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  ASSIGNMENT FOR MALAYSIAN STUDIES  –  MPW 2133 LOCAL HISTORY RESEARCH: THE HISTORY OF DEVELOPMENT OF BATU GAJAH / PARIT / LUMUT Introduction The Local History Research is to foster student understanding and consciousness about historical development of the local community or certain area. This study also will allow students to appreciate and be proud the history of the community, make a strong spirit, and blend the togetherness in the society. Objectives i.   To seeking, gathering, analyzing, interpreting and synthesize and formulate facts and the evidence of history and current state of the community; ii.   To know and understand the process of development in the area of study; iii.   To improve research and communicate skill and give opportunities to understand the socio-cultural society. The Area of Research: BATU GAJAH (CE / ME) : PARIT (PE/PG/ICT/CV) : LUMUT (BIS/EE) Topics No. Topics 1 Rivers, Roads and Railway (public transportation) -   The efficiency of the facilities to the people 2 Agricultural Activities -   The needs and concern of the farmer 3 Society and Communities -   Population of people and their economic activities 4 Youth and socio economic development -   Contribution of youth in socio economic development 5 British colonization & independence struggle -   Historical artifact/stories/struggle 6 Religion and worship’s house  -   The commitment of people with religion (Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan  –  Rukun Negara) 7 During Japanese Occupation -   Historical artifact/stories/struggle 8 The varieties of Food, Sport and Art -   Type of foods and its influences to cultural diversity in Malaysia 9 youth in Perak -   Social problems and youth involvement 10 Youth in Perak -   Urbanization and its effect to youth 11 Youth in Perak -   Factors & reasons of poor achievement on socio-economical activities among youth 11 Environment and Forest -   Quality of air  –  factors and its implication to the community 12 Business and Trade -   Involvement with SME and its impact to the development of socio economic activities to the community. 13 The Old Royal Town & folk tales -   Historical artifact/stories/struggle 16 democracy and Election System -   Awareness of people and its impact to the percentage of the voters in process of election in Perak. 1)   The basic format :    Introduction/abstract    Literature review (At least from 4 publications )    Problem statement    Finding/research significant    Data Analysis/Content    Recommendation    Challenges    Conclusion     Reference Important  1)   Group of the research group subject to your lecturer arrangement . 2)   UPT cover page with complete detail topic, subject, and member of group. Included photo of each member. 2) Line spacing: 1.5 spacing 3) Font: Times New Roman (12) 4) Page number (12  –  15 PAGES ONLY) 5) Your group can choose any research methodology: - Library research - Observation - Interview, etc -Questionnaire 6) Plagiarism is very unacceptable. Students are required to include in-text citation, photo and proper references from more than 5 references (journals, books, magazines or internet website). 7) You may use references from the website but you are PROHIBITED to use blog/FB as you references. 8) The articles from Wikipedia cannot be used as your references. 9) Articles from respected journal (Jebat, Jurnal Sejarah, Jurnal Ilmu Kemanusiaan, Intellectual Discourse, JSEAS) is highly recommended. Some of these are available online. 10) You may use APA style of citation or any other way of citation which you find it suitable. 11) Submission date: In hard copy (in class) and soft copy (send to before or on 5 December 2014. Late submission will not be   accepted or evaluated.

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