How Does Global Warming and the Greenhouse

How does GLOBAL WARMING and THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT impact the environment ? Ms. Pride Regents Biology SB1-03 or SB1-16 October 16, 2008 Global Warming and The Greenhouse Effect  Global warming is defined as the gradual increase in average measured surface temperature on Earth  The Greenhouse effect is defined as the trapping and build-up of heat in the lower atmosphere near a planet's surface. Some of the heat flowing back towards space from the Earth's surface is absorbed by water vapor (H2
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  Ms. PrideRegents BiologySB1-03 or SB1-16October 16, 2008 How doesGLOBAL WARMING and THE GREENHOUSEEFFECTimpact the environment ?  Global Warming and The GreenhouseEffect  Global warming is defined as thegradual increase in average measuredsurface temperature on Earth   The Greenhouse effect is defined asthe trapping and build-up of heat in thelower atmosphere near a planet'ssurface. Some of the heat flowing backtowards space from the Earth's surfaceis absorbed by water vapor (H 2 O),carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), methane (CH 4 )and other gases in the atmosphere.      Increased Surface Temperatures onEarth  Global surfacetemperature increased0.74±0.18 °C  (1.33 ± 0.32 °F) duringthe100 years ending in2005.  Enhanced and attributedto an increase ingreenhouse gasconcentrations  Increasing CO 2 Concentrations Fluctuations in temperature (red line) and in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (yellow) over thepast 649,000 years. The vertical red bar at the end is the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels over thepast two centuries and before 2007.

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