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  iOS 8 –Good, Better or bad  There is a lot of buzz around the new iOS8. This year Apple is condent that new version of iOS8 is going to be better, bigger and best than rest of its competitors.et us loo! whether the new iOS will meet audience s e#pectation or not$ Reply, like and share %ith the new iOS8 the notication centre has become more interactive than before. &ow you don t have to unloc! your screen to reply to your 'aceboo! posts. (ou can directly respond to your friends from the notication centre. iOS 8 ensures that you get connected to the world instantly without wasting time. Mails and more A drop down menu has been introduced to help users add events to their calendars. Also, now you can gain access )uic!ly to your contacts with improved tas! switcher. Spotlight and Quicktype Apple has improved its Spotlight feature, which is somewhat similar to *oogle now. +This seems to be inspired from *oogle-t is said that !eyboard has been improved signicantly in the new version of iOS.'eatures li!e uic!type, i.e. predictive te#t has been introduced. This feature hasalways been on &o!ia and Android. Apple has got in a bit late to introduce it to their users. /ut, as they say, better late than never. iMessage gets better Apples i0essage which is similar to %hatsApp and other chatting apps is one of the most used features of iOS. They have improved it signicantly by adding features li!e group messaging, you can also give names to conversation thread and remove a person from thread too.Additionally you can also send a voice note and video message by using the 1Tap to Tal! feature. iCloud ri!e  The i2loud 3rive has direct integration within iOS 8.  The menu for i2loud 3rive is very conte#tual and can be accessed throughout iOS8. Apple has also revealed the it will allow developers to integrate third party apps with i2loud.  ealthkit As many of gizmo gurus were predicting that Apple might come up with an app for health frea!s. -t has come now come true with 4ealth5it. This app wor!s as a one6stop shop to record all your health information right into your device. There will be many third6party plug6ins to app Apple has gone one step ahead with iOS 8 by wor!ing closely with healthcare providers to transmit user data to their healthcare professionals. Photo Sharing &ow photo sharing becomes easier through i2loud. (ou can directly upload photos to i2loud by which all your memories are available across your Apple devices. -.e. i7ad and i7hone. Also, it is adding hosts of photo editing tools which will wor! across devices. Siri Earlier there were many debates on Siri not being very efficient and user had to click the button to talk to Siri. Now Siri has improved and you need not touch your phone to interact with Siri. Just talk to your phone and Siri will respond back to you. iOS 8 has also integrated with Shazam, the song recognition app, now you will be able to directly purchase your favourite songs from iTunes. Apple also hinted that developers would be able to integrate Siri within their apps. This will take the app experience to a whole new level. Touch ID Apple has now opened up Touch ID to app developers, which means that you don’t have to go through boring logins. All you need is your thumb to sign in and access your favourite apps without wasting time. Impressive must say! Camera For all camera lovers, Apple has introduced the instant Burst Mode. Also now users can control focus and exposure for a better picture experience. Panorama feature will also be introduced to iPad users; this is an old one copied from Android again.We will have to wait and watch whether the new iOS 8 will be able to impress or depress people. Though most of the features seemed similar to its competitors like Android and Windows, but will Apple be able to win people’s heart. Let us look at this closer to the release date of iOS8. Apple has indicated that it will reveal its new iOS to the public in ‘the Fall’, or Autumn.Some say that it will coincide its launch with the new Apple iPhone 6.
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