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In Search of the Golden Key: A Concise Cultural History of Mormon Studies

This is a revision and expansion of my doctoral dissertation, The Idols of the Tribes. It explores the history and social and cultural contexts of Mormon Studies
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   In Search of the Golden Key: A Concise Cultural History of Mormon Studies  byRonald G. Helfrich, Jnr.2017  ...mais je suis toujour la pret a sortir de la coulissecomme un Deus e machina...!remieu"Hale#y"$ffenbach Orphee aux Enfers %&he hardest thin' in this (orld is to li#e in it.)*uffy to Da(n in %&he Gift)ii   Acknoled!ments    In Search of the Golden Key: A Concise Cultural History of Mormon Studies  has been years in the ma+in', far too many years in the ma+in'  am afraid.  thus ha#e a number of institutions and people to than+. -y than+s 'o to the Department of ociolo'y at *ri'ham /oun' ni#ersity for its financial support and for pro#idin' a (onderful en#ironment in (hich this %Gentile) could'et to +no( -ormonism better, the Department of History at the ni#ersity at lbany, for its financial and moral support o#er the years (hile  (or+ed on the dissertation that ser#ed as the  basis for this boo+, and the staffs of the e( /or+ tate 3ibrary and rchi#es, the e( /or+ 4ublic 3ibrary, the Harold *. 3ee 3ibrary at */, the !hurch Historical 3ibrary in alt 3a+e !ity, the ndiana ni#ersity 3ibraries in *loomin'ton, the /ale ni#ersity 3ibraries in e( Ha#en, !onnecticut, the ni#ersity of &eas 3ibraries in ustin, and the Har#ard ni#ersity 3ibraries in !ambrid'e, -assachusetts, all of (hom helped me find boo+s, journal articles, ne(spapers, and rele#ant primary documents (hich pro#ed essential to the research on (hich this mono'raph is based.  number of collea'ues and friends ha#e, o#er the years, 'raciously 'i#en of their time and offered helpful ad#ice on this mono'raph, ad#ice  ha#e not al(ays ta+en. Search  is hea#ily indebted to &homas Gieryn and the late 4aul 3ucas both of ndiana ni#ersity, *loomin'ton, 5u'ene Halton of the ni#ersity of otre Dame, -arie !orn(all, !arol !orn(all -adsen, 3a(rence /oun', 3ynn 5n'land, !arol 6ard, James *. Du+e, John !lar+, &im Heaton, !ardell Jacobsen and countless numbers of others at */ all of (ho helped me understand if perhaps imperfectly8 a faith (hich (as #ery %eotic) to me (hen  first arri#ed in 4ro#o.  really enjoyed my time at %the /) and found it to be a (onderful and stimulatin' intellectual en#ironment, somethin' all colle'es and uni#ersities should be but often aren9t. t the ni#ersity at lbany  iii  recei#ed help and feedbac+ from Gerald :aha#i, Richard Hamm, Robert Dy+stra, 6arren Roberts, Dan 6hite, Gail 3andsman, 6alter :enner, 4eter *reiner, ;athy &rent, usan 3e(is, -ary 3innane, 5d(ard ;noblauch, -ary ulli#an, and Harriet &emps.  ha#e to sin'le out se#eral people for special than+s.  (ant to than+ John !lar+ and 3ynn 5n'land each of (hom listened to my thou'hts about (hat became this mono'raph and 'a#e me feedbac+ on them impro#in' them tremendously in the process, Gerald :aha#i, 6arren Roberts, and Richard Hamm for their close and critical readin's of the mono'raph, readin's (hich impro#ed the final product immensely, *ri'ham !ard, !anadian -ormon historian and sociolo'ist extraordinaire , (ho read parts of the manuscript +eepin' me from ob#ious mista+es, raised important theoretical concerns, and al(ays offered much needed encoura'ement, -.J. Heisey, (ho read parts of Search  and offered incisi#e and helpful comments, 4eter 5isenstadt, reli'ious historian and intellectual polymath extraordinaire  (ho read the entire manuscript and impro#ed it immensely by pushin' me to clarify my ar'uments, lan #ens my fa#orite /oderian 3atter Day (ho +ept this %'entile) in :ion intellectually and morally ali#e and helped me to understand the ins and outs of -ormon theolo'y and doctrine, and *onita 6eddle my  bestest friend and comrade in all thin's history, social theory, and  "uffy .lbany, e( /or+, 2017i#  #a$le of Contents c+no(led'ements<<<.#introduction=   %hen Intellectuals and Academics &o Mormonism <<<.1!hapter $ne= #he 'olemics and Apolo!etics of Mormon (Otherness) <<<.27!hapter &(o=  Intellectuals* Academics* and Mormon Otherness <<<.>2!hapter &hree= #he Old Mormon Studies <<<.77!hapter ?our= #he +e Mormon Studies <<<.@A!hapter ?i#e=  Mormon Ori!ins* the +e Mormon Studies* and the +e Mormon Culture %ar  ..........11> Conclusion: 'uttin! Mormonism in Its ,nexceptional 'lace: -ereadin! Mormon Ori!ins <<<.1>B#
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