[GONZALES vs SERRATO] Judicial Affidavit Ver. 16

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    REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES METROPOLITAN TRIAL COURT BRANCH 94, MARIKINA CITY CHICO B. GONZALES, Plaintiff, Civil Case No. 19-8789 For: Damages - versus  –  CARLITO E. SERRATO, Defendant. x----------------------------------------------x JUDICIAL AFFIDAVIT OF CHICO B. GONZALES Plaintiff Chico B. Gonzales (“Mr. Gonzales” or “Plaintiff”) , by counsel, respectfully offers his testimony to prove the following: 1. Plaintiff was employed by Defendant Carlito E. Serrato (“Defendant”) as a UV Express Driver from June 1 to June 29, 2017.  2. On June 29, 2017, while Plaintiff was employed with Defendant, he attacked Plaintiff by hitting him with a chair on the back and punching him thrice. 3. As a result, Plaintiff suffered physical injuries and incurred medical expenses and loss of income. 4. Defendant’s wrongful acts caused Plaintiff sleepless nights, mental anguish, wounded feelings, fright, and serious anxiety. 5. Plaintiff tried to enter into an amicable settlement with the Defendant but this failed. 5. Defendant’s refusal to enter into an amicable settlement caused Plaintiff to seek judicial relief and to incur expenses for litigation. TESTIMONY ON DIRECT EXAMINATION 1   I, Chico B. Gonzales, 55 years old, married, residing at Unit 6, Sitio Sto. Niňo, Mayamot, Antipolo City, having been examined in the University of the Philippines Office of Legal Aid (U.P. OLA) by Law 1  The questions were asked and the answers given in Filipino. In compliance with the Judicial Affidavit Rule (A.M. 12-8-8-SC), sec. 3, this Affidavit contains the English translation of the questions and answers of the witness.  2 Intern Hillary Angela S. Go, under the control and supervision of Atty. Roberto N. Dio, a supervising lawyer U.P. OLA, under oath, state:  Ako, si Chico B. Gonzales, 55 anyos, may asawa, naninirahan sa Unit 6, Sitio Sto. Niňo, Mayamot, Antipolo City, nakapanayam sa University of the Philippines Office of Legal Aid (“U.P. OLA”) ni Law Intern Hillary An gela S. Go, sa gabay ni Atty. Roberto N. Dio, isang supervising lawyer ng U.P. OLA, ay sumusumpa at naglalahad na:   Preliminary Q1: What is your educational attainment?  Ano ang iyong natapos sa pag-aaral?  A1: I am a High School Graduate. High school graduate ako. Q2: Can you read and write in English? Marunong ka bang bumasa at sumulat sa Ingles?  A2: Yes. Oo. Q3: Can you read and write in Filipino? Marunong ka bang bumasa at sumulat sa Filipino?  A3: Yes. Oo. Q4: What is your occupation?  Ano ang iyong hanapbuhay?  A4: I am a UV Express driver.  Ako ay isang UV Express driver. Employment with Defendant Q5: Do you know the Defendant Carlito Serrato? Kilala mo ba ang nahahabla na si Carlito Serrato?  A5: Yes. Oo. Q6: How did you come to know him? Paano mo siya nakilala?  A6: I used to work as a UV Express driver for him. Dati akong nagtrabaho sa kanya bilang isang UV Express Driver  . Q7: Do you know where Serrato resided in June 2017?  Alam mo ba kung saan nakatira si Serrato noong Hunyo 2017?  A7: He lived on No. 57 J.M. Basa Street, Barangay Kalumpang, Marikina. Nakatira siya sa No. 57 J.M. Basa Street, Barangay Kalumpang, Marikina. Q8: How did you know that? Paano mo iyan nalaman?  3  A8: He had his garage at the same address.  Andun ang garahe niya sa mismong lugar. Q9: When were you first employed as a UV Express driver by Defendant? Kailan ka unang nagging UV Express Driver ni Serrato?  A9: On June 1, 2017. Noong Hunyo 1, 2017. Q10: What is a “UV Express”?    Ano ba ang “UV Express”?    A10: A taxi point-to-point transportation system. Yung taxi na point-to-point ang biyahe. Q11: What vehicle did you drive as a UV Express for the Defendant?  