Industrial Analog Controllers

industrial analog controllers types
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  Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering Automatic Control Basic control Actions and Industrial AutomaticControllersBy: Ahmed Mohammed Kamel Sec: !o: #$  Introduction An automatic controller compares the actual value of the plant outputwith the reference input(desired value) , determines the deviation ,and produces a control signal that will reduce the deviation to zero or to a small value. The manner in theautomatic controller produces the signal is called the control action  Classification of industrial analog controllers 1.Two-position or on-off controllers2.Proportional controllers3.Integral controllers4.Proportional - plus – Integral controllers 5.Proportional - plus -derivative controllers6.Proportional - plus – Integral - plus -derivative controllers . Most industrial analog controllers use electricit or  pressuri!ed fluid suc as oil or air as power sources .#nalog controllers $a%e also classified according tot e &ind of power e$ploed in t e operation 'suc as  pneu$atic ' draulic 'or electronic controllers .T e &ind of controller to use $ust %e decided %ased on t e nature of t e plant and t e operation condition ' including suc consideration as safet ' cost 'availa%ilit 'relia%ilit ' accurac ' weig t 'and si!e.  Automatic controller ,actuator ,and sensor : ã T e controller detects t e actuating error signal w ic is usuall at a ver low power level ' and a$plifies it to a sufficientl ig level . ã T e actuator is a power device t at produces t e input to t e plant according to t e control signal so t at t e output signal will approac t e reference input signal . ã T e sensor or t e $easuring ele$ent is a device t at converts t e output varia%le into anot er suita%le varia%le 'suc as a displace$ent 'pressure or voltage t at can %e used to co$pare t e output to t e referenceinput signal . T is ele$ent is in t e pat of t e feed%ac& of t e closed loop sste$ .  


Jul 29, 2017


Jul 29, 2017
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