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Bending moment
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    Faculty : Civil Engineering And Environment Engineering Page 01 Department : Structure And Material Engineering Edition 2 Checking No Title : BENDING MOMENT IN A BEAM Effective Date Amendment Date INTRODUCTION A structural member which is long when compared with its lateral dimensions, subjected to transverse forces so applied as to induce bending of the member in axial plane and it is called  beam. Bending moment is the algebraic sum of the moment of the forces to the left or to the right of the section taken about the section. 1.0 OBJECTIVE   1.0   To examine how bending moment varies with an increasing point load 1.1   To examine how bending moment varies at the cut position of the beam for various loading condition   2.0   LEARNING OUTCOME 2.0   To application the engineering knowledge in practical application 2.1   To enhance technical competency in structural engineering through laboratory application 2.2   To communicate effectively in group 2.4  To identify problem, solving and finding out appropriate solution through laboratory application    3.0   THEORY W R  A a   ‘cut’   R  B  C L Moment at the cut section, M c  = Wa (L-a) . . . equation 1 L PART 2 : Use the statement: “ The bending moment at the ‘ cut ‘ is equal to the algebraic sum of the moment of force acting to the left or to the right of the cut “  4.0   PROCEDURE PART 1 1.   Digital Force Display meter read was reads zero with no load.  2.   A hanger with mass 100g was placed to the left of the ‘cut’. Digital Force Display data was recorded into the table 1. The work was repeated using any masses between 200g and 500g.  3.   Mass that changed into a load in Newton ( multiply by 9.81 ) and the force reading into a  bending moment (Nm) and used the following expression :  Bending moment at a cut (Nm) = Displayed Force x 0.125 4.   Theoretical bending moment was calculated in fill into the table 1.  PART 2   1.   Digital Force Display with meter zero with no load was checked.  2.   Beam with the hangers in any positions and loads as example in Figure 2, Figure 3 and Figure 4 was carefully load and complete the table 2.  3.   The force reading was into bending moment (Nm) using :  Bending moment at a cut (Nm) = Displayed Force x 0.125    4.   Support reaction (R  A and R  B ) and theoretical bending moment at the cut was calculated.   Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3    5.0   RESULT Mass (g) Load (N) Force (N) Experimental Bending Moment (Nm) Theoretical Bending Moment (Nm) 0 0 0 0 0 100 0.981 0.7 0.088 0.107 200 1.962 1.4 0.175 0.214 300 2.943 2.0 0.250 0.321 400 3.984 2.6 0.325 0.428 500 4.905 3.1 0.388 0.535 Table 1  No W 1 (N) W 2 (N) Force (N) Experimental Bending Moment (N) R  A (N) R  B (N) Theoretical Bending Moment 2 400 0 -1.4 -0.175 1.962 1.962 0.432 3 400 100 2.6 0.350 2.363 2.542 0.520 4 400 100 2.7 0.338 1.873 3.032 0.464 Table 2
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