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Dear Runner, Congratula ons on securing a place in the 27th Reading Half Marathon. This year over 17,000 runners will take part in the three races that make up the Reading Half Marathon. We would like
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Dear Runner, Congratula ons on securing a place in the 27th Reading Half Marathon. This year over 17,000 runners will take part in the three races that make up the Reading Half Marathon. We would like to ask you to help the event run smoothly by following the four points below. 1. Please arrive early, baggage tents open at 7.00am. With 17,000 people a emp ng to drop kit off you will need to allow plenty of me. The stadium concourse and refreshment kiosks in the west and south stands are open if you need shelter and something hot to drink. 2. Line up in the correct me zone, the race start is colour coded in me bands (see start informa on) and your race number will correspond to the correct me band for your es mated finish time. Staying within the correct zone will make your run more enjoyable. clocks go forward one hour (you lose one hours sleep) 3. Please don t run if you feel unwell or have been unwell recently. Please consult your doctor if you are uncertain about whether to run or not. 4. Remember that clocks go forward at midnight on the 28th March - re-set your clocks. Whatever your reason for running we wish you the very best of luck TIMETABLE AT A GLANCE READING HALF MARATHON Please arrive AT THE RACE SITE no later than: 8.30am READING HALF MARATHON AND OSBORNE CLARKE BUSINESS CHALLENGE. Wheelchair race 10.00am Half Marathon 10.05am All races start at GreenPark GREENPARK CHALLENGE Please arrive no later than: 7.30am START GreenPark Challenge 8.30am CONTENTS Travel and parking 2 The race village 5 GreenPark Challenge 5 The start 7 course 8 The finish 9 Results and prizes 10 Your race pack 11 OFFICIAL CHARITIES Race starts outside Madejski stadium alongside Race Village (by the 2ten fm stage) DETAILS CORRECT AT TIME OF PRESS SPECIAL ATTENTION Please read all the informa on in this guide carefully to ensure your day goes well. Please pay par cular a en on to travel and parking and the start and site layout. Please consider running for our official chari es see the website for more details Thank you to our sponsors ARRIVING BY TRAIN Train metable showing arrivals at Reading on 29th March (arrive by 8.40am to be sure of catching a shu le bus that reaches the stadium on me Sta on 1 Leaves 1 Arrives 2 Leaves 2 Arrives 3 Leaves 3 Arrives 4 Leaves 4 Arrives 5 Leaves 5 Arrives 6 Leaves 6 Arrives 7 Leaves 7 Arrives 8 Leaves 8 Arrives Oxford 8.00 am 8.47 am 8.31 am 9.06 am Guildford 6.49 am 7.24 am 7.50 am 8.34 am Swindon 8.20 am 8.55 am 8.50 am 9.26 am Paddington 5.40 am 6.46 am 6.44 am 7.41 am 7.10 am 8.23 am 7.57 am 8.33 am 8.00 am 8.38 am 8.03 am 8.46 am 8.15 am 9.10 am 8.27 am 9.01 am W aterloo 5.04 am 6.46 am 6.08 am 7.41 am 6.34 am 8.23 am 7.21 am 8.33 am 7.24 am 8.38 am 7.27 am 8.46 am 7.51 am 9.01 am 7.59 am 9.15 am The shu le service will run all day between 7.00am and 2.30pm but we can only gautentee you ge ng to the stadium on me if you catch buses leaving before 8.40am. Buses returning to the sta on a er the race leave from the stadium ARRIVING BY CAR TO READING FOR TOWN CENTRE CAR PARKING & SHUTTLE BUSES Aim to be at your car park before 8:00 am East use M4 Junc on 10 then A329M. West use M4 Junc on 12 then A4 Bath Road. Please check all train mes via Na onal Rail Enquiries on: Do not use junc on 11 to access the town centre See map below for route into town centre. from Swindon from Oxford from Henley 12 Thames Bath Road Sta on READING from Maidenhead Bath Road J12 leave here for town centre parking M4 J11 avoid this junc on if using town centre parking Madejski Stadium Basingstoke Road M4 A329M free shu le service arrive before 9.00am J10 leave here for town centre parking 10 from London Park in the car parks shown on the next page and use the free shuttle buses from the station page 2 TOWN