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Islamic General Information Online Test 02 Mcqs in Urdu for Entry Test Interview Preparation

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  11/15/2014Islamic General Information Online Test 02 Mcqs in Urdu For Entry Test Interview Preparation Home Islam Islamic General Information Online Test 02 Mcqs in Urdu For Entry Test Interview Preparation Islamic General Information Online Test 02 Mcqs in Urdu For Entry Test Interview Preparation Test Name: Islamic General Information Test in Urdu Test Type:  Mcq’s Options Time:  30 Minutes Total Quiz:  25 Total Marks:   50 (2 For Each Question) Test For: Students, Job Seekers And Information Gainers Here we have provided free online tests related to Islamic information that are extremely helpful for allcandidates who are going to appear in any written test like Police test, entry test, competitive exam etc. or interview. Having the knowledge about Islam is absolutely necessary as they are often the part of a writtenexam or can be asked during an interview. Our tests include all the important questions that have extremelyhigh chances of being included in an actual exam. By attempting these online Islamic General InformationTests, candidates will be able to evaluate their current level of preparation and also highlight the areas thatrequire further improvement along with adding new information in their knowledge. It is strongly recommendedthat you attempt these tests at least twice in order to make sure that you prepare for the actual exam in thebest possible way. Helpful For: For all candidates who are going to appear in any type of written test and interviews.   Note:- Please Click Below on  START TEST BUTTON to Attempt this Test Online. And After Completing the Test Form please click on   SHOW RESULT BUTTON Below Test to see Your Grades and Results Card. You Can attempt any test more then one time for Better Preparation. Islamic General Information Online Test 02 Mcqs in Urdu For Entry Test Question of the Day  Ans Here Current Test in Pakistan  Motorway Police Jobs 2014 NTS Test Join Pakistan PAF Written Test MCQs Join Pakistan Army Written Test MCQs Join Pakistan Navy Written Test MCQs Punjab Police Jobs NTS Test (MCQs) KPK Police Constable Jobs NTS Test NAT Test 2014 Online Preparation Mcqs GAT Test 2014 Online Test MCQs  FPSC CSS Competitive Exams Test MCQs Who is Who in Pakistan 2014 Updated 1- Who is Who in Pakistan Test2- Pakistan Basic Information Test3- Who is Who Federal Ministers in Pakistan4- Who is Who in Punjab Govt.5- Who is Who in KPK Govt.6- Who is Who in Sindh Govt.7- Who is Who in Balochistan Govt.8- Who is Who in Gilgit Baltistan Govt.9- Who is Who in AJK Govt.10- Who are Chief of Armed Forces and IG Police11- Who are Chief Justices of Courts12- National symbols of Pakistan13- First in Pakistan Online Test14- Pakistan Abbreviation Test15- Largest in Pakistan Test  Search Test:   Search… Search $0.01 Web Hosting Scalable, Secure Web Hosting.Try Our Award-Winning ServiceNow! HomeClass Wise TestCSS Exam TestNTS TestEntry TestForces TestEnglish TestGeneral KnowledgeAptitude Test     P  o  r   t  a   l   M  o  r  e   A   d  s Trust Rating Not Yet Rated  11/15/2014Islamic General Information Online Test 02 Mcqs in Urdu For Entry Test Interview Preparation ؓﺎﻣﺛﻋ   ترﺿﺣؓقﯾدﺻ   رﮑﺑوﺑا   ترﺿﺣ Question was not answered6. اڑ ﺎﻧﻠﮑﻧ   ﮯﺳ   ہﻧﯾدﻣ   وﮐ   ﮯﻠﯾﺑﻗ   سﮐ   دﻌﺑ   ﮯﮐ   ردﺑ   هوزﻏ سواجرزﺧہظﯾرﻗ   وﻧﺑعﺎﻘﻧﯾﻗ   وﻧﺑ Question was not answered7. ﺎﮭﺗ   مﮐﺎﺣ   ہﮨ   رﺑا ﺎﮐ   نﻣﯾﺎﮐ   مﺎﺷﺎﮐ   مورﺎﮐ   نﺎﻧوﯾ Question was not answered8. ﮯﮨ   بﻠطﻣ   ﺎﮐ   تﻓﻼﺧ ﺎﻧرﮐ   تﻔﻟﺎﺧﻣﺎﻧرﮐ   یزﺎﺑ   نﺎﯾﺑ   فﻼﺧ   ﮯﮐ   ےرﺳودﮑﯾاﺎﻧرﮐ   تﻣوﮑﺣﺎﻧﺎﻧﺑ   ﺎﯾ   ﺎﻧوﮨ   نﯾﺷﻧﺎﺟ Question was not answered9. ہﻌﻗاو   نﯾرﺗ   مﮨا   ﺎﮐ   مﻼﺳا   ﺦﯾرﺎﺗ ردﺑ   هوزﻏدﺣا   هوزﻏناوﺿر   تﻌﯾﺑہﻧﯾدﻣ   ترﺟﮨ Question was not answered10. ﮯﺋﮔ   ﮯﻟ   فﯾرﺷﺗ   فﺋﺎط   ؐروﺿﺣ ںﯾﻣ   یوﺑﻧ   ﭻﻧﺎ ںﯾﻣ   یوﺑﻧ   سدںﯾﻣ   یرﺟﮨ   ﭻﻧﺎ ںﯾﻣ   یرﺟﮨ   سد Question was not answered11. ﯽﺋوﮨ   ںﯾﻣ   نﺳ   سﮐ   قدﻧﺧ   هوزﻏ  11/15/2014Islamic General Information Online Test 02 Mcqs in Urdu For Entry Test Interview Preparation یرﺟﮨرﺎﭼیرﺟﮨ   نﯾﺗیرﺟﮨ   ﮭﭼیرﺟﮨ   ﭻﻧﺎ Question was not answered12. ںﯾﮨر   ںﯾﻣ   تﺑﺣﺻ   ﯽﮐ   ؓوﺿﺣ   ہﺻرﻋ   ﺎﻧﺗﮐ   ؓﺷﺋﺎﻋ   ترﺿﺣ 15Year 9 Year 14Year 12Year Question was not answered13. ﺎﮭﺗ   بﮨاذﻣ   یرﺎﮐرﺳ   ﯽﺗﺳر شﺗآ ﺎﮐ   ںوﯾﻧارﯾاﺎﮐ   ںؤودﺑﺎﮐ   ںوﯾﻧﺎﻧوﯾﺎﮐ   ںوﯾﻣور Question was not answered14. ﺎﯾﮐ   ہﻠﻣﺣ   ر ہﺑﻌﮐ   ہﻧﺎﺧ ﮯﻧ   دورﻣﻧﮯﻧ   ہﮨرﺑاﮯﻧ   باذﮐ   ہﻣﻠﯾﺳﻣﮯﻧ   نوﻋرﻓ Question was not answered15. ﯽﺋوﮨ   بﮐ   دﺣا   هوزﻏ یرﺟﮨ   نﯾﺗیرﺟﮨرﺎﭼیرﺟﮨ   تﺎﺳیرﺟﮨود Question was not answered16. ﺎﯾﮔ   ارﺎﻣ   ںﯾﻣ   هوزﻏ   سﮐ   لﮩﺟ   وﺑا دﺣا   هوزﻏقدﻧﺧ   هوزﻏہﺗوﻣ   ﮓﻧﺟردﺑ   هوزﻏ Question was not answered

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Jul 24, 2017
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