Globalization and Racial Inequality

Globalization and Racial Inequality
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  Globalization and Racial InequalityAJ HendersonWashington State University – History 3!  Globalization is the gro"th on a "orld"ide scale# It is the $rocess o% integration and international in&uence o% econo'ies and culture# Globalization has had 'any lasting e(ects to our "orld including and un%ortunately the results o% racial inequality# In this essay) "e "ill analyze the three 'a*or vie"$oints o% econo'y) technology and 'igration and ho" they $ertain to racial inequality# +ach s$eci,c globalization intert"ines "ith another but "ill be categorize to the best o% our abilities# We "ill use the readings and discussions %ro' the section -.ur Shrin/ing World0Inequality1 o% our history class# 2hese "ill hel$ illustrate and give /ey evidences to su$$ort such hy$othesis# .ur ,rst $ers$ective) "e begin to loo/ at the globalization in an econo'ic as$ect# 2he largest racial inequality that ste's %ro' the de,cient econo'y is slavery# eginning in the 45 th  and 46 th  century) +uro$eans began to enslave $eo$le in "ho' idea o% race began7 one individual is lesser than another individual# A%ricans see'ed to be the central $oint o% enslave'ent due to $revailing vie"s) "ealth and the geogra$hical %acets# In the .ld World) outbrea/s such as s'all$o8) 'easles and other innu'erable diseases have "i$ed out $o$ulations causing a dro$ in the econo'y# Another %actor is the de'and o% ne" resources across the globe# 4  oth bring a ,nancial need %or labor as countries relied on slavery to do *ust that# 4 9ar/er) :harles H# ;:ha$ter <7 2he =ove'ent o% 9eo$les and >i(usion o% :ultures? Global Interactions in the Early Modern Age 1400-1800. 44@4<!#  U$ until the :ivil "ar o% A'erica) the greatest a'ount o% "ealth "as the o"nershi$ o% slaves and slave labor# 2he slave trade had one o% the biggest econo'ic values# An esti'ated eleven 'illion A%ricans "ere trans$orted across the Atlantic "ith li/ely around t"o 'illion dying across the 'iddle $assage# Wo'an slaves even see'ed to havedouble the value to that o% their 'en counter$arts because they "ould "or/ both during the day and the night %or you# +uro$eans did question the racial inequalities ongoing ho"ever# ut because the $ro,t o% slaves "as so high they %ound "ay to *usti%y their actions# Without an econo'ic $oint o% interest) slavery 'ight not have been a thing# +ven a%ter ritish slavery ended in August 4 st)  43) the "ays o% li%e still continued %or that o% the slaves# Bor al'ost all o% the') there still "ere no "or/ and they had to $ay rent and ta8es# +cono'ic strategies used still disconnected $revious enslaved $eo$le as this all ca'e %ro' a higher racial order# C +ven "ithout slavery) econo'ic assess'ents still ca'e into question regarding racial inequality# Instances are sho"n by observing ;:ha$ter 437 2he 4DD< Genocide o% the 2utsi o% R"anda? in Centuries of Genocide: Essays and Eyeitness Accounts  by Gerald :a$lan# We see that a genocide "as ta/ing $lace %or 4 days during the su''er o% 4DD<# A genocide that too/ the li%e1s o% hal% a 'illion to a 'illion $eo$le) 'ost "ho' "ere R"anda or 2utsi citizens# ut "orst o% all) it C : :hanel < ;Racis'7 A History? 9art I EC6F on outube  "as $reventable# y de,nition o% genocide by the United ations in 4D<) this "as indeed the e8ter'ination and should have been sto$$ed# :ountries "ithin the U such as the United States) Great ritain) elgiu' did not $arta/e to $revent such atrocity de%ending thatthey didn1t /no" "hat "as going on or that it "as indeed not a genocide# 2he reason "hy these countries did not intervene is because there "as little ,nancial value to gain# +cono'ical globalization has vastly sha$ed "hat "e /no" about racis' and racial discri'ination#.n the other hand) technology has steadily increased since the beginning o% ti'e as it thriving 'ore than ever# 2o understand ho" technology has contributed to the racial bias "e loo/ at a broad s$ectru' o% in&uences that have ta/en $lace throughout the years# Birst) "e e8$lore so'e o% the theories that validate "hy racial su$re'acy e8ists# Scienti,c racis' began in the 4D th  century %ro' >r# Robert no8 in "hich he believed race deter'ined everything about you# Bro' there on) science beca'e a /ey interest in deter'ining the ans"er about race# Sa'uel George =ortin started collecting s/ulls o% di(erent races and began to co'$are the'# Bindings %ro' the s/ulls "ere so distinctive that he thought they should be classi,ed as di(erent s$ecies# Social >ar"inist theory then ca'e about that the uncivilized "ould soon disa$$ear# With e8a'$les li/e the vanishings o% A'erican  Indians and 2as'anian absrcinals) $eo$le began to assu'e this theory"as correct# 2hey e8$lained this in a 'eta$hor that e8ter'ination is li/e 'elting sno"# +ugenics then ca'e into dis$lay "ith the hel$ o% >r#Bisher# He believed that racial 'i8ing "as very bad %or the "orld# .ther countries thought the sa'e about racial 'i8ing li/e the US1s C6 states having 'arriage la"s %or $eo$le o% di(erent race# eing a Ger'an) >r# Bisher and Ger'any started to sterilize racially 'i8ed $eo$le o% his country# And then "hen the azis "ere %or'ed) they started to *ust 'urder everyone "ho didn1t ,t in their standards# 2his eventually led to "orld "ar t"o# Ulti'ately it "as the thought to save hu'anity# 3  2he increase in /no"ledge also has a role in racial discri'ination# I% one so@called race has a higher technological advantage than another race) then they are al'ost al"ays vie"ed as su$erior# Instances o% thisinclude the ca$turing o% slaves during the 45 th  and 46 th  century# Since +uro$eans had an u$$er hand in "ea$onry) it "as harder %or the A%ricans to ,ght bac/# =ore 'odern e8a'$les are sho"n "ith countries and races "ith nuclear "ea$ons#  2echnology additionally gives the o$$ortunity %or the 'ove'ent o% $eo$le# Without shi$s) +uro$eans colonists "ouldn1t have been ableto 'a/e its "ay to the A'ericas# :o'$arably) "e loo/ into the ;:ha$ter C7 2he 9ana'a Railroad and the :onquest o% the Gold Rush? 3  : :hanel < ;Racis'7 A History? 9art II EC6F on outube#
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