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  Henry ’ s majestic Dinner Shared dinner plates   Cured meats and cheeses   Market oysters   11   Homemade pickles.huckleberry Half dozen . Mignonette   3 cheeses 12 3 meats 12 Fresh horseradish Meat and cheese board 23 Housemade onion dip   6 Marrow bones 13 Crudite.fresh cut Fresh oregano.grilled bread Potato chips Al pastor street tacos 9 Oysters majestic 12   Pork shoulder.corn tortillas Crispy pancetta.scallion House salsa.cotija.fresh Kimchi butter Onion and cilantro Iron cast potatoes Maple bourbon meatballs 10 Henrys spicy shrimp Akaushi beef.fennel slaw Chive.bleu cheese 11 pulled chicken.goat cheese Roasted mushroom arancini 8   Arugula 9 Parmesan.roasted red bells pork rillette.andouille Vermouth cream Pork belly.riesling Kraut 10 Main plates   Beeman ranch Akaushi flank STEAK 19 chimichurrihand cut russets Texas ‘ pho ’  12   brisketbeeman ranch Akaushi Flanksoft boiled eggrice noodles GRILLED SWORDFISH ON BRIOCHE 13   peppadew aiolihouse kimchi crystal creek ROTISSERIE HALF CHICKEN 16 drippings potatoes.Pearl onions , roasted root vegetables HENRY ’ S marrow spiked BURGER 12   akaushi beef on briochebacon.caramelized onion aged pickles PANZANELLA SALAD 11   Grilled seasonal vegetables.Tuscan bread.spicer spring mix Smoked provolone.herb vinaigrette MUSSELS 14   Millers maple blueberry links Peppered pastrami REUBEN 11   Marble rye.Riesling kraut.russian charred san marzano tomato pasta 12   fresh pasta.roasted vegetables.Parmesan farmers chicken salad 12   buttermilk fried chicken.Honey mustard vinaigrette bacon.almonds.Vital farms egg Sides 5 each   there is risk associated with raw shellfish and undercooked proteins.our kitchen and bar use nuts , dairy , eggs and gluten.please make your server aware of any allergies. salad Roasted seasonal vegetables Hand cut russets House pickles and vegetables  Cocktails 10 Beer The scarlet begonia   On Draft   Gin.lillet blanc.lemon.raspberry   Pink peppercorn syrup.sparkling rose   Revolver blood and honey 7 Cedar creek pale ale 6 Cassie phosphate   Carlsberg 7 Cassis liquor.cocchi Americano soda   Leprechaun cider 8 Water.grapefruit zest   Bavik pilsner 8 Lakewood brewery The aristocrat   Epic brainless peach 9 Aperol.dry oils   Ballast point ipa 7 Lone point tornado shark 7 Mission to burma   Buried hatchet stout Golden raisin infused rum.lemon Sugar Amaro Revolver mullet cutter 7 Peticolas brewery Headless Manhattan   Monks cafe sour pumpkin infused whisky.sweet vermouth   Gulden draak 7 amaro.bitters.toasted pumpkin seed rim   Big sky moose drool 7 Lone star 4 Dusk till dawn   Racer 5 ipa 8 Mescal.banana.lemon.cilantro.   No-li spin cycle red 6 Pineapple vanilla syrup.egg white   Lagunitas lil sumpin wild 7 The Strummer   In bottles   Cognac. Yellow chartruese.creme Yvette.Lemon   Stella artois 6 XO Japanese   Shiner bock 5 Xo rum.sunflower orgeat.bitters.   Maredsous 8 Sparkling sake.lemon zest   Coors light 4 Miller lite 4 66 Old Fashion   Miller high life ponies 3 oils.bitters.chile   Pacifico brewery 5 Spiked maple   Old engine oil 8 Tank 7 8 Sanchez gimlet   Duchesse de bourgogne 12 Blanco tequila.fresh arugula.lime.Lemongrass   St paulie girl n/a Figa ' roe '   In cans   Vodka.mission figs.apricot liquor.   Lemon.soda   South austin pale ale Bomb shell blonde 5 Charged cocktails on tap 10   Cedar creek dankosauraus The 8am   Dales pale ale Nitrous charged Vietnamese blended Coffee Imperial vanilla infused bourbon.sweetened almond milk Fords cooler   AS BOMBERS   Gin.grapefruit liquor.cucumber   Water.lemon sugar Jolly Pumpkin Mk Cozbronaught   Pinkus hefe 10 Anejo rum.cranberry shrub.lime Epic sour apple sasion liquor.lemon zest St louis framboise 15 ' One more '   Soft drinks   St armolds draft root beer 5 Fresh lemonade 4 Mexican coke 4 Iced tea 3 hot tea   3 Dr pepper 4 Vietnamese iced coffee 5 Diet coke 3 ginger ale 3 Segafredo zanetti coffee 3 Sprite 3 fresca 3 Espresso 3 Topo chico sparkling water 3 cappuccino 4
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