CENTRE CAR PARKS, SHUTTLE BUS PICK UP & SET DOWN, BIKE & JOG ROUTE TO STADIUM There are 34 free shu le buses running constantly between the Madejski Stadium and Reading Sta on from 7.00am pm Bike (10 minutes) or Jogging (20 minutes) route to the stadium Please stay on the pavement Follow red do ed line, on reaching Rose Kiln Lane con nue for 1.5 miles un l you reach the stadium. total journey from the sta on is 2.2 miles From Oxford & Caversham From Henley & Reading North There is a bike lock up area in the stadium (lock required) A - Broad Street Mall 700 spaces 4hrs 5, 5hrs 9, 6hrs 12 B - Oracle Holy Brook 600 spaces 4-6 hrs 6, 6-7 hrs 12 C - Queens Road 700 spaces 4hrs 5, 6hrs 8, 6+hrs 10 D - Hills Meadow 350 spaces Free E - Reading Sta on car park 1600 spaces - TBC F - Garrard Street - NCP 3 all day G - Civic Offices 170 spaces 4hrs 5, 5hrs 9, 6hrs 12 H - Kings Meadow 110 Free I - Chatham Place 600 4hrs 3/6hrs 7 J - Ca le Market 250 Free Chatham Street I j 1 Gt Knollys St Oxford Road A IDR West Street Free Shuttle Bus Service pick up and drop off point Station Hill F Friar Street Garrard Street 2 Broad Street - pedestrianised Station E D Reading Bridge H Forbury Road G Kings Road Bridge Street Duke Street From A4 Bath Road Newbury & J12 M4 IDR Footpath by Kennet follow until reaching Lower Brook Street B Oracle Shopping C Kennet & Avon Queens Road From Wokingham & A329M, J10M4 Southampton Street Berkley Ave From Basingstoke & J11 M4 Lower Brook St Pell Street Rose Kiln Lane race start 1.5 miles clocks go foward one hour (you lose one hours sleep) page 3 Pre-booked Parking (disabled parking and wheelchair athletes call or for free stadium parking) Arriving by car to a pre-booked car park GREEN, YELLOW, RED & BLUE car parks Car parks open at 7.00am. Aim to be at your pre-booked car park before 8:00am. Allow 30 minutes for congestion. East use M4 Junction 11. West use M4 Junction 11. See the map below for locations of the car parks. Those who have already pre-booked race parking will be sent their permit the week before the race. If you intend to use Junction 11 of M4 PLEASE EXPECT DELAYS, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING WESTBOUND. Allow 30 minutes for congestion. For booking instructions please log on to: Reading NO PARKING IN MADEJSKI STADIUM Red Car Park E TBC Spaces All colour coded car parks are pre-book only GreenPark closed to event traffic Bennett Rd no parking - towaway zone Northern Way - Closed Controlled crossing points Hartland Road no parking - towaway zone B&Q Retail Park Acre Road no parking - towaway zone Overflow (limited) Race Site Madejski Stadium Limited non-bookable If full or wet will be unavailable shuttle bus stops Hotel Holiday Inn parking for residents Yellow car park: 540 spaces park and ride 10 minutes Green car park: 300 spaces park and walk 5 minutes Red car park: (no exit before 1pm) GreenPark South Oak Way closed to event traffic no parking here No Vehicle Access from park and walk Green Car Park B 250 Spaces Blue Car Park C 350 spaces Yellow Park and ride set down and pick up 800m walk to stadium (8-10minutes) Blue Car Park A 1200 spaces Imperial Way no parking Basingstoke Road no parking Yellow Car Park D 540 Spaces Park and Ride Whitley Wood Lane - no parking M4 J11 London YELLOW PARKING PLEASE NOTE YOUR PICK UP POINT Newbury Basingstoke Alternative parking and free shuttle buses available from Reading Town Centre Page 4 The Race Village MADEJSKI STADIUM The Madejski stadium will be traffic free with the excep on of shu le buses and race officials.the map below shows the race site and the start. The map (page ) shows the various access points to the Madejski Stadium. If it is a wet and windy morning, please shelter in the West and South stands to keep warm before and a er the race. For a more detailed map of the start please see page 7 and for the finish page 9. Listen out for all the latest race informa on on the Official Race Sta on.there will be 15 minute updates on race day from 7:00am including traffic reports. TOILETS There will be