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Globalization and the Religious Resurgence: A Comparative Study of Bahrain and Poland

Globalization and the Religious Resurgence: A Comparative Study of Bahrain and Poland
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   ANTHEM PRESS INFORMATIONSHEET PubDate: February 2013 Binding: Hardback  Price: £60/$99 ISBN: 9780857285591 Extent: 200pages Size: 229x152mm/9x6 Illustrations: 6+figuresandtables Category: SOCIALSCIENCE/SociologyofReligion BISACcode: SOC039000 BICcode: HRAC RightsHeld:  World ExperiencingGlobalization ReligioninContemporaryContexts  Edited by Derrick M. Nault, Bei Dawei, Evangelos Voulgarakis, Rab Paterson and Cesar Andres-Miguel Suva OrderinginNorthAmerica Books InternationalP.O.Box605Herndon,VA20172-0605UnitedStatesTel: +1 703 661 1570Fax:+17036611501 bimail@presswarehouse.com75-76 Blackfriars Road |LondonSE18HA | United Kingdom |Tel: +44 (0)20 74014200|Fax:+44(0)2074014225244MadisonAve. #116| New York |NY 10016 |United States |Tel:+1 6467367908 | Fax:+16468392934info@wpcpress.com|sales@wpcpress.com|publicity@wpcpress.com www.anthempress.com Ordering in the UK/Rest of the World Marston Book Services160 Eastern Avenue Abingdon, OxfordshireMilton Park OX14 4SB UK Tel: +44 (0)1235 465500Fax: +44 (0)1235 465555direct.orders@marston.co.uk trade.orders@marston.co.uk  Contents Preface;Chapter1:Introduction–BeiDawei,EvangelosVoulgarakisandDerrickM.Nault;PARTONE:RELIGIONINGLOBAL ANDTRANSCULTURALPERSPECTIVE:Chapter2:AdamSmithandtheNeo-CalvinistFoundationsofGlobalization–ChristianEtzrodt;Chapter3:DanielQuinnonReligion:SavingtheWorldthroughAnti-globalism?–BeiDawei;Chapter4:GlobalizedReligion:TheVedicSacrifice( Yajña )inTransculturalPublicSpheres–SilkeBechler;PARTTWO:COMPARATIVEANDPLURALISTICAPPROACHES:Chapter5:Mary,AthenaandGuanyin:WhattheChurch,theDemosandtheSanghaCanTeachUsaboutReligiousPluralismandDoctrinalConformitytoSocio-culturalStandards–EvangelosVoulgarakis;Chapter6:TheGlobaliza-tionoftheNewSpiritualityanditsExpressioninJapan:TheCaseofMtIkoma–GirardoRodriguezPlasencia;Chapter7:Globaliza-tionandReligiousResurgence:AComparativeStudyofBahrainandPoland–MagdalenaKarolakandNikodemKarolak;PARTTHREE:RELIGIONINTAIWAN:Chapter8:ReligionintheMediaAge:ACaseStudyofDaAiDramasfromtheTzuChiOrganiza-tion–Pei-RuLiao;Chapter9:“TechnoDancingGods”:ComicizedDeityImagesasExpressionsofTaiwaneseCulturalIdentity–ThzengChiHsiungandTsaiChinChia;Chapter10:RitualsofIdentityin  Alid  Belief:SirayaReligioninTaiwansince1945– DescriptionThis collection of essays, with special reference to Asia, analyzes religion through lived experience and revealshow religious phenomena are inextricably linked to globalizing processes. Thiscollectionofessays,withspecialreferencetoAsia,analyzesreligionthroughlivedexperienceandrevealshowreligiousphenomena are inextricably linked to globalizing processes. Readership: Thisvolumewillintereststudentsandscholarsofglobalizationand/orreligionindiversefields,includingglobalstudies, anthropology, sociology, political science, religion and history.Tiaukhai Iunn; List of Contributors“A wide-ranging comparative and transcultural collection of contributions to the literature on globalization, with a particular and welcome emphasis on religion. Very thought-provoking.” —  Professor Roland Robertson, University of Pittsburgh and Universityof Aberdeen  About the Editors  Derrick M. Nault  is the director of the Asia Association for Global Studies (AAGS) in Tokyo, Japan, and editor in chief of theassociation’s official journal  Asia Journal of Global Studies (AJGS). He currently lectures in world history and developmentstudies at the University of Calgary, Canada.  Bei Dawei is an assistant professor in the foreign language department of Hsuan Chuang University, Taiwan.  Evangelos Voulgarakis specializes in symbols of national and religious heritage in contemporary times. He is an independentscholar in Taiwan.  Rab Paterson is a lecturer at the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan, and a part-time lecturer at DokkyoUniversity’s Faculty of International Liberal Arts. Cesar Andres-Miguel Suva holds a teaching fellowship and is currently a PhD candidate in history at the Australian NationalUniversity.
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