Herodotus and The Black Body [Talk]

The attached powerpoint presentation (which can be downloaded) has audio from the presentation in the background of each corresponding slide. You can also click the youtube link to the video presentation, however, the slides were not captured on
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  Herodotus &  The Black Body A CRITICAL RACE THEORY ANALYSIS  Herodotus 2.104   Colchians were descendants ro! soldiers in Sesostris" E#y$tian ar!y %ecause '()They are melagchroes and oulotriches *+(Early $ractice o circu!cision  ,-./012, 34 56787, -9 :;<=>?2-2 ?@ 188?D2- 8?D7?2@ 1,72 ?-F GJ-K( 7?M 3 1P787 ?Q31 P7 ?2 μελάγχροες εἰσὶ καὶ οὐλότρχες ( P7 ?-U?- ., V -3, W,XP12 1;8 <D P7 Z?1D-2 ?-2-U?-2 W ?-[8231 P7 .\-, ?2 .-U,-2 >],?^, W,_D>^, GJ-2 P7 :;<=>?2-2 P7 :;_/->1 >1D2?].,-,?72 W>4 WDJ@ ? 7;3-[7(  Hdt 2.104 ! "#e $%&'e%t ()*+t',% &o%tro-ers*   The connotation o μελάγχροες  is `controersial" %ecause o de%ates surroundin# ancient E#y$tian identity  The conclusions are $ole!ical b no deconstruction o Blackness in Herodotus  #,t 's /r't'&, ,&e "#eor* /"3   /"5 oe!ent in the nited States that se$arated ro! Critical Le#al Studies inuenced %y A!erican ciil ri#hts tradition & Black radical thou#ht that ocuses on the ways white su$re!acy cri!inalifes & icti!ifes $ersons o color   centers the oices o $ersons o color in analysis o race & racis! b challen#es white nor!atiity  ,&e ! ,&'s6   ,&e  is a sy!!etrical identity ,&', 'de%t'7&,t'o%s  are dialo#ues b tools o domination  & resistance   ,&'s6  is the inerior cate#ory o identity i!$osed on a #rou$ in order to de%ase their ciic econo!ic and hu!an standin# (t#%'&'t*  is a su%gcate#ory under race nor!ally delineatin# a #eogcultural su%g#rou$ b not suita%le or this study   The `cultural assi!ilationist" !odel reuently cited is %ased on Euro$ean i!!i#rant incor$oration into `whiteness" in the 'js S b 8#'te %or6,t'-e
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