plenty of toilets at the start and?nish areas (at the Madejski Stadium) and emergency toliets at the water sta ons. As well as the race toilets the stadium toilets are open in the south and west stands. MEDICAL SUPPORT The Bri sh Red Cross medical services will be located along the course at every drinks sta on and at the start and finish areas to ensure your safety. Medical running advice is available on the race website YOUR KIT If your want to leave your kit in the kit tents make sure you write your race number in thick black felt pen on your luggage tag in this race pack and e it to your bag. Your kit should be in a weather proof holdall, you will need your race number to get your bag back. There is a separate kit tent for the GreenPark Challenge runners (see map on page 9 for the location. Ensure that you are prepared for all eventuali es. Pack wet weather and warm clothing in case of inclement condi ons. A bin liner is a good idea to help keep you warm before the start. Do not run in brand new shoes. Run in them prior to the race in order to wear them in.this will reduce the risk of blistering or foot injury during the race. Please allow plenty of me to get to the start area, especially if you want to leave baggage in the kit tents. SPECTATORS Spectators are welcome to use the stadium south and west stands. There is no chrge to enter the stadium. See details on the website for special hospitality packages.there are catering and toilet facili es in the stands HELPDESK Please call the Hotline number at any me up to 14:00 Friday 17th March. Saturday 28th March The help desk will be open to personal callers from 10.00am un l 4.00pm in the Madejski Hotel main recep on. Sunday 29th March The Help desk will be open at the Race Site from 7:00am. See map on next page. GREEN PARK CHALLENGE The race will start in the Madejski Stadium race site and then run into in the Madejski Stadium. Green Park Challenge Spectators See the website for more details on the sports club and schools competitions that form part of the GreenPark Challenge. Did you register your school and sports club when you entered? If not, it to us at The GreenPark Challenge is 2.8 km the fastest runners will take nine minutes. If you have children running we suggest you meet them at the exit from the medal area. It is very easy to get lost in the stadium so make sure you arrange where you will meet before the start of the race. Children under 11 should be accompanied on the run by an adult. GreenPark runners and spectators wishing to return to the station via a shuttle bus before 10.00am should wait at the bus stop shown on the main site plan (right). clocks go foward one hour (you lose one hours sleep) Green Park Challenge start me 8.30am page 5 Madejski Stadium / GreenPark Area Plan First aid emergency toilets (limited) Race start line up zone Red Car Park exit closed until 1.30pm PLEASE NOTE if you miss the start of the race under no circumstances attempt to start late, this junction will be open and is very busy Please do not urinate in GreenPark facilities no parking Start GreenPark Challenge Race Village shuttle bus access only early shuttle bus stops for station 7.30am am South Oak Way no parking Saturday helpdesk 10.00am pm in the hotel Sunday helpdesk 7.00am pm in the race village Spectators stadium access via gates 3 & 4 and 1, 2 & 10. Catering/toilets in west and south stands GreenPark Challenge starts in the race village (not where the half marathon starts) and?nishes in the stadium page 6 Race Start The start of this year s race is just a few hundred yards from the main race site.the map on the previous page shows you exactly where the start is in rela on to the race site.you should be making your way to the start line before 9:30. WARM UP Kine c Health and Fitness will once again be making sure everyone is ready and raring to go by providing an energising warm up and pre-race stretch session 15 minutes before the starter s gun. As you line up along the start line, there will be 3 warm up pla orms with 8 presenters to warm you