislecture hat is 'etaphysics!0 and also the one &n the 1ssence of  +ruth0! I knew about this, of course, because I studied with Garciaback when he was at the 2niversity. %nd it was I, one of his graduate  students from back in the day, who then went on to become, *rst, ateacher and then the principal of the school where he taught andwhere many of you had him as a teacher. I left that school almost tenyears ago, and I know about all of the changes that have occurredsince then, and I am now teaching at the 2niversity, hoping that,perhaps, we can start another school in the spirit of the srcinal onethat is, well, no longer. So, please, take an hour or two or something inbetween, and share with me the three lines from )eidegger that Garciashared with you. %nd, please, if you would, help me understand whyyou suppose he selected those  three lines for  you . 3It turns out, no twoletters are alike4 hat meaning do those lines have for  you ! )ow dothey connect with something you might have learned directly orindirectly from Garcia! erhaps it was something about his class, areading you did, some kind of assignment#anything5 (y the way, didyou track down those lines in )eidegger! hat do you suppose)eidegger is trying to get at!%s I have told the others, I am truly grateful for the time you are takingto respond to my request. I look forward to hearing from you5ith gratitude,Ignatius Iguana, h.D.
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