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  IntroductionScholarship Program is a support given by school or otherorganizations to pay for the expenses of a person who studies andhas shown excellence in academic or athletic aspects.Scholarships are no longer just a bonus. They’re crucial forbridging the gap between the increasing cost of tuition and whatyou and your family can afford to pay out of pocket. Ascholarship is not only given for the people who need financialaid, it is also given to students who have academic excellenceand an athletic ability. Scholarship is important to every student who encountersfinancial problems. Nowadays, students are facing differentproblems in everyday living, like being stressed in project,reporting, group activity and more. But some students experiencefinancial problems that can affect their studies. Because ofthat, scholarship programs are established that can help studentslessen their expenses and to become a successful person in thefuture.This open scholarship program support individuals who arepassionate about improving their knowledge and to sustain a deepunderstanding off their abilities such as academic skills,talents, extra composition activities. The concern is to raiseand to improve the financial needs for each family of thestudents. This is the help benefits that our government gives tothe students who can’t afford or have an insufficient amount ofmoney to the tuition fee of their school or university. But there are some cases that having scholarship might affectstudents time management, due to concentration to his/herstudies. Also joining to any extracurricular activities causedstudents to be more vigorous that affects his/her personal time.This study addressed the importance of the government scholarshipfor senior high school students in Core Gateway College Inc. Giving scholarship in moral support for a students in secondarylevel or a senior high school. It is important to have a government that can be student anticipation.Education is one of the most important things in life thatan individual must have. As defined, it is the knowledge and  development resulting from an educational process (Merriam-Webster, 2017).Additionally, it as often as possible happensunder the direction of others, yet may likewise be self-teaching. Any experience that formatively affects the wayone think, feels, or acts might be viewed as instructive.That is the reason why, the Philippine government assigns thehighest budgetary priority (Article XIV sec. 5 of the 1987Philippine Constitution) to provide accessible education to all.Through education and hard work, success is made possible.Performance is how well or badly something is done. Its relevancestand out because of the significance it holds to the society. Inthe educational parlance, performance manifests through academicachievement, which is the manifestation of a student’s habit ofstudy and they in turn are formed and strengthened througheducation. The development of good study habits is equallyrelative and helpful not only in academic work but in careeractualization. And because this interrelationship cannot beoverlooked, the academic achievement and study habit of thestudent to a large extent culminates into shaping an individualdestiny. The general belief is that students who exercise goodstudy habits are likely to excel than those with poor studyhabits. According to Sharma (2005, p.67)”.“Study defined as the regular tendency and practice that onedepicts during the process of gaining information throughlearning. Indeed, establishing a proper and efficient study habitwill make one’s high school life meaningful and challenging.This study addressed the increasing importance of the student’sacademic achievement measured by the test scores, throughexamining study habits of students in its relation. Byencouraging proper study habits through the use of both theinternet and their peers, students can practice these habits in acomfortable and engaging atmosphere thus improving theirefficiency in learning and allowing for the development ofacademically excellent students. It is important to know therelationship between a good study habit and its respectiveacademic performance to provide some recommendation on how toimprove one’s performance  Statement of the problems In the figure shows above, the researchers’ paradigm wants to know the importance of the scholarship in senior high school students and the benefits of scholarship and academic performancein senior high school students in CGCI. In this study discuss theeffect of scholarship in CGCI. The study aimed to describe the government scholarship and the academic performance of the seniorhigh school students in CGCI.Specifically, this study aims to answer the following questions:1.How may the socio-demographic of the respondents be described in terms of 1.1 name1.2 age1.3 gender1.4 strand1.5 year level2. What are the benefits of scholarship in senior high school students2.1 Educational benefits 2.3 Financial benefits2.4 Personal benefits2.5 Family benefits3. What is the importance of scholarship in senior high school students in CGCI.  “GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP AND THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN CORE GATEWAY COLLEGE INC. (CGCI)” Part I: Demographic Profile Name(optional):Age:Gender:Strand/Year level: ___________ Part II: Scholarship in senior high school studentsEducational Benefit1234 1.Scholarships helps me in empowering my academics by removing the financial barriers.2.Scholarship helps you to give more time to study, gained knowledge and secure a better grades3.Scholarships helps me to visualize your course for college4.Scholarship (that you have ) can support me also in studying on college5.Scholarship help me to become more flexible in works likelaboratories and Lectures CORE GATEWAY COLLEGE INC. Business Education Program Directons:Pu a check ( / ) ha corresponds o your answer in every par of he queston. Rank your answer from 1-4, 4 ( Never ), 3 ( seldom ), 2( Sometmes ), and 1 (Oen ) o know he benes of?
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