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Jaguar Recovery Plan Final

Jaguar Recovery Plan Final
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  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Jaguar Recovery Plan  Final July 2018    This page intentionally left blank    This page intentionally left blank  JAGUAR RECOVERY PLAN JULY 2018 i DISCLAIMER The Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA), as amended (16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.), requires the development of recovery plans for listed species, unless such a plan would not promote the conservation of a particular species. In accordance with section 4(f)(1) of the ESA and to the maximum extent practicable, recovery plans delineate actions which the best available science indicates are required to recover and protect listed species. Plans are published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and are sometimes prepared with the assistance of recovery teams, contractors, state agencies, and others. Objectives will be attained and any necessary funds made available subject to budgetary and other constraints affecting the parties involved, as well as the need to address other priorities. Nothing in this plan should be construed as a commitment or requirement that any Federal agency obligate or pay funds in contravention of the Anti-Deficiency Act, 31 U.S.C. 1341, or any other law or regulation. Recovery plans do not necessarily represent the views or the official positions or approval of any individuals or agencies involved in the plan formulation, other than the USFWS. They represent the official  position of USFWS only after they have been signed by the Regional Director. Approved recovery plans are subject to modification as dictated by new information, changes in species status, and the completion of recovery actions. Please check for updates or revisions at the website below before using. The jaguar ( Panthera onca ) is listed throughout its range including 19 countries. The United States (U.S.) contains only a small proportion of the jaguar’s range and habitat. Recovery of endangered species is the fundamental goal of the ESA. However, the USFWS has limited resources and little authority to address the major threats to the jaguar’s recovery (killing and habitat destruction) outside the U.S. Also, our knowledge regarding the status of the species in much of its range is limited, and we lack the resources and authority to coordinate large scale international research and recovery for the entire species. Primary on-the-ground conservation actions to recover the jaguar will occur outside of the U.S.   However, we have an established relationship with Mexico to address a number of issues of mutual concern, including managing cross-border populations of rare and endangered species. The USFWS’s limited resources are  better applied to planning and on-the-ground implementation of conservation actions within the  boundaries of the U.S. and in partnership with adjacent Mexico. Therefore, while we include two recovery units that cover the entire species’ range   (see Figures 1 and 2), we focused this plan on a recovery unit (i.e., the Northwestern Recovery Unit) that includes the U.S. and northwestern and western Mexico. We include objective and measurable recovery criteria, site-specific management actions, and estimates of the time and cost to recovery for this recovery unit. For the larger recovery unit (i.e., the Pan American Recovery Unit), we also developed these same ESA recovery plan requirements to the maximum extent practicable. However, we developed these plan requirements in a more general manner for the larger recovery unit, when compared to those for the smaller recovery unit, due to our limited resources and authorities to coordinate in 17 range countries outside of the U.S. and Mexico. As additional information on jaguars  becomes available rangewide, the Recovery Plan may need to be refined in the future.
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