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  MARK ZUCKERBERG BIOGRAPHY  Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer, Internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is best known as one of ve cofounders of the social networking website !acebook. Born:  Ma #$, #%&$ 'age ()*, +hite lains, -ew ork, /nited 0tates Spouse 1 riscilla 2han 'married 3)#3* Siblings 1 4andi Zuckerberg, Arielle Zuckerberg, 5onna Zuckerberg Parents 1 6aren Zuckerberg, Edward Zuckerberg Eu!ation 1 hillips E7eter Academ '3)))83))3*, Ardsle High 0chool '#%%&83)))*, Harvard /niversit , Merc 2ollege A ars 1 9ime:s erson of the ear Mark Elliot Zuckerberg Resien!e:  alo Alto, 2alifornia, /.0. O!!upation:  2hairman ; 2E< of !acebook, Inc.  Years a!ti#e:  3))$ 8 present Kno n $or:  2ofounding !acebook in 3))$ and world:s 3nd oungest selfmade billionaire '3)#3* Ho%e to n:  5obbs !err , -ew ork, /.0. Salar& 1 /0 =#>$? 'et ort(:  Increase /0 =3@.( billion 'April 3)#$*  HI09<4 <! I!E <! MA46 Z/26E4BE4C Early life of Mark Zuckerberg   Zuckerberg was born in 1984 in White Plains, New York. He is the son of dentist dward Zuckerberg and !s chiatrist #aren #e$!ner. He and his three sisters, %andi, &onna, and 'rielle, were brought u! in &obbs (err , New York, a s$all town about 1) $iles north of New York *it . Zuckerberg was raised +ewish and had his bar $it-ah when he turned 1. 'fterward, he beca$e an atheist. 't 'rdsle , Zuckerberg e/celled in classics. He transferred to Philli!s /eter 'cade$ in his 0unior ear, where he won !ries in science $ath, astrono$ and !h sics2 and classical studies. 3n his college a!!lication, Zuckerberg clai$ed that he could read and write (rench, Hebrew, atin, and ancient 5reek. He was ca!tain of the fencing tea$. 6n college, he was known for reciting lines fro$ e!ic !oe$s such as 7he 6liad. Zuckerberg in becoming as a software developer Early years  Zuckerberg began using co$!uters and writing software in $iddle school. His father taught hi$ 'tari '6* Progra$$ing in the 199)s, and later hired software de-elo!er &a-id New$an to tutor hi$ !ri-atel . New$an calls hi$ a :!rodig :, adding that it was :tough to sta ahead of hi$:. Zuckerberg took a graduate course in the sub0ect at ;erc *ollege near his ho$e while still in high school. He en0o ed de-elo!ing co$!uter  !rogra$s, es!eciall co$$unication tools and ga$es. 6n one such !rogra$, since his father<s dental !ractice was o!erated fro$ their ho$e, he built a software !rogra$ he called :ZuckNet: that allowed all the co$!uters between the house and dental office to co$$unicate with each other. 6t is considered a :!ri$iti-e: -ersion of '3<s 6nstant ;essenger, which ca$e out the following ear. 'ccording to writer +ose 'ntonio =argas, :so$e kids !la ed co$!uter ga$es. ;ark created the$.: Zuckerberg hi$self recalls this !eriod> :6 had a bunch of friends who wereartists. 7he <d co$e o-er, draw stuff, and 6<d build a ga$e out of it.: Howe-er, notes =argas, Zuckerberg was not a t !ical :geek?klut:, as he later beca$e ca!tain of his !re! school fencing tea$ and earned a classics di!lo$a. Na!ster co?founder ean Parker, a close friend, notes that Zuckerberg was :reall into 5reek od sse s and all that stuff:, recalling how he once @uoted lines fro$ the %o$an e!ic !oe$ 'eneid, b =irgil, during a (acebook !roduct conference.   &uring Zuckerberg<s high school ears, under the co$!an na$e 6ntelligent ;edia 5rou!, he built a $usic !la er called the  na!se ;edia Pla er that used $achine learning to learn the user<s listening habits, which was !osted to lashdot and recei-ed a rating of  out of A fro$ P* ;againe. College years   the ti$e he began classes at Har-ard, Zuckerberg had alread achie-ed a :re!utationas a !rogra$$ing !rodig :, notes =argas. He studied !s cholog and co$!uter science as well as belonging to 'l!ha !silon Pi, a +ewish fraternit , and #irkland House. 6n his so!ho$ore ear, he wrote a !rogra$ he called *ourse;atch, which allowed users to $ake class selection decisions based on the choices of other students and also to hel! the$ for$ stud grou!s. ' short ti$e later, he created a different !rogra$ he initiall called (ace$ash that let students select the best looking !erson fro$ a choice of !hotos. 