Anong sasakyan ang ginamit mo bilang UV Express?  A11: An Isuzu Crosswind Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV), white color, with license plate No. UVK 624. Isang Isuzu Crosswind Asian Utility Vehicle na kulay puti, na may license  plate no. UVK 624. Q12: Who was the registered owner of the AUV you just described? Kaninong pangalan naka-rehistro ang sasakyan?  A12: It was registered in Carlito Serrato’s name.   Sa ilalim ng pangalan ni Carlito Serrato. Q13: I am showing you a copy of an LTFRB Registration Certificate dated November 18, 2013, for an Isuzu Crosswind, Plate No. UVK 624, marked as Exhibit A. Do you recognize this document? Pinapakita ko sa iyo ngayon ang isang kopya ng LTFRB Registration Certificate na naka-rehistro nung November 18, 2013, para sa isang Isuzu Crosswind, plate number Plate No. UVK 624. Naka-marka ito bilang Exhibit A. nakikilala niyo pa ba ito?  A13: Yes. That is the certificate of registration of the vehicle I used to drive while working for Carlito Serrato. I obtained that copy from the documents Serrato annexed to his Counter-Affidavit in the criminal case I filed before this civil case. Opo. Iyan po ang registration certificate ng sasakyan na minamaneho ko dati nung ako ay nagtratrabaho para kay Carlito Serrato. Nakuha ko yung kopya na iyan parte ng ebidensya sa Counter-Affidavit ni Serrato doon sa kasong criminal na una kong sinampa bago sa kasong sibil na ito. Q14: What did you do as a UV Express driver?  Ano ang ginawa mo noon bilang UV Express driver?  A14: I picked up passengers and drove them to their destination. Nagsasakay ako ng pasahero at dinadala dun sa destinasyon nila. Q15: What was your usual route when you were a UV Express driver for Defendant?  4  Ano ang kadalasang ruta na gamit niyo bilang UV Express driver para kay Serrato?  A15: I used to exclusively ply the Cogeo-Cubao route. Pumapasada ako sa ruta ng Cogeo-Cubao lamang. Q16: How many times did you go through the Cogeo-Cubao route in one day? Ilang beses ka pumapasada sa Cogeo-Cubao sa isang araw?  A16: Around six times. Higit-kumulang anim na beses. Q17: How much did you earn per day as a “UV Express” driver for   Carlito Serrato? Magkano ang kita mo bawa’t araw?    A17:  Around ₱1 ,000 per day after I pay for all the expenses, including the boundary fee and gas. I work four days a week. Mga ₱1 ,000 kada araw pagkatapos bayaran lahat-lahat, kasama na ang boundary at gas. Apat na araw ako sa isang linggo nagtratrabaho. Q18: What is the boundary system?  Ano ang boundary system?  A18: It’s a system where I drive the car for a 12 - to 18-hour shift, after which I pay a fixed amount, called the “boundary , ” per day  to the Defendant. Isang systema kung saan minamaneho ko ang sasakyan ng higit-kumulang na 12 hanggang 18 na oras, pagkatapos nagbabayad ako saDefendant. Ang halaga ng boundary ay nakatakda na. Q19: How much of your daily earnings was paid to the Defendant? Magkano sa kita mo ang binabayad mo kay Carlito Serrato?  A19: I paid him ₱1 ,700 every day. I also refilled the gas tank for him. Binabayan ko sya ng ₱1 ,700 kada araw. Pinupuno ko rin po yung tanke ng gasoline para sa kanya. Defendant’s unlawful attack on  plaintiff on June 29, 2017 Q20: What route did you ply on June 28, 2017?  Anong ruta ka dumaan nung Hunyo 28, 2017?  A20: Cogeo-Cubao to Marcos Highway. Cogeo-Cubao hanggang Marcos Highway. Q21: What time did you begin driving that day?  Anong oras ka pumasada nung araw na iyun?  A21: I began driving at 10:00 a.m. instead of 6:00 a.m., because Serrato’s grandchildren used it. Serrato turned over the AUV to  me only at that time. However, his wife allowed me to return it later to make up for lost time.
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