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Inside Rialey EDITED

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  Inside Rialey: Disaster Story Script Scene 1 Breakfast with Parents R: Morning Mom and Dad beautiful day out. What are we eating for breakfast?    Happiness: OH IT IS A WONDERFUL DAY OUT    Fear: I WOULDN’T BE SO SURE. Anything can happen it get dangerous wouldn’t say wonderful.      Happiness: OH cmon fear, theres nothing bad that will happen. TO SCHOOL WE GOO!. M: Come sit Honey We are eating pancakes, make sure to be ready for school you might get late D: Yea Railey, being late doesn’t make money look at the time its almost 6 am the heavy traffic will make you late! R: (Eats breakfast quickly) Yea Dad Ill be leaving already!! Stay safe guys. Scene 2: Classroom studying about earthquakes *Teacher shows video of earthquakes* R: What are this earthquakes? Ive never experienced one of these before.    Fear: EARTHQUAKES! OH NO THAT’S NOT GOOD! It might put Rialey in Danger!.      Anger: OH CMON FEAR DON’T BE A WUSS.    Happiness: Cmon guys earthquakes are normal we are in the pacific ring of fire.    Fear: You might be right but a big one could still happen! Teacher: Lets talk about how to be safe from Earthquakes when you feel the shaking DUCK, COVER AND HOLD. When the shaking stops go outside to an open area. R: AWWW ITS SO BORING I JUST WANNA GO HOME AND PLAY VIDEO GAMES AND WATCH MOVIES! Teacher: Class Dismissed Let us pray. Scene 3 R watches movie with parents Mom: Railey are you done with your Homeworks? Dad: Railey come down lets watch a movie! Its 2012  R: Im done with my homeworks lets watch the movie!! *They sit down and watch the movie together*    Happiness: I LOVE THIS MOVIE ITS THRILLING    Fear: I wouldn’t say thrilling this movie is waaay far from thrilling      Anger: FEAR CAN YOU NOT RUIN THE MOVIE. I AM TRYING TO ENJOY HERE *Suddenly they feel an earthquake* Mom and Dad: EARTHQUAKE OH NOO OUR VASES! Railey: WHAT DO I DO, WHAAT DO I DO    Fear: I THAT’S AN EARTHQUAKE OH NO OH NO OH NO!      Happiness: OK LETS KEEP OUR COOL    Fear: AN EARTHQUAKEEEE NOO IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!      Anger: FEAR CMON THINK YOU KNOW THIS THINK STOP PANICKING    Fear: OKOK UMM FROM WHAT I REMEMBER FROM SIR WE NEED TO DUCK COVER AND HOLD UNTIL THE SHAKING STOPS Railey: Mom and Dad get down to cover and hold on we need to duck, cover, and hold until shaking stops Mom: OKAY HONEY YOUR DAD AND I WILL STAY UNDER HERE FOR NOW R: WHAT? MOM? DAD? *shaking stops*    Happiness: FEAR THINK WHAT NOW?    Fear: UMM UMM, We need to get to open space quickly    Railey: Mom! DAD! We need to leave the house to get to open space *After earthquake * Mom: Finally home and we can relax now. Dad: That was a stressful day we might need to fix somethings R: AWW its finally good to be home again a bit broken but its HOME SWEET HOME R: MOM DAD WHAT WILL WE EAT TODAY? We need to start fixing and cleaning the house ASAP. *Looks at TV sees news*  News: THE RECENT EARTHQUAKE ATTACK HAS TAKEN A LOT OF VICTIMS 20 DEAD AND 11 INJURED WHILE 2 PARENTS WHOSE SON IS RIALEY HAS DIED IN THE EARTHQUAKE INCIDENT. R: Mom look those 2 parents died and their son has the same name as me. Huh weird. MOM?  R: DAD? HELLO? When will start fixing? R: OH THERE YOU GUYS ARE EATING ALREADY WITHOUT ME? *RIALEY LOOKED AGAIN, AND NOW SHE IS LOOKING AT TWO DOLLS SITTING ON THE TABLE* Scene 4 Rialey learns actual must dos during Typhoon *RIALEY THEN WAKES UP FROM HER DREAM!* *Crying* M: Rialey, wake up dear! Wake up! R: Mom! Mom! What a very very very bad dream! M: You need to get up now dear, you’ll run late again. It’s pouring hard!  *Watching news while having breakfast* Newscaster: All classes for all levels are suspended today due to heavy rainfall that may cause flooding. Please stay safe and be alert! R: Oh! I’m ready for school! But I’m ready to sleep again too! M: Rialey! Don’t go up yet. Let’s go to the grocery and buy some stuff. According to the news, the storm might be affecting us for 3 days. R: Okay mom, I’ll get my slippers!   D: No Railey! Get your boots or any close shoes! I don’t want you getting Leptospirosis along the way. R: Okay okay dad. I get your point. *gets her boots* R: Dad! Mom and I are leaving! Anything you want from the grocery store?! D: Just pick up the needed ones dear. First Aid, Batteries for Flashlight, Food and Water. I’m okay. R: Okay dad!   *rats along the way* R: Eww!!! M: Good thing you wore boots Rialey! Things you need to remember too are: 1.   Do not hold any wire. They may be live and might electrocute you 2.   Walk on proper side walks and visible one. Make sure youre not walking on manholes 3.   Stay dry as possible, never forget your rain coat and umbrella when going out especially these rainy months. R: YES MOM. *along the way they saw their neighbor without an umbrella running* M: And Railey, lastly, help others if you can. R: Yes mom. *Railey chasing Mr. Co* R: Hey! Mr. Co! Mr. Co! Mr. Co: Railey? R: Why don’t you have an umbrella? Mr. Co: I’m heading to the grocery and someone grabbed my umbrella while I was walking. R: Don’t worry. We are heading there too. I can share umbrella with you!   *shares umbrella with neighbor* *End*
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