Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC Asks Boeing C-17 Detractors to Produce Internal DoD Analyses Supporting Kill Efforts

Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC Asks Boeing C-17 Detractors to Produce Internal DoD Analyses Supporting Kill Efforts Describes SECDEF Efforts Against C-17 as an 'Intellectual' Assault; Re-Iterates Position No Credible Data Exists to Support DoD Contention That Aircraft Currently in Operation and On Order Are Sufficient to Meet Existent and Projected Strategic Airlift Needs; Echoes Department of Commerce Description of Globemaster III as a National Asset ; Provides Copy of McCaffrey Report Asse
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  Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC Asks Boeing C-17 Detractors to Produce InternalDoD Analyses Supporting Kill EffortsDescribes SECDEF Efforts Against C-17 as an 'Intellectual' Assault; Re-IteratesPosition No Credible Data Exists to Support DoD Contention That Aircraft Currentlyin Operation and On Order Are Sufficient to Meet Existent and Projected StrategicAirlift Needs; Echoes Department of Commerce Description of Globemaster III as a National Asset ; Provides Copy of McCaffrey Report Asserting 600+ C-17 FleetComplement to Meet 21st Century Force Projection Needs; Issues StatementConcerning Next Generation USAF Tanker CompetitionChicago, IL, October 01, 2009 -- UPDATE TO SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 RELEASE: Amongseveral items discussed in the Administration's 2010 Budget overview released thispast Friday was Boeing's C-17 Globemaster III Strategic/Tactical airlifter, andyet again it has voiced a desire to shut down production of this critical aircraftciting DoD analyses .In clear indication of a last minute ramping up of efforts to terminate C-17production, an amendment was issued on September 29 by those in opposition to theaircraft's continued existence. We were in full expectation of this move, says Myron D. Stokes, Managing Memberof Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC, a Florida incorporated, Bloomfield Hills, MIbased DLA-listed firm ( , And it is precisely why we restated ourposition via the 9/28 release. Since those opposed to C-17 continue to cite internal DoD analyses we ask,respectfully, that they produce same. We are, of course, cognizant of the factthat a certain mythological place of intense heat would be altered by cryogenicintervention before such data were produced. Short story: It does not exist. An Intellectual Assault What many who support C-17 don't really understand, says Stokes, Is that anintellectual assault was launched against this aircraft beginning with the GAO andCongressionally debunked 2005/2006 Mobility Capabilities Studies (MCS) and the2006 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) which repeated MCS assertions of there were'enough' C-17s, coupled with ancient and notoriuously unreliable C-5 Galaxys. TheGAO found the study analytics were profoundly flawed, and based on unsustainable,unrealistic conflict assumptions post 9/11. We must re-emphasize this is the only data to which opposition parties can bepossibly referring. The brilliance of this type of assault, Stokes continued, is that it's isresistant, if not invulnerable, to typical responses. It must be understood thatthe only effective response is a response in kind. Meaning, it was mostappropriate to craft and use the still officially unreleased Department ofCommerce C-17 Industrial Base Impacts Study; it was approriate to present'Transformational Recapitalization' architecture as a means to forever eliminatetraditional budgetary wrangling; it was appropriate to highlight the findings ofthe McCaffrey Report. All of these documents resoundly neutralize the arguments ofthe SECDEF, the SECAF, the good Senator, and all those who are in support of thisill-advised activity againt C-17. We say again, these efforts are designed to make the world safe for retro-fittedC-5s and yet-to-fly Airbus/EADS A-400M, the latter of which EADS desperately hopeswill be acquired by the USAF. Unfortunately, the only way that Lockheed-Martin andEADS will get their wish is if Boeing C-17, and perhaps Boeing itself (a very real  possibility if the Tanker deal is given to the Europeans) is killed. An 'inconvenient truth', if you will. The McCaffrey Report 2007 As we noted in our May 28, 2009 release, C-17 is not only absolutely essential tocurrent and anticipated force projection requirements in a world whereinconventional and asymmetric conflict potential exists concomitantly, said Stokes, but to our plans implementing a US/NATO controlled Heavy and Outsized (HOM)industry utilizing modestly modified variants of this superlative airlifter. I daresay that data from several and quite significant resources, inclusive ofthe limited availability 2005/2006 Department of Commerce C-17 Industrial BaseImpacts Study, strongly, if not overwhelmingly, suggests the direction andviewpoints articulated by our Washington colleagues relative to C-17's continuedexistence is at best flawed, and at worst, not reflective of the greatresponsibilities conferred upon them by the office in which they serve. It should be noted that while we have the greatest respect for the offices of theSECDEF, SECAF and those to whom they report, we feel it necessary to again invokethe wisdom, past and present, of DoD personnel such as the late VADM Arthur K.Cebrowski, whose vast experience and knowledge cannot be ignored. In thisinstance, we feel it appropriate to highlight the conclusions of decorated U.S.Army 4-Star General (Ret'd) Barry R. McCaffrey, Adjunct Professor of InternationalAffairs, United States Military Academy (USMA) West Point, as outlined in an After Action Report following visits to Nellis and Scott Air Force Bases 14-17August, 2007. The report was designed to summarize assessments of USAF capabilities andresources in the face of current, emergent and projected threats to nationalsecurity. General McCaffrey's comments on C-17 are as follows:2nd -- The C-17 Globemaster III.ã We must create the strategic national military airlift and air-to-air refuelcapability (600+ C-17 aircraft) to project national military and humanitarianpower in the global environment. We currently have an inadequate capability with150 aircraft supported by an aging refueling fleet. The C-5 aircraft must beretired—these planes are shot. The Army must back off the dubious proposition thatthey will size their ground combat force around the volume and lift metrics of theC-130 --- and instead use the C-17 as the sizing template.ã The Rumsfeld doctrine postulated bringing home deployed Army and Air Forcecapabilities from Europe, Okinawa, and Korea. This seismic strategic shift wasunexamined and not debated by Congress or the American people. We are bringinghome ground and air strike assets thousands of miles--- from basing infrastructurepaid for by allies--- to unprepared US launch platforms. If we are to pose aserious deterrent capability in the dangerous world arena--- then we must crediblybe able to project power back into future combat areas to sustain allies at risk.ã The C-17 represents the capacity to carry out this strategic power projectionmission ---as well as providing intra-theater logistics and humanitarian lift forpin point distribution of thousands of truck load equivalents of supply per day.ã The C-17 is a global national transportation asset--- not merely a military orAir Force system.The whole of the report is accessible via the link  and should be considered a must read by all concerned.aKnowledge is PowerK I will respond preemptively to those who are quick to dismiss the views andanalytics crafted by retired DoD personnel as 'irrelevant and inapplicable', bysaying that such assertions are sophomoric, unsustainable, without merit andwholly dismissive of the Dr. W. Edwards Deming advocated pursuit of profoundknowledge, says Stokes. To be sure, we benefit from applying accumulatedknowledge, as has been evident since humankind first saw the need to record andpreserve what was learned. The Library of Alexandria is an ancient andextraordinary example of this premise. eFurther commenting on the recent re-release of USAF Tanker competitiverequirements after Boeing's successful protest to the GAO against EADS/Airbus,Stokes conveys the viewpoints of several academic, government and industrialassociates that the need to preserve C-17 is as critically important as thenecessity of having the tanker requirement fulfilled by a true US firm. It mustbe designed, developed, engineered, manufactured and sustained in the UnitedStates. This is not jingoism, this is not nationalism, this is not representativeof a disturbing naivete as concerns the so-called new globality , but rather, arecognition that the country's industrial base must be maintained. Moreover, itmust be OWNED and controlled by American firms with a strongly supportive role bythe US government as is common practice by other industrialized nations.t This is to say, even if the A330-based Tanker were indeed designed, engineeredand manufactured here, the question at the end of the day is 'Where does the moneygo?' Answer: To overseas bank accounts. Also, 'Would there be any guarantees thatmanufacturing and design would remain on these shores in the event of a globaleconomic schism (again) thereby resulting in calls by company stakeholders toshrink the company's global footprint in the interests of 'fiduciaryresponsibility?'rBased on the recorded activities of international corporations, the answer is no. The idea that obvious illegalities in the form of WTO disallowed EU subsidiesdesigned to give EADS/Airbus ( Northrop-Grumman, with its extraordinary history ofaircraft development, is nothing more than, sadly, a front to give the illusion of Americaness to their overtures) a competitive advantage in price is dismissed byDoD procurement officers as irrelevant or having no bearing in the ultimatedecision (paraphrased) is suggesting a departure from logic, reason, conventionalwisdom and a complete lack of of understanding that the US defense and industrialbases are one and the same. bStokes suggests a much needed expansion of the DoD's paraphrased assertion that we are in pursuit of the best value for the warfighter would include '...,theAmerican worker and taxpayer. A To be sure, Stokes further states, No other country on earth, neither Germany,France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Japan, South Korea, China... no one would give awaya core element of its critical industrial base which this Tanker, as built byBoeing with its clearly superior aircraft build skillsets, represents. BAbout Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLCFounded in 2002, GHH is a strategic air transport solutions that was born of amulti-year public/private effort among forward thinkers in both the private sectorand government to mitigate emerging and observable vulnerabilities in the U.S.industrial base global supply chain. Such vulnerabilities are represented by thefact that no ocean-borne shipping is in U.S. hands at present, thus potentially  subjecting American corporations, especially automotive, and their globaloperations to the whims and perhaps economically hostile activities of and byforeign governments. Add to this the risk of terrorist activities, which have,according to the Department of Homeland Security, targeted maritime operations;i.e., ships, ports and ocean containers.Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) listed, it is the goal of GHH and its strategicpartners around the planet to work with key logistics personnel within thesecorporations and government agencies to conceptualize, craft and structure long-term global supply chain alternative transportation methodologies throughcontinuous -- not stop gap or emergency -- air augmentation solutions. Its mostimportant mission, however, has been in the co-development of global architecturefor infrastructure of a new American controlled industry, Heavylift, utilizing theexcellent airlift performance characteristics of the Boeing BC-17.Contact:John T. ChuhranGlobal HeavyLift Holdings, LLC74 W. Long Lake RdSuite 103Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304248-310-2650globalheavyliftholdings@ymail.com
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