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  MATLAB Training Workshop-2016 atKarachi Institute of Power Engineering MAT rix LAB oratory Getting Familiar FahadWallam  11.07.2019FahadWallamMATLAB Workshop  – KINPOE Presentation Outline  Introduction to MATLAB  MATLAB Environment  Matrix IOs   Variables, Numbers and Operators  Matrix Operations  Plotting with MATLAB  MATLAB Structures  Hands-on Activity 2  11.07.2019FahadWallamMATLAB Workshop  – KINPOE What is Matlab?   A high-level language with interactive environment for  algorithm development  data visualization  data analysis and  numeric computation  Originally designed for solving linear algebra type problems using matrices  Performs faster computing than traditional programming languages; especially those involving matrix and vector manipulation 3  Assembly High Level languages such as C, Fortran, Pascal etc. MATLAB  11.07.2019FahadWallamMATLAB Workshop  – KINPOE  Application Areas  Signal processing  Image processing  Communications  Control design, test and measurement  Financial modeling and analysis  Computational biology  Many others 4
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