IRAT Operation

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  ã Transitions for IRAT ã  Advantages of having URA ã Parameters effecting Cell Selection (S-Criteria) ã Parameters effecting Cell Reselection (R-Criteria) ã Parameters effecting Handover to WCDMA ã Parameters effecting IRATHO Contents  Transitions for IRAT Cell Reselection PS PDCH PS FACH PS DCH CS TCH CS DCH Idle Idle UMTS GSM/GPRS Handover Cell Reselection Cell Change   Strategy for Connected Mode Strategy for idle Mode   Advantages of having URA Frequent LAC updates can be avoided in LAC Boundaries……WHY   In URA_PCH Mode UE wont perform LAC/RAC Update Paging Load can be reduced ….. WHY   Location of an UE is known up to URA level. Service setup time would be lower……WHY   No Admission check for RRC Setup  Parameters effecting Cell Selection (S-Criteria) Squal = Qqualmeas  –   qQualMin Srxlev = Qrxlevmeas - qRxLevMin    –  Pcompensation Qqualmeas  –  Ec/No Criteria Qrxlevmeas  –  RSCP Criteria Parameters Criteria for a healthy 3G Cell Both Should Satisfy i.e. > 0 Lets Compare with Criteria for a healthy 2G Cell C1 = RLA - ACCMIN    –  Pcompensation Srxlev = Qrxlevmeas - qRxLevMin    –  Pcompensation
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