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   A K GUPTA BANKERS TRAINING INSTITUTE (75, Block BG-I, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063; 09350476949;   1 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RECALLED QUESTIONS OF PREVIOUS EXAMS 1.   What is full form of NEFT: National Electronic Fund Transfer 2.   What is full form of RTGS: Real Time Gross Settlement 3.    A device that forwards data packets between computer networks creating an overlay internetwork is called: router. 4.   Technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly over a computer network or connect to the internet wirelessly using radio waves is called: wi fi. 5.    ATM : Automated teller machine. It represents anywhere, anytime banking. 6.   BCP: Business Continuity Plan 7.   In the case of network topologies, when a network consists of one central switch, hub, or computer, which acts as a conduit to transmit messages, it is called: star network. 8.    A multitasking, multi-user computer operating system initially developed in assembly language is called: Unix 9.    A software application used to locate, retrieve and also display content on the world wide web including web pages, images, video and other files is called: Browser. 10.    A concept that takes the network as a platform for information sharing, interoperability, user centered design and collaboration on the world wide web is called: web 02. (a web 2.0 site allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user generated content). 11.   Wan: Wide area network which is used for interconnecting computers at different geographical locations. 12.   When in a computer network one network protocol (the delivery protocol) encapsulates a different payload protocol, it is called: Tunnel. 13.    A computer software that provides services to software applications beyond those available from the operating system is called: Middleware. (it is not part of an operarting system, not a database management system nor part of software application). 14.   Ecs: Electronic clearing service 15.   GBM: Govt. Business module 16.   In local area network, different computers which are connected are called: work stations or nodes. 17.   In finacle, if first time login in system what is mandatory by the user: User id & password. 18.   If a employee wants to convey the message to other employee through computer, what is the media of delivery of message: e-mail 19.   In an organisation communication between the same organization, what type of system applicable: intranet. 20.   In a network where all nodes connected to one wire/cable: star topology. 21.    Audit trail purpose is - internal control. 22.   Parallel run is used in case of - initially when a system is introduced, both the old & new systems are continued simultaneously for some time. 23.   Morphing means - an animation technique in which one image is gradually turned into another image. 24.   In EXCEL, what is shortcut for reversing last command (UNDO? Ctrl+Z   25.   Insurance amount under Rupay card by NPCI is : Rs. 1.00 lac ( Rs 2 lac for premium card) 26.   What is the sbortcut for print and print preview option in computer? Ctrl+P 27.    ADSL is a new in Broad band connection, what is the expansion for ADSL? Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 28.   Which is not internet browser - iOS b. EDGE C. Firefox d. Safari e. Chrome: iOS   29.   Which is not the correct URL- a. org b. com c. gov d. edu e. web: web 30.   Where are the files organised in the computer and used? FOLDER   31.   PAYU: The payment gateway solution provider, PayU India, rebranded both its products PayU Enterprise and PayUmoney in May 2015. Now, PayUbiz focuses on enterprises whereas PayUmoney is the consumer brand of PayU India and has a wallet solution for consumers and payment acceptance solution for SMB businesses. 32.   Oxigen: PAYMENT WALLET 33.    APBS: AADHAR PAYMENT BRIDGE SYSTEM 34.   What Is Bharat QR Code?: Bharat QR Code payments transfer mechanism for cashless electronics payments. Bharat QR Code will make use of QR codes system for payments across   A K GUPTA BANKERS TRAINING INSTITUTE (75, Block BG-I, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063; 09350476949;   2 merchant outlets. QR code or Quick Response code is a two-dimensional machine-readable code that is made up of black and white squares. It is used to store URLs and other information. These can be read by the camera of a smartphone. 35.   What type of license payu and oxigen service got from RBI recently: Payment Wallet   36.   BHIM app is based on which platform: UPI 37.   UFCE full form: Unhedged Foreign currency exposure 38.   The Lucky Grahak Yojana and the Digi-Dhan Vyapar Yojana offered cash awards to consumers and merchants who utilized digital payment instruments for personal consumption expenditures. 39.   MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) for debit Card transactions for QR Code applicable for Small Merchants with turnover upto Rs. 20 lacs: 0.30%. 40.    