Homebound Imperialism: The Other

Homebound Imperialism: The Other
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  Homebound Imperialism: The “Other”  By. Kris Laffredi One of the ways Imperialism is weaponized is in using Racist and Nationalistic tendencies to create a cultural ‘other’.  This process creates an enemy that can be despised of such so much so that any sort of retaliation is justified. This ‘other’  is crafted sometimes from the ashes of a tragedy as was the result after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, or the title is just simply  put upon a group for no other reason than convenience though their outcomes are entirely the same. In the first case of the ‘other’  on this continent we saw the status put upon the Indians. Though they did not earn this title from any sort of act of violence, or even minor gripe instead it was simply drummed up in the consciousness of the people. The image of the brutal savage wanting nothing more than blood of the white race was crafted even though the colonists drew first blood with raiding parties on Indian tribes. The violence escalated so much so that “Twenty years before th e Declaration [of Independence]” a proclamation was made in “the legislature of Massachusetts of November 3, 1755” that “provided a bounty: “For every scalp of a male Indian brought in.” 1  Once the cycle of attack and retaliation which was firmly the prerogative of the white man had begun the Indian was given the cloak of srcinal sin a common occurrence in American history. In many ways the United States was even ahead of the other imperial nations trying their hardest to conjure up  popular support for various campaigns around the world and at home relying on subversion to create, albeit artificial, support. Honing the tactic long before the various fascist nations would  perfect the logic.   It is not only a tyranny of the state in so much as dishonesty is being weaponized for the  purpose of galvanization, but it is a tyranny being injected into the soul of the populace. As we know “ The tyrannical soul must be always poor and insatiable. ”  This tyranny of the soul is felt in every corner of our society and it is what Kendrick Lamar cites when he writes “I can feel it , The scream that haunts our logic.   It is a scream of our Humanity that senses the deep confliction present in our demonization and catastrophic treatment of all put upon people whether in Gaza, Yemen, Hong Kong or right at home on the Mexican border. Whether conscious or sub-conscious our being is attacked by the injustice as we move farther away from love, and justice. Not lustful love but love in the deepest sense, justice in the truest form for all children of the earth. Or as Chief Luther Standing Bear describes the idea that “ Every child not only belonged to a certain family,  but also belonged to the band, and no matter where it strayed when it was able to walk, it was at home .”   Thus, Kendrick Lamar exposes an entire new generation to these ideas of love and  justice . “A love Supreme”  a radical new foundation where truth is given room to speak. Pain a  platform, to air, and song and dance allowed expressing the most basic of human feeling the earthly and of the soul. A society with no c ultural ‘other’  where empire is defeated along with all of its weapons of division and violence, A world thus never perfect but everyday guided by the attainment of truth and a return of the symbiotic nature of all living mammals. A society that values human greatness and embraces the knowledge we truly seek, that most potent of the Socratic, why are we alive? Every day striving for the answers Respecting the autonomy and beauty of all things and gleaming the wisdom that follows.   We must abolish the enti re logic of the “other” we must  accept that freedom predicated upon subjugation is only “the feelin’ of false freedom.” 5  as Kendrick Lamar again so expertly speaks. We are inextricably linked to the outcomes of all people. Our state is only as fair as it is to those half a million men in prison on drug charges disproportionately black and brown. Our freedom only as strong as it is for those who march for freedom in Hong Kong. Our safety only as much as those families in Yemen who are murdered by bombs. Our humanity respected only as much as the Latin American’s who we separate from their children breaking the most sacred of human bonds. Our heart filled with just as much hate for ourselves as we have for the ‘other’ . We cannot be a true democracy of love and justice until we have the courage to look ourselves in the mirror and denounce the people we have become in our hate of the ‘other’ . 1.   “Tyranny Is Tyranny.”  A People's History of the United States , by Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove, Harper, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2017, pp. 72  –  72. 2.   Plato. “Book IX.”  Plato's The Republic , by Jane Yarbrough, Barron's Educational Series, 1984, pp. 299  –  299. 3.   Lamar, Kendrick. “ FEEL.- Lyrics.” Genius , 14 Apr. 2017, genius.com/Kendrick-Lamar-feel-lyrics. 4.   “Chapter I: Cradle Days.”  Land of the Spotted Eagle , by Luther Standing Bear, University of Nebraska Press, 1978, pp. 18  –  18. 5.   Lamar, Kendrick. “Lyrics–  DN A.” Genius , 14 Apr. 2017, genius.com/Kendrick-Lamar-DNA.-lyrics.
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