Globalization and Capitalist Geopolitics

A survey of the effects of the rise of transnational capitalism and corporations on international geopolitics, US hegemony and the rise of alternative markets
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  Daniel Woodley GLOBALIZATION AND CAPITALIST GEOPOLITICS Sovereignty and state power in a multipolar world  Globalization and Capitalist Geopolitics Globalization and Capitalist Geopolitics  is concerned with the growth of transnational corporate power against the backdrop of the decline of the Westand the struggle by non-Western states to challenge and overcome domina-tion of the rest of the world by the West. At the centre of the study is theproblematic status of the US as guarantor of global security and imperialnation in decline. The declining power of America in a multipolar worldplaces a question mark under the future of Western leadership of globalization.Woodley interrogates the structure of contemporary world order andexamines competing approaches to globalization and global capitalism ininternational relations and international political economy. He engages withkey scholars in the  󿬁 eld, and provides an authoritative yet accessible com-mentary on debates on globalization and geopolitics in the wake of the global 󿬁 nancial crisis.In a period of increasing geopolitical insecurity and geoeconomic transi-tion, this book is a major contribution to the debate on globalization. It is akey resource for students and scholars seeking a deeper understanding of thehistorical and economic determinants of neoliberal capitalism, the impact of global economic convergence for Western economies, and the implications of globalization for the reconstruction of contemporary world order. Daniel Woodley  teaches politics at DLD College in London. He is the authorof numerous articles and textbooks on ideology and political theory, including Fascism and Political Theory  (2010), also published by Routledge.  Rethinking Globalizations Edited by Barry K. Gills, University of Helsinki, Finland andKevin Gray University of Sussex, UK. This series is designed to break new ground in the literature on globalizationand its academic and popular understanding. Rather than perpetuating orsimply reacting to the economic understanding of globalization, this seriesseeks to capture the term and broaden its meaning to encompass a wide rangeof issues and disciplines and convey a sense of alternative possibilities for thefuture. 1. Whither Globalization? The vortex of knowledgeand globalization James H. Mittelman 2. Globalization andGlobal History Edited by Barry K. Gills and William R. Thompson 3. Rethinking Civilization Communication and terror inthe global village Majid Tehranian 4. Globalization and Contestation The new great counter-movement Ronaldo Munck  5. Global Activism Ruth Reitan 6. Globalization, the City and CivilSociety in Paci 󿬁 c Asia Edited by Mike Douglass,K.C. Ho and Giok Ling Ooi  7. Challenging Euro-America'sPolitics of Identity The return of the native Jorge Luis Andrade Fernandes 8. The Global Politicsof Globalization “ Empire ”  vs  “ Cosmopolis ” Edited by Barry K. Gills 9. The Globalization of Environmental Crisis Edited by Jan Oosthoek and Barry K. Gills 10. Globalization asEvolutionary Process Modeling global change Edited by Geroge Modelski,Tessaleno Devezas and William R. Thompson 11. The Political Economy of Global Security War, future crises and changesin global governance Heikki Patomäki   12. Cultures of Globalization Coherence, hybridity,contestation Edited by Kevin Archer,M. Martin Bosman,M. Mark Amen and Ella Schmidt 13. Globalization and the GlobalPolitics of Justice Edited by Barry K. Gills 14. Global Economy Contested Power and con 󿬂 ict across theinternational division of labor Edited by Marcus Taylor 15. Rethinking Insecurity, Warand Violence Beyond savage globalization? Edited by Damian Grenfell and Paul James 16. Recognition and Redistribution Beyond internationaldevelopment Edited by Heloise Weber and Mark T. Berger 17. The Social Economy Working alternatives in aglobalizing era Edited by Hasmet M. Uluorta 18. The Global Governance of Food Edited by Sara R. Curran,April Linton, Abigail Cooke and Andrew Schrank  19. Global Poverty, Ethics andHuman Rights The role of multilateral organisations Desmond McNeill and Asunción Lera St. Clair 20. Globalization andPopular Sovereignty Democracy ’ s transnationaldilemma Adam Lupel  21. Limits to Globalization North-South divergence William R. Thompson and Rafael Reuveny 22. Globalisation, Knowledgeand Labour Education for solidarity withinspaces of resistance Edited by Mario Novelli and Anibel Ferus-Comelo 23. Dying Empire U.S. imperialism andglobal resistance Francis Shor 24. Alternative Globalizations An integrative approach tostudying dissident knowledge inthe global justice movement S. A. Hamed Hosseini  25. Global Restructuring, Labourand the Challenges forTransnational Solidarity Edited by Andreas Bieler and Ingemar Lindberg  26. Global South to the Rescue Emerging humanitariansuperpowers and globalizingrescue industries Edited by Paul Amar 27. Global Ideologies and UrbanLandscapes Edited by Manfred B. Stegerand Anne McNevin
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