As per RuPay Insurance Programme 2017-18, in case of their Accidental Death/Permanent Disability of Rupay card holders, what will be the amount of claim?: Rs 1 Lac for Non-Premium cards (RuPay Classic) & and Rs 2 Lac for Premium cards (RuPay Platinum). (  Benefit of Insurance will be available to the card holders who have performed minimum one successful financial or non-financial transaction* at any channel within 45 days prior to date of accident including accident date for Premium Cardholders; and within 90 days prior to date of accident including accident date for Non Premium Cardholders. The claim intimation should be made within ninety (90) days from the date of accident. 41.   Capital letter on keyboard : Caps Lock Key 42.   Complaint regarding failed ATM transaction – customer account to be credited within: 7 working days from date of complaint. 43.   The resolution of computer screen : pixel 44.    A payment network established by RBI (on recommendation of Iyer Committee) which functions within India for common data communication for banks and FIs: Banknet 45.   What is the name of window software that uses numeric data spread sheet: Ms excel 46.   Which is following is not a storage device: Printer driver 47.   Scanner scans: picture + text (Scanner is a device that scans documents and converts them into digital data) 48.   In centralized computerized environment, customer can know the balance of their account through: ATM, Mobile. 49.   Which of the following determines the speed of CPU: capacity of microprocessor 50.   Which device connects different type of network: Router 51.   The maximum amount upto which a merchant establishment is allowed to accept the payment through card is called: Floor limit 52.   Information on computer stored as : Digital data 53.   What does C – represent in MICR: Character 54.   The process of connecting to the internet: Login 55.   Connecting computers in same building: LAN 56.    A small logo which indicate in screen: ICON 57.   The electronic system that provide transmission of financial message throughout the world and is available all the times: Swift 58.    An electronic database equivalent of digital yellow page is called : Repository 59.   The committee which recommended Cheque Truncation System: Saraf committee 60.   In Information technology world ‘protocal stand for : Set of rule and regulation 61.   The hot listing of credit card refer to : list of card holder who default in payment of dues to the issuer 62.   Measurement unit of processor speed: megahertz 63.   Maximum limit for cash payment in pos in Metro Area: Rs 1000 per day. 64.   The software used by comp for booting or starting is called: Bootstrap (When the computer is powered on, it typically does not have an operating system or its loader in random-access memory (RAM). ... The small program that starts this sequence is known as a bootstrap loader, bootstrap or boot loader) 65.   Under SFMS, the confidential nature of the message is protected by way of : Encryption 66.   E-commerce : electronic commerce 67.   In computer make use of primary memory: CPU 68.   Computer stores data in which language?: Digital 69.    Application that uses spreadsheet: Ms excel 70.   …….. prevents outsider to connect with the internal system: Firewall   A K GUPTA BANKERS TRAINING INSTITUTE (75, Block BG-I, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063; 09350476949;   3 71.   Full form of Led: Light emitting diode 72.   Which of the following is a type of network - star ,loop ,mess: All of these 73.   Collection of outstation cheques in local clearing is called: Speed clearing 74.   Conversion of physical image to electronic image with reflection: Scanner 75.   Computer finger: Mouse 76.    An area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans: Artificial intelligence 77.   Digital signature are given recognition by which Act: Information Technology Act ( As per Section 5 of IT Act where law gives that information or some other matter might be validated by fastening the signature or any document ought to be signed or bear the signature of any individual then, despite anything contained in such law, such requirement should be deemed to have been fulfilled, if such information or matter is confirmed by method for electronic signatures appended in such way as might be endorsed by the Central Government. 78.   In computer technology, a coding error in a computer program is called: Bug 79.    A set of instructions or programs instructing a computer to do specific tasks and to describe computer programs is called: Software. 80.   The process of carrying out commands is called: Executing 81.   Which command is used to reach bottom of a page: CTRL + END 82.    A computer that provides data to other computers is called: Server 83.   The communication network used by banks in India is called: INFINET. 84.   Hard copy or print is: output 85.    A computer without Central Processing unit is called: Terminal. 86.    A hardware component that allows a computer or other device, such as a router or switch, to connect to the Internet by converting an analog signal from a telephone or cable wire to a digital signal that a computer can recognize is called: Modem 87.   The authority which issues Digital Signature Certificates(DSC) for electronic authentication of users is: The Certifying Authority 88.    