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In Defense of the Crusades

The Crusades are much on the mind of radical Islamists—you remember those guys…Osama bin Laden, the 'Blind Sheikh', and company…before 9/11. In their letters, videos, and self-promoting manifestos, these ruthless, cold-blooded killers invoked
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  In Defense of the Crusades The Crusades are much on the mind of radical Islamists—you remember those guys…Osama binLaden, the ‘Blind Sheikh, and com!any…before "#$$%In their letters, &ideos, and self'!romoting manifestos, these ruthless, cold'blooded killersin&oked the term to describe the (ar they (aged on the )est and its leader—the *nited States%Since "#$$ the term Crusade has been bantered around by the ne(s media, the enemy, and anti'(ar ty!es that see nothing of &alue in defending )estern Ci&ili+ation% rom one !ers!ecti&e or another, it further sensationali+es the conflict, bolsters the enemy, or is used !e-orati&ely by anti'(ar !rofessional !rotestors to marginali+e the need for us to (in this (ar%or those that dismiss this conflict as a cultural misunderstanding, that think if (ed -ust reason(ith these ‘li&e from the ca&e broadcasters of hate and death, (ed ha&e a .odney /ing momentand -ust all get along% )hat a bunch of hooey% )hen the guy on the other side has a big knifeand daily says that hes going to cut your head off be assured, he means -ust that and theres nonegotiation%In historical conte0t, the (ord ‘crusade has been used by 1eneral 2isenho(er on the morning of the 3'3ay In&asion% It (as used by 4resident ranklin .oose&elt in his address to Congressasking for declaration of (ar after the 5a!anese bombed 4earl 6arbor% 7nd, yes, it (as used by4resident Bush on the heels of "#$$% It should be understood that any great undertaking (ith amoral ob-ecti&e can be described (ith the use of this (ord%But, frankly, the first rule in fighting any (ar is to !ro!erly identify the enemy% )e are long off the !ath of effecti&ely (inning this (ar, because our leaders cant !ro!erly define the enemy andlack the moral fortitude to engage that enemy%On the heels of the burning of a 5ordanian !ilot ali&e, 8onday morning I a(oke to find that ISIS9the latest reincarnation of radical Islam: had beheaded ;$ 2gy!tian Christians, (ith the follo('u! (arning they ‘(ould con<uer .ome% 8ake no mistake in this (ar, (e ha&e come to rely onallies—2gy!t and 5ordan—(hose leaders are !rosecuting this (ar the (ay it should be—bytaking the fight to the enemy and killing them%So, (e find oursel&es (ith a 4resident unable to muster the resol&e to correctly identify theenemy much less !ro&ide leadershi! on the global stage to fight that enemy, (hich is fully intentto (age holy (ar against the infidels% *nless (e refocus our efforts against those intent onkilling and destroying the )est, (e (ill rea! de&astating conse<uences%To !ut it in !ers!ecti&e, the Crusades that sought to blunt the tide of Islam did not start until =>?years after the first Christian city (as o&errun by 8uslim armies@ A>A years after rance (asattacked@ and, ;=" years after .ome (as sacked% By the time the Crusades began, t(o'thirds of the Christian (orld (as con<uered%  So much being the radical Islamist &ictim% Is history going to re!eat itself
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