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MMi questions interview for medical school
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  Questions directly from application: Applicant is interested in a career in dentistry and research in dentistry; looking for the academic route. Applicant wants to specialize.      What are your career aspirations?    Why do you want this path?    Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?    How do you pursue this path?    What specialty are you most interested in?    Why academia?    Why academia through dentistry, not medicine or alternative healthcare-related professions?    What challenges do you anticipate in dental research?    What is an interesting research question pertaining to dentistry?    Explain your research in layman terms.    Explain your research like you are speaking to students in grade 6.    What topics outside of your field are you interested in? Give me an example    What is the difference between dentistry and medicine?    What is the difference between research in dentistry and medicine?    What challenges do dental research-based practitioners encounter in their everyday jobs?    Why did you get a 17 in QR? 18 in PAT?    What procedures did you observe during the time you shadowed Dr. Mastropaolo?    Talk about X volunteer experience.    What did you learn from X extra curricular experience? Questions about dentistry:    What is dentistry?    Why dentistry?    What is the biggest challenge dentists face today? o   Implementing advances in dental care and continuing education    What are the specialties in dentistry?    What continuing education programs are available for general dental practitioners?    What is your most/least favorite aspect of dentistry? o   Least favorite: making difficult decisions regarding managing a clinic    What sacrifices are you expected to make as a dental student?    What is your opinion about our global outreach programs?    What is your backup plan if you don’t get   into dentistry?     What characteristics are important in a dentist? Which of your characteristics are best and worst for this career?    Who has been your greatest influence to get into dentistry?    What do you feel about the future of dentistry? Questions about NYU:    Why NYU? o   Leading institution in dental research in the world/ proven excellence clinical training/ patient diversity/ living in New York/ big class/ faculty mentorship/ program that I can see myself doing well in    What do you dislike about NYU?    Why not study in Canada?    Where else have you applied and interviewed? o   Didn’t interview anywhere else; applied everywhere      Where does NYU rank in your top 5 choices?    Why should we pick you? o   My contributions to NYU o   Through my experiences I’ve demonstrated that I  am a team-player o   I am hard working and will train to give back to the community    What is your most/least favorite thing about NYU? o      Do you know the name of the dean of the college? General interview questions:    Tell me about yourself    Tell me about a conflict you were involved in and what you did to overcome it.    Tell me about your greatest accomplishment.    Tell me about your biggest failure.    Tell me about an ethical dilemma you encountered.    Tell me about your proudest moment.    What can you tell me about yourself that is not in your application?    What are your strengths and weaknesses?    Tell me about a time you demonstrated leadership skills.    Tell me about a time you worked well in a group.    Who is your role model/hero?    What is your backup plan?    If you don’t get in, how do you make your application stronger?    How do you manage your time?    Talk about a time when you had to follow a policy you disagreed with.  o      Talk about a time when you disagreed with a person of authority and how you dealt with it.    How do you manage your time?    If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why.    What books have you read lately?    What is one thing you would change about yourself?    What makes you unique among other applicants?    What was the kindest thing that you’ve  done?    If I had to choose between you and another applicant with the same stats, why should I choose you?    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?    If there was one thing we can remember you by, what would it be?
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