Globalization and Advertisement

What is the relation between globalization and advertisement?
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    GLOBALIZATION&ADVERTISEMENT….. Group Members: Syed Hassan AskariKhawaja Naveed Haider Raja Qasim JamilMohammed Abdullah    POINTS TO DISCUSS ãWhat is GlobalizationãWhat is AdvertisementãGlobalization and AdvertisementãPurpose Of AdvertisementãMethods Of AdvertisementãKinds Of AdvertisementãConclusion    GLOBALIZATION ãWhat is Globalization?  A term used to describe growing interdependence of peoplearound the world with regard to societal influence,economies, and cultural exchanges. ãFormation Of World Trade OrganizationãRole Of China In Globalization ã It’s being predicted that after 2010, the next super power and biggest economy will be China. ã Products Of China All Over The World.    ADVERTISEMENT ãAdvertising is a form of communicationwhose purpose is to inform potentialcustomers about products and servicesand how to obtain and use them. Manyadvertisements are also designed togenerate increased consumption of thoseproducts and services through the creationand reinforcement of brand image andbrand loyalty.
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