up and provide mo va on in the final build up to the start. LINING UP Line up by the sign with your predicted minute miling on. Be honest and remember to line up by your realis c?nishing me. If you start in a faster zone you ll get in the way of fellow runners and run the risk of star ng too fast and suffering later. The plan below shows how the start will work. This year all runners will be allocated running numbers with a background colour. Yellow, red, blue,green, and white for all other runners. Please line up in the me zone that matches your number colour (see start plan). This will not affect your Chip Time as it starts as soon as you cross the start line.this is designed to make your start go as smooth as possible and avoid bunching. See page 11 for more informa on on Chip Timing PACING The start of a big race like the Reading Half Marathon can be an exci ng me, but it is important not to go too quickly. Try to get onto your target running pace as soon as possible, which may mean holding yourself back to begin with. To help you pace yourself, Kine c Health and Fitness are providing pacemakers to get you round the course in mes from 1:30 to 2:30 at 5 minute increments. Pacer wristbands are also available from the Lucozade stand in the Race Village before the event. LAST MINUTE PREPARATION If you need a final boost to your training, Kine c Health and Fitness are offering training sessions for the Reading Half Marathon right up to the race. Log onto for more details It will help the race and other runners immensely if you s ck to the correct zone. We will bring forward the me zones in a controlled manner and possibly hold red, blue, green and white for one minute at the start line if necessary. Start Zones - are between a 500m and 800m walk from the stadium site - leave in plenty of time Blue / Red / Green & White Zones will be held for one minute at the start line to improve runner flow and prevent bunching white Longwater Avenue Start Area Elite runner zone emergency toilets (limited) please use race site toilets sub 1.20 line up zone Yellow START 2.10 green 1.55 blue 1.45 red 1.26 Spectators please stay clear of road no access Please keep this area clear Wheelchairs Athletes 10.00am Half Marathon 10.05am wheelchair access to start emergency access 100 Longwater runners route to start Road Closed Please do not urinate in GreenPark facilities this side of the road, it will put the future of the event at risk Please note, the race is chip timed and so there is no advantage to runners starting in the wrong time zone it only inconveniences other runners and you will spend the race being overtaken. Race numbers are colour coded please start in the correct time/colour zone from stadium page 7 Course Map Shuttle Bus Stop Reading Station Oxford Road Russell Street 7 IDR Oxford Road Station Hill Valpy St Friar Street West Street The Oracle 2 L 6 Forbury Gardens Abbey Gate Kings Road IDR N Tilehurst Road London Street 8 L Liebenrood Road 9 3 Bath Road A4 Dunedin Hospital Castle Hill Coley Ave 10 IDR 5 London Road Kendrick Road Prospect Park Bath Road A4 Berkley Ave Rose Kiln North Redlands Road Reading University Christchurch Road 1 Relay Point 4 Pepper Lane Half Marathon Route 1 L Lucozade Sport Water START 12 Rose Kiln South 11 Basingstoke Road Cressingham Road 3 Leighton Park Northumberland Ave Elm Road Bennett Road 1 Madejski Stadium B&Q Acre Road Hartland Road Shinfield Road GreenPark FINISH 13 Imperial Way 2 Whitley Wood Road M4 Newbury M4 London Reading Half Marathon Course Profile 200ft 50ft The Finish At last! Please keep moving through the finish area in order to prevent over crowding. You will be directed to marshals who will remove your ChampionChip ming device. Half Marathon finishers will receive a medal, goody bag and will be issued with a space blanket in order to keep warm. Please make sure you only take one so there is enough for everyone. There will be an engraver in the Sweatshop Retail Tent who can engrave your finish me on your medal. Water and Lucozade Sport will be available. FRIENDS / FAMILY MEETING POINTS Please arrange a meet point with friends and family for when you finish.there are designated A-Z meet point loca ons situated in the Race Village (see below). MASSAGE Will be available to runners. A donation to the charities will be appriciated. DUNEDIN PHYSIOTHERAPY TENT Free sports injury treatment will be available. COMMEMORATIVE T-SHIRTS Will be available in the Sweatshop retail tent. Short sleeve Long sleeve GREENPARK CHALLENGE Finishers will receive a medal, space blanket and water. Full results will be available online. An awards evening will be hosted by GreenPark for the category winners. Winners will be notified when this will take place. Sweatshop retail tent womens kit tent Disabled parking must be pre-booked Massage/Physio/Charity tent Dunedin Hospital Physio tent free post race treatment Adidas retail GreenPark Kit Tent GreenPark Challenge starts here 8.30am warm up 8.20am mens kit tents Lucozade help desk A - H I - P Hotel entrance Q - Z Toilet compound Meeting points 2TEN FM Stage Hotel adidas runner reception Bike compound (lock required) race finisher reception area Conference Centre open race route Conference Centre main entrance Hospitality boxes Osborne Clarke Registration Gates 3 & 4 west stand spectators catering / toilets first aid for runners only RFC Dome shuttle bus stops for station gates 1 & 2 west and south stand spectators catering and toilets BEST SPECTATOR AREA Osborne Clarke Relay Buses Bar stand west Finish south stand open early shuttle bus stops for station 7.30am am back to car parks and yellow car park buses gates 9 & 10 south stand spectators catering and toilets BEST SPECTATOR AREA page 9 Results and Prizes Two mes will be given; firstly your race me.this is your official me taken from the me the start gun goes off un l you cross the finish line.this is how the results have to be recorded under UK Athle cs rules. Secondly your actual me (Chip me).this is the me from when you actually cross the start line un l you cross the?nish line. Results will be printed in the Reading Evening Post on Monday 30th March with the full report available on Thursday 2nd April. Results will also be available the evening of race day at:www. PRIZES Men and Women (GV : Gi Vouchers) 1st nd 500 3rd 250 4th 150 GV 5th 100 GV V35F V40M 1st 250 1st 250 2nd 75 GV 2nd 75 GV 3rd 50 GV 3rd 50 GV V40F 1st 100 V45M 1st 100 V50F 1st 100 V50M 1st 100 V60F 1st 100 V60M 1st 100 Elite Prize Bonuses (Available to all runners in addi on to prize money and regardless of?nishing posi on.) Men Sub 59.00: 5000 Women Sub 67.00: 5000 Sub 60.00: 1000 Sub 68.00: 1000 Sub 61.00: 750 Sub 69.00: 750 Sub 62.00: 500 Sub 70.00: 500 Sub 63.00: 400 Sub 71.00: 400 Sub 64.00: 250 Sub 72.00: 250 Sub 73.00: 100 Veteran prizes are given to anyone over the age of each category. E.g. a 41 year old can win both V35 and V40. Wheelchair 1st male and female 250, 2nd male and female 150 and 3rd male and female 100. PRIZE GIVING Only the first 3 men, and women and the first man and woman in the wheelchair race will be awarded prizes on the day taking place at approximately 11:45am in the Madejski Stadium. TEAMS 1st Athle c Club teams in the men s & women s half marathons (4 to count). 200 of vouchers per team. COURSE RECORDS Men s Partrick Makau (2008) Women s Liz Yelling (2008) Wheelchair Race Men s David Weir (2006) 45:59 Women s: Shelly Woods (2004) 66:37 RACE PHOTOGRAPHY Photos will be displayed online at: Look out for official photographers along the route and at the?nish. Photographers will also be on hand to capture you with?nisher medal inside the stadium.these pictures will be available online at MEDAL ENGRAVING (Sweatshop Retail Tent) Will be available on site. Please remember your race me when you cross the?nish line. GREENPARK CHALLENGE All finisher s will receive a medal. Prizes for 1st ( 50 GV), 2nd ( 30 GV), and 3rd ( 20 GV) male and female runners. An awards evening will be hosted by GreenPark with prizes presented to all the categor
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