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    GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP & EQUITY ASSIGNMENT & CO-CURRICLUAR COMPETITION INTL 702 Understanding social issues and trends in the context of the Canadian experience is a fundamental in understanding the impact on Canadian businesses. In addition, being able to demonstrate how such trends such as technology, and entrepreneurship can advance business ventures and social issues is key in a competitive global market. In this course, you are asked to be able to analyze, debate and propose perspectives on various business topics. In this assignment, you will examine absrcinal entrepreneurship, and how it can advance social issues. Take a look at some of the Absrcinal issues in Canada: Instructions:  Assignment instructions are on page 2 Competition instructions are on page 3    THE ASSIGNMENT : Due From the sites below, choose a Canadian Absrcinal entrepreneurial business, project or start up: •   http://www.startupcan.ca/campaign/absrcinal-startups/  •   http://www.bdc.ca/en/i_am/absrcinal_entrepreneur/Pages/default.aspx  •   http://ideaconnector.net/  •   http://www.ccae.ca/   •   http://www.absrcinalbest.com/ 1.    What are some of the issues Canadian Absrcinals face in Canada? (Issues may be health, access, education, social class, violence, gender issues etc.) 2.    Who are the stakeholders (people, communities, groups, and businesses and trades) involved? 3.    Analyze your groups chosen start up, business, or project from a SWOT perspective 4.   From your groups knowledge and skills as students in global business seminars, propose a digital business strategy (that demonstrates an understanding of the business, and the issues) that will assist and advance the business, project or start up. Create a 2-3 minute visual presentation that includes all group members to present at the competition (see below) that shows how your group idea can be used to empower the community, through digital or social platforms. Explain how it may assist the business, start up or project in its message. Use Prezi (much more dynamic way to present your content) click link to access or use PowerPoint. Include a 1 page maximum written proposal to be included in your project.  __________________________________________________    THE COMPETITION: Wednesday March 26th Presentations will be during the first week of March. Students who wish to compete in the GCE Co-Curricular Event being held school-wide on Wednesday, March 26, 2013, will be judged by the GCE Learning Advisor and their professor. The winning student group will go on to represent School of Business in the GCE Co-Curricular Event and will compete with selected representatives from other schools where they will receive a Certificate of Recognition and compete for the GCE Innovation Fellowship of $1000 .  Voting on each school’s representative group will be uploaded on Face Book, with each voting member ‘liking’ the presentation they choose. The presentation with the most likes, wins!! Each presentation will be judged on the following three categories: •   Presentation and Delivery •   Content and Analysis •   Innovative Approach to advance the Issue  __________________________________________________
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