Leibniz. the Leibniz-Arnauld Correpondence

Leibniz. the Leibniz-Arnauld Correpondence
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  T LEI'BNIZ-ARNA ULD  ORRESPON EN E EDITED ANDTRANSLATED BY l L T 1\1ASON Reader in French, Ulliversi y   Reading \VITHAN INTRODUCTION BY G H.R.PARKINSON SeniorLecturerinPhilosophy,Uniuersi y   Reading /41- SI \bl £ \1 gt~ ) q Z  .~; b  ~N cHESTER UNIVERSITY PRESSBARNES   NOBLE,NEWYORK.   I. l I I i 1   i l  I  i I I I I I 1 l 1 , i - : J 1· t I i i   } .~. . ------~..-..-----_ ,.,.,If ~P_Q   ,   I P .   :3 '_ XIl\' l_ J lIIe   IIP,I,~ _ J 8 4  lll l _~_.P '.IIII ll;. rllllII444 ~-Q$ llII( D 1Il IIl __ A   a .f~ _    L¥ .. - JOb. Aij§ V MYkSAiA.{J£4Mt XCZ SS  la iii SUEM ZtJ g,tH. Ageneralsurvey of the correspondence   2. The summary