A system for connecting a number of computer systems to form a local area network, with protocols to control the passing of information and to avoid simultaneous transmission by two or more systems: Ethernet 89.   ISP: Internet service provider 90.   One gb equals to: 1024 mega bytes 91.   Which of the following determines the speed of the computer system: capacity of the microprocessor 92.   The device that converts the digital signals to analog signals and analog signals to digital signals: Modem 93.   The signature of a customer can be captured in electronic form by: scanner 94.    A memory which is a non-volatile memory (does not lose stored data when the device is powered down) that is not directly accessible by the CPU is called: Auxiliary memory 95.   Networking of computer through: Topology 96.   Windows is a _______________ program: operating system program 97.   Which of the following is not a hardware component of a computer - A)motherboard b) monitor c) printer d) windows e) keyboard: Windows 98.   The term VSAT stands for: very small aperture terminal 99.   The frauds and other kind of crimes that happen on the internet network are called: cyber crimes 100.   The process of transformation of a message into an incomprehensible data through use of mathematical algorithms is: Encryption 101.   IDRBT stands for: Institute for development and research in banking technology 102.   The part of the computer that makes use of primary memory: Central processing unit 103.   which of the following is the biological aspect of a computer: Retina 104.   What is the name of the windows software that is used for managing text through the word processing: MS Word 105.   Under computer network security, where the monitoring is done by personal performance features such as eye-retina pattern or palm or hand geometry, it is called: Biometric security 106.    An electronic substitute for a manual signature that serves the similar function as a manual signature is called: Digital signature, 107.   The process that replaces the physical flow of cheques with electronic information or scanned image: Cheque truncation   A K GUPTA BANKERS TRAINING INSTITUTE (75, Block BG-I, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063; 09350476949;   4 108.   The computer program that ensures interface between the user and the computer hardware: Operating software 109.   Which of the following is the order in which the sorting is carried out in MICR system : A city, bank, branch, 110.   The device or computer set up which coordinate all other computer into network : server COMPUTER TERMINOLOGY  ATM:  Automated Teller Machine SWIFT:  Society for worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication SFMS:  Structured Financial Messaging System OLTAS:  Online Tax Accounting System CBS:  Centralized/ core Banking Solution PIN:  Personal Identification Number LAN:  Local Area Network (used in the same building) MAN:  Metropolitan Area Network (used in the same city) WAN:  Wide Area Network (used in different locations) IDRBT:  Institute for development & Research in Banking Technology Banknet:  Payment System Network established by RBI NICNET:  National Informatics Centre Network (currency chest operation) WWW:  World Wide Web HTTP:  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol URL:  Uniform Resource Locator  VSAT:  Very Small Aperture terminal Firewall:  Software program that restricts unauthorized access to data and acts as a security to private network. Booting:  Activating or starting of a computer Hard Disk:  A device for storage of data fitted in the processor itself Modem:  Modulator & Demodulator: A device used for converting digital signals to analog signals & vice- versa Encryption:  Changing the data into coded form Decryption:  Process of decoding the data  Virus:  Vital Information Resources under Seize: Software program that slows down the working of a computer or damages the data. Main source of virus is internet (other sources are pen drive, Floppy or CD)  Vaccine:  Anti Virus Software program used for preventing entry of virus or repairing the same Digital Sign:  Authentication of electronic records by a subscriber by means of electronic method or procedure Key used:  For digital signatures, there is a pair of keys, private key & public key RTGS:  Real time Gross Settlement ECS:  Credit: Single debited, multiple accounts credited ECS:  Debit: Single account credited, multiple accounts debited Hacking:  Knowingly concealing, destroying, altering any computer code used for computer network  Address:  The location of a file. You can use addresses to find files on the Internet and your computer. Internet addresses are also known as URLs. BHIM : Bharat Interface for Money  VPA:  Virtual Payment Address MDR:  Merchant Discount Rate IMPS: Immediate Payment Service  UPI: Unified Payment Interface QR Code : Quick Response Code NPCI: National Payment Corporation of India PPI: Prepaid Instruments  EMI: Equated Monthly Installments  IMT: Instant Money Transfer  AEPS : Adhar Enabled Payment System  
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