Guia para diagnostico de VIH

VIH, Criterios de Caracas
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  GUIDELINES FOR MANAGEMENT OF OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS AND ANTI RETROVIRAL TREATMENT IN ADOLESCENTS AND ADULTS IN ETHIOPIA Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office Federal Ministry of Health March 2008  PART I GUIDELINES FOR MANAGEMENT OF OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS IN ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS ii  Table of Contents Foreword iv Acknowledgement v Acronyms and Abbreviations vi 1.Introduction 1 2.Objectives and Targets 2 2.1. Objectives2 2.2. Targets2 3.Management of Common Opportunistic Infections 2 4.Unit 1: Management of OI of the Respiratory System 3 1.1 Bacterial pneumonia6 1.2 Pneumonia due to Pneumocystis jiroveci.6 1.3 Pulmonary tuberculosis7 1.4 Correlation of pulmonary diseases and CD4 count in HIV-infected patients 9 Unit 2: Management of GI Opportunistic Diseases 11 2.1. Dysphagia and odynophagia11 2.2. Diarrhoea12 2.3 Peri-anal problems14 2.4. Peri-anal and/or genital herpes15 Unit 3: Management of Opportunistic Diseases of the Nervous system 16 3.1. Peripheral neuropathies17 3.2.Persistent headache with (+/-) neurological manifestations (+/-) seizure 18 3.3.Management of common CNS infections presenting with headache and/or seizure 19 3.3.1.Toxoplasmosis 19 3.3.2Management of seizure associated with toxoplasmosis and other CNS OIs 21 3.3.3Cryptococcosis 23 3.3.4 CNS Tuberculosis 25 Unit 4: Management of Skin Disorders 26 4.1 Aetiological Classification of Skin Disorders in HIV disease. 27 4.2 Selected skin conditions in patients with HIV infection28 4.2.1 Seborrheic dermatitis28 4.2.2 Pruritic Papular Eruption29 4.2.3 Kaposi’s Sarcoma 29 Unit 5: Management of Fever 30 5.1 Selected causes of fever in AIDS patients33 5.1.1 Malaria33 5.1.2 Visceral Leishmaniasis33 5.1.3 Sepsis 34 Unit 6: Some Special Conditions in OI Management 35 6.1 Initiating ART in context of an acute OI35 6.2 When to initiate ART in context of an acute OI36 iii  Tables 1. Summary for CD4 correlates with respiratory diseases 5 2. Summary of main respiratory infections 9 3. Diagnostic approach when a patient presents with respiratory Symptoms and CD4 count is >200 cells/µL or <200 cells/  µ L 10 4. Management of dehydration 13 5. Treatment of specific enteric pathogens 14 6. Summary of common HIV associated neurological and related syndromes 17 7. Aetiological classification of skin disorders in HIV disease 27 8. Summary of febrile syndromes in Ethiopia 32 9. Empirical choice of antibiotic for the treatment of sepsis 35 iv
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