'ccording to Zuckerberg<s roo$$ate at the ti$e, 'rie Hasit, :he built the site for fun:. Hasit e/!lains. We had books called (ace ooks, which included the na$es and !ictures of e-er one who li-ed in the student dor$s. 't first, he built a site and !laced two !ictures, or !icturesof two $ales and two fe$ales. =isitors to the site had to choose who was :hotter: and according to the -otes there would be a ranking. 7he site went u! o-er a weekendB but b ;onda $orning, the college shut it down  because its !o!ularit had o-erwhel$ed one of Har-ard<s network switches and  !re-ented students fro$ accessing the 6nternet. 6n addition, $an students co$!lained that their !hotos were being used without !er$ission. Zuckerberg a!ologied !ublicl , and the student !a!er ran articles stating that his site was :co$!letel i$!ro!er.: 7he following se$ester, in +anuar C))4, Zuckerberg began writing code for a new website. 3n (ebruar 4, C))4, Zuckerberg launched :7hefacebook:, srcinall located at$. i/ da s after the site launched, three Har-ard seniors, *a$eron Winkle-oss, 7 ler Winkle-oss, and &i- a Narendra, accused Zuckerberg of intentionall $isleading the$ into belie-ing he would hel! the$ build a social network called Har-ard*$,while he was instead using their ideas to build a co$!eting !roduct.7he three co$!lainedto the Har-ard *ri$son and the news!a!er began an in-estigation in res!onse. (ollowing the official launch of the (acebook social $edia !latfor$, the three filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg that resulted in a settle$ent.7he agreed settle$ent was for 1.C$illion (acebook shares that were worth DE)) $illion at (acebook<s 6P3.  Zuckerberg dro!!ed out of Har-ard in his so!ho$ore ear to co$!lete his !ro0ect.6n +anuar C)14, Zuckerberg recalled> 6 re$e$ber reall -i-idl , ou know, ha-ing !ia with $ friends a da or two afterF 6 o!ened u! the first -ersion of (acebook at the ti$e 6 thought, :You know, so$eone needs to build a ser-ice like this for the world.: ut 6 0ust ne-er thought that we<d be the ones to hel! do it. 'nd 6 think a lot of what it co$es down to is we 0ust cared $ore. Career of Zuckerberg  Zuckerberg launched (acebook fro$ his Har-ard dor$itor roo$ on (ebruar 4, C))4.'n earlier ins!iration for (acebook $a ha-e co$e fro$ Philli!s /eter 'cade$ , the !re! school fro$ which Zuckerberg graduated in C))C. 6t !ublished its own student director , G7he Photo 'ddress ook, which students referred to as G7he (acebook. uch !hoto directories were an i$!ortant !art of the student social e/!erience at $an  !ri-ate schools. With the$, students were able to list attributes such as their class ears, their friends, and their tele!hone nu$bers. 3nce at college, Zuckerberg<s (acebook started off as 0ust a :Har-ard thing: until Zuckerberg decided to s!read it to other schools, enlisting the hel! of roo$$ate &ustin ;osko-it. 7he began with *olu$bia, New York Dni-ersit , tanford, &art$outh, *ornell, Penn, rown, and Yale.a$ r aine, a tri!le 0u$!er re!resenting Haiti at the C)1C u$$er 3l $!ics, shared a roo$ with Zuckerberg during (acebook<s founding. :;ark was clearl on to great things,: said aine, who was (acebook<s fourteenth user. 'fter Zuckerberg $o-ed to Palo 'lto, *alifornia with ;osko-it and so$e friends, the leased a s$all house that ser-ed as an office. 3-er the su$$er, Zuckerberg $et Peter 7hiel who in-ested in the co$!an . 7he got their first office in $id?C))4. 'ccording to Zuckerberg, the grou! !lanned to return to Har-ard but e-entuall decided to re$ain in *alifornia. 7he had alread turned down offers b $a0or cor!orations to  bu the co$!an . 6n an inter-iew in C))I, Zuckerberg e/!lained his reasoning> :6t<s not  because of the a$ount of $one . (or $e and $ colleagues, the $ost i$!ortant thing is that we create an o!en infor$ation flow for !eo!le. Ha-ing $edia cor!orations owned b conglo$erates is 0ust not an attracti-e idea to $e.: He restated these goals to Wired $againe in C)1)> :7he thing 6 reall care about is the $ission, $aking the world o!en.: arlier, in '!ril C))9, Zuckerberg sought the ad-ice of
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