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  GPRS BASED CONVEYOR AUTOMATION USING PLC AND SCADA DRIVES BY SOLAR& WIND ENERGY ABSTRACT: Solar Energy: We have been hearing about the solar revolution for the last 20 years -- the idea that one day we will all use free electricity from the sun. This is a seductive promise: On a bright, sunny day, the sun shines approximately 1,000 watts of energy per square meter of the planet's surface, and if we could collect all of that energy we could easily power our homes and offices for free. Like calculators that have solar cells -- calculators that never need batteries, and in some cases don't even have an off button. As long as we have enough light, they seem to work forever. We may have seen larger solar panels -- on emergency road signs or call boxes, on buoys, even in parking lots to power lights. Although these larger panels aren't as common as solar powered calculators, they're out there, and not that hard to spot if you know where to look. There are solar cell arrays on satellites, where they are used to power the electrical systems. which uses solar energy for Conveyor control. The solar panel converts solar energy in to electrical energy and additional electrical circuit regulates the power for Lift WIND ENERGY Electricity generated from wind turbines is increasingly in demand across the World. Government incentives (state and federal), renewable portfolio standards, improved technology, and marketable renewable energy credits are driving the wind power industry, producing favorable economics at both the utility scale as well as the smaller, community scale. Wind power is now comparable in price with the most common energy sources, such as coal and natural gas, resulting in a large percentage increase in the number of wind  turbines being erected throughout the country. With increasing demand for wind power, there will be a greater need for wind technicians, or windsmiths, that provide maintenance on the turbines. There will also be a need for training programs that provide instruction in wind turbine technology, turbine maintenance, tower construction and erection, tower safety and wind economics. In addition, there will be an increasing need for research on developing technologies to make wind power a steady reliable source of electricity, available on demand rather than just when the wind blows GPRS: World Wide Web is serving a lot by connecting different parts of the world and just in a fraction of second we are able to communicate with our friends who stay tens of thousands of miles away. This is possible because of the network and  just by being a part of it we can get lot of things done. This project is to make a sophisticated controller to be part of that robust network, in order to perform industrial process automation. Imagine that the end user makes use of this sophisticated controller to control various process related equipments in his industry. He will have a fixed set of methods to give inputs to the system upon which the system operates. For giving such inputs he has to appoint a person who should be well versed in those process related aspects. And if he is having multiple industrial units each unit should have such a person to take care off. Now in this project we are going to add this process automation controller to the World Wide Web so that the controller can acquire its input from the web and proceed with the automation.By doing so, the person who is in charge of giving those inputs need not to be in the factory to give those inputs. Since the controller is connected to the internet, he can control it from anywhere in the world. More over that single person alone  can monitor multiple units since he can control it via internet. CONVEYOR: Many of the industries make use of the conveyor process to transfer the goods within their factory. So it becomes necessary to save the power consumed by the conveyor. In this project a model is shown in which a conveyor is sensed at the two ends. If an object is sensed only the conveyor starts running and stops when the other end sensor is being sensed. Thus the conveyor is going to be run only at the required time. In this we are also going to monitor the process. If the process is set or programmed only for some number of goods to be transferred, then conveyor transfer only the mentioned number of goods. The conveyor remains idle for the objects being sensed after the count. Thus the conveyor process is controlled and monitored, in which we could save energy. BLOCK DIAGRAM: WIND ENERGY   

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