How the Serpent Turned the Innocence of Eve Into the Indecency of the Ancient Fertility Goddess Part 3 of the Serpents Girls

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  WATCHMAN'S BLOG   7/11/2017Comments HOW THE SERPENT TURNED THE INNOCENCE OF EVEINTO THE INDECENCY OF THE ANCIENT FERTILITYGODDESS [PART 3 OF THE SERPENT'S GIRLS]   The persuasion that began with Eve in the Garden of Eden has continued since that time and willreach its apex through a system known guratively in the Bible as Mystery Babylon. In fact, thissystem is in full swing already. The nachash of the Garden (which was probably Satan) was the rstmanipulative advertiser and slimy salesman, and he continues to ply his trade with experteciency in these last days.   In this post, I begin by exposing the esoteric meaning of the snake as a symbol, which in turnexplains why goddesses are often seen with snakes. I then link the ancient fertility goddesses suchas Ishtar to the great Babylonian harlot of the Book of Revelation. I explain the nature of the beastwhich she rides, and demonstrate that she is the mirror image of the Bride of Christ, who is thesecond Eve. If you so desire, you may rst read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. THE ESOTERIC MEANING OF SNAKES Wisdom: that's the common explanation for the meaningof snakes in religious art. And while that's true, it's also ahuge oversimplication. Hold onto something, becausewe're about to get really deep. Waves are the means by which the universe functions.The ancients of many cultures taught this concept, andnow modern physics has come to the same conclusion.From the orbits of the astral bodies to the movement of the smallest particles, everything is described byvibrations. How did God create the cosmos? He spoke. And what is  speech? It's waves of varying frequencies andamplitudes (whether through air or not). Since snakesmove in waves, they are symbolic of duality.  A circle, by the way, is the most perfect and basic shape,and it's a wave that loops into itself. The ouroborous, themystical symbol of the snake eating it's own tail, conveysthe idea of duality existing within unity, endlessly. The unication of opposite poles balancing each otherout is a sacred concept often represented by entwinedsnakes. Harmony is essential for healthy life for bothindividuals and ecosystems, therefore snakes havefrequently been linked to life and health. The most notable characteristic of a serpent is that itmoves in a wave. It undulates. Not surprisingly, then, thespinal column of a man undulates in an almost serpentine fashion when looked at from the side. InRoman times, according to Plinius, Ovidius, and Elienus, it was believed that the spines of deadmen would become snakes. The construction of the spine features holes on either side of each vertebrae. Sets of nerves fromthe spinal cord split o from the cluster and pass through these holes, then snake through theesh to the appropriate places. This allows bio-energy to transfer to each side of the body fromthe control center at the summit (i.e., the brain). And note that the brain itself has two halves, asthe rest of the body. Even though the spinal cord itself does not form a spiral, it functions in abipolar fashion, coordinating left and right, and the bio-electric impulses travel the cord in twodirections. Thus we can understand why eastern religious teachers say that there are twoconduits of spiritual energy that run in a double-helix up the spine.  The concept of balancedduality—yin and yang, positive and negative, active and passive, rising and falling—is displayed inour anatomy. Symmetry with elevation change is basic to our structure.  Is it a coincidence that our DNA, the biological code from which all life is built, is shaped as adouble-helix? Doubtful. This characteristic makes a weird sort of sense once we understand thatthe Divine Council which cooperated with YHVH (as subordinates) in the creation of the world isled by serpentine spirits. When Elohiym said Let us make man in our own image, and Let us godown to Babel, he was not speaking to himself. He was addressing the other elohiym, theprincipalities of the spiritual realm (read this for a bit more about the Divine Council). They seem tohave embedded something of their own likeness into the core component of biological life. The caduceus and the seven chakras of the humanbody. Perhaps more accurate than most Christianswould like to admit.  The helix and the spiral are very fundamental shapes because they convey the concept of rhythmictravel in three dimensions. If you create a point on a grid that is one unit away from the srcinpoint in each of two dimensions ( and ), you get a line at a 45-degree angle. If you keep makingpoints with the same oset of one unit, then connect the points, you get an arc. What do you get if you reverse directions in each dimension one at a time while plotting points? You get a circle. But if each point is then also made higher or lower by one unit, you end up with a spiral. It's a three-dimensional wave. (A quick tangent: If I were a betting man, I'd put good money on the possibility that the heavenlycreatures ying around God's throne are moving in a helical loop.) The cosmic dragons/serpents of the Divine Council were the most   knowledgeable of allbeings other than the Son of God himself  . When the foremost of these dragons, Satan,appeared unto Adam and Eve in Eden, he directed them to gain understanding from the Tree of Knowledge. They would become like Elohiym, he promised, if they had higher knowledge. Ever since then, serpents have represented knowledge or wisdom.  And not just any kind of knowledge, but the highest, most esoteric and occluded knowledge. Divine wisdom, if you will,which was not intended for mankind in his infancy. And it's certainly not intended for mankind inhis current, fallen state. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. (  Matthew 10:16 ) To initiates of the various mystery religions of the world, the snake has dual meaning (there's thatconcept of duality again). It represents the base nature, the lower and most primitive self,disconnected from higher things. But the snake when it is raised up like a cobra or whenwrapped around a sta or tree represents evolution from mundane to ethereal.  The kundalini energy of Hinduism is the idea that the spiritual re of the cosmic serpents, onceunleashed in a human being, is what travels up the spine to the place of the mind's connection tothe spirit realm. By this process, the individual moves from being primitive to being enlightened. Of course, serpents are often venomous. The venom of cosmic serpents is the worst of all, for bydeception they kill men spiritually, and thus eternally. THE REBIRTH OF ENLIGHTENMENT  xy 
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