Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights
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  The Basics of Intellectual Property Law The Rosetta Stone to Understand Intellectual Property by A. David Spevac! "ffice of #aval Research  If you don$t see a proble% with this &uestion! you need this class'  Types of Intellectual Property  Patents  Trade%ars  (opyri)hts  Unfair (o%petition  Trade Secrets  *ow to Ac&uire Ri)hts  Patents by Application! +,a%ination and -rant  Trade%ars  Service /ars by Use in Interstate (o%%erce! then re)istration  (opyri)ht   by writin) so%ethin) 00 perfected by declaration and re)istration  Types of IP a -eneral Practice Attorney is Liely to +ncounter   1ariants of Trade Secrets  Li%ited ri)hts in technical data  Restricted ri)hts in co%puter software  -overn%ent purpose ri)hts  special license ri)hts
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