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Globalizatin and Muslim Identity

منذ ظهر مصطلح العولمة والحديث متصل عن تعريفها وآثارها وقد وجدت أن أخطر قضية تحاول العولمة مهاجمتها هي قضيةالهوية وسميت العولمة لدى البعض بالتغريب وعند آخرين هي الأمركة ولذلك قدمت هذا البحث لأتناول الهوية الإسلامية في زمن العولمة أوالهمينة الغربية على وسائل الاتصال والمواصلات. This paper deals with the catastrophic effects of globalization on the Identity in the whole world particularley the Muslim World and the Muslim identity
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  Globalization and the NationalIdentity:An Islamic Perspective   ByDr. Mazin S. Motabagani Associate Professor Orientalistics Al-Madinah Center for the Study of             Introduction Once the notion “globalization” became widespread anddiscussed widely by intellectual circles, the idea of the nationalidentity being in danger was one of the main themes of discussion.Learned people all over the world voiced their apprehensionand fear that “globalization” is just another name for westernization or Americanization”. When you consult the internet on ‘globalization andculture’ you will find thousands of sites on this topic surpassing allother topics in the field of globalization.But in Islam even though such fear and apprehension exists,the basics for maintaining and protecting the Islamic identity are firmlyestablished in the scriptures of Islam (Qura’an and Sunnah) and thebehavior of the first generations of Islam (that is the prophet’scompanion and the early period of Islam.)This paper will be divided into two sections: The first will lookbriefly into the definition of Globalization and its relation to nationalidentity.The second will look into the methods globalization tries to alter or affect the national or Muslim identity and the sources for the basicprinciples governing the way a Muslim identifies himself. What are thebasic characters a Muslim must posses in order to be a Muslim. 2  We will also try in this section to search the possibilitieswhether such teachings can stand the challenges of globalization andhow we can use them as an effective tool for that purpose . 3  Section IBrief Definition of Globalization and the position of Islam The innocent definition of the term says that Globalization is thespread and exchange of people, goods, and ideas across the globe however, M. Miasami argues that Islam is not against the   process of globalization per se, but rather that the tension is due to the processof Westernization . ( 1 )Another scholar defines globalization as the clear intermixing of allthings economical, social political cultural and behaviour withoutgiving political importance to the political boundaries of sovereigncountries and without any need to governmental procedures. ( 2 ). Thesame author adds: but globalization in contemporary perspective isnot merely domination and control of politics, economy only, it ismuch more than that. It expands to reach the culture and identity of other nations. It aims at spreading patterns of behaviour and sets of values and ways of living. It carries American culture. ( 3 )Even though we always hear that the world has become a smallvillage or we all live in one place. There is still a big fight for thedefense of the national identity. A western scholar wrote saying:   theemergence -- seemingly everywhere -- of identity politics whose 1 - Fountain  ,August 2003 2 اهرثأو ةملوعل دآ دمحم ن ًق .ةيلايربم دعب ام ةحرم ف ةيملاعل ةيلامسأرل ةبكوكل ،  دب ربص يامسإ -ددعل بل ةجم ف ةيمس ودل تايداص ى 42 طابش  2000 )تر نم ( 3 ددعل بد وبس ةجم ف ترش ةلاقم ىلإ حابل ريشيو س جرمل - 603 خيراب رداصل 14/3/1997    19 . 4
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