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Globalizing Nicaragua? An Entangled History of Sandinista Solidarity Campaigns in Western Europe. In: Hansen J., Helm C., Reichzerzer F. (Eds.), Making Sense of the Americas How Protest Related to America in the 1980s and Beyond. Frankfurt &

Globalizing Nicaragua? An Entangled History of Sandinista Solidarity Campaigns in Western Europe. In: Hansen J., Helm C., Reichzerzer F. (Eds.), Making Sense of the Americas How Protest Related to America in the 1980s and Beyond. Frankfurt & New
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  Globalizing Nicaragua? An Entangled History of Sandinista Solidarity Movementsin Western Europe  Kim Christiaens Tird World solidarity movements ave been! typically! associated "it te left protest cultures of te #$%&s! "ic turned to versions of Mar'ism in te decolonizing "orld out of disencantment "it te status (uo tey found on bot sides of te )ron *urtain+ #  Tis narrative! tilted eavily to"ard te period and actors surrounding ,#$%-!. as largely overloo/ed te European social movements tat claimed common cause "it revolu0tionsin te Tird World during te late #$1&s and #$-&s+ To date! te latter period as mainly been understood in terms of a decline of te left! Neo0 2iberalism! te Second*old War! and te rise of uman rigts in te "a/e of te Helsin/i process+ )t as been argued tat tese elements!and notably te 3uggernaut of uman rigts! engendered a sift from te ,radical internationalism of te si'ties. to a depoliticized activism tat embraced liberal principles of democracy! peace! and uman rigts in te #$-&s+ 4  Neverteless! simultaneously "it te gro"t of peace and uman rigts activism! a pletora of groups continued to espouse te cause of various national liberation movements in te Tird World+  5evolution in *entral America! a region tat became one of te otbeds of te Second *old War! "as an issue tat dre" a grounds"ell of solidarity from European citizens during te late #$1&s and #$-&s+ 6  7or many decades! *entral America ad been considered to be a bac/yard of te 8S and te realm of so0called ,banana0republics+.  9et! te success of te #$1$ Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua! "ic succeeded in over0tro"ing te violent Somoza regime and bring te Mar'ist Sandinista —————— # :uinn Slobodian!  Foreign Front: Third World Politics in Sixties West Germany   ;<uram! 4&#4=> *ristop alter! ,A Sared Space of )magination! *ommunication! and Action@ erspectives on te History of te Tird World!. in Samanta *ristiansen and Bacary A+ Scarlett! eds+! The Third World in the Global 1960s  ;Ne" 9or/! C'ford! 4&#6=! 4606-+4 Ma' Elbaum! ,Wat 2egacy from te 5adical )nternationalism of #$%-?!.  adical !istory     e"ie# -4 ;4&&4=@ 610%D+6 5oger eace!  $ Call to Conscience: The $nti%Contra War Cam&aign  ;Amerst! oston! 4&#4=+  #F%  ) M  * H 5 ) S T ) A E N S National 2iberation 7ront ;7S2N= into po"er! canged te fortunes of te region+ )t propelled te small *entral American nation into a ca'se c(l)bre  for tousands of activists "orld"ide+ D  All over Western Europe! undreds of solidarity committees and NGCs stepped into action to support te Sandinista regime! "ic faced botenormous domestic troubles as "ell as te eorts of te 5eagan administration to combat communism in *entral America by aiding contra0revolutionary forces and isolating te country+ F  )n addition to Nicaraguas struggle for self0determination! te escalating  violence in El Salvador and Guatemala also stirred many European con0temporaries! soc/edby te assassination of te progressive Salvadoran arcbisop 5omero in #$-& and te murder of dozens of European missionaries! development "or/ers! and internacionalistas + % To date! tis Western European engagement "it *entral America as been te sub3ect of only a fairly limited number of case studies on campaigns in speciIc countries+ 1  We /no" relatively little about te Euro0pean solidarity movements for  *entral America! notably in comparison "it te over"elming number of studies on campaigns for oter Tird World causes+ 7urtermore! most of te relevant literature is suering from a narro"focus tat fails to put campaigns for*entral America in a diacronically or syncronically comparative perspective "it oter solidarity movements+ )ndeed! accounts ave e(uivocated on entangle0ments "itoter solidarity movements and international causes+ Admittedly! teopinion tat campaigns over *entral America "ere a corollary of ideas and e'periences accumulated during earlier campaigns of international solidarity "it countries li/e *uba! Jietnam and *ile as often been uttered in literature and public memory+ -  9et! tis claim as not been delved into "it any substantial empirically informed researc+ —————— D HKctor erla! ,Heirs of Sandino@ Te Nicaraguan 5evolution and te 8+S+0Nicaragua Solidarity Movement!. 2atin  American erspectives 6% ;4&&$=@ -&+F Ed"ard A+ 2ync! Te *old WarLs 2ast attleIeld@ 5eagan! te Soviets! and *entral  America ;Ne" 9or/! 4&##=+% Teresa WitIeld! aying te rice@ )gnacio Ellacura and te Murdered esuits of El Salvador ;iladelpia! #$$F=+1 Eri/a Harzer and Willi Jol/s! eds+!  $'*br'ch nach +icarag'a: ,e'tsch%de'tsche Solidarit-t im   System#ettstreit ;erlin! 4&&-=> Ct/er u3ard and 8lric Wirper!  ,ie  e"ol'tion ist ein .'ch 'nd ein *reier  /ensch: ,ie &olitischen Plaate des  be*reiten +icarag'a 199%1990 'nd der internationalen Solidarit-tsbe#eg'ng ;*ologne! 4&&1=+- Ma' Elbaum! ,Wat 2egacy from te 5adical )nternationalism of #$%-?!.  adical  !istory     e"ie# -4 ;4&&4=@ 610%D> Werner alsen and arl 5Ossel!  !och die internationale Solidarit-t: 2'r Geschichte der ,ritte Welt%.e#eg'ng in der  .'ndesre&'bli ;*ologne! #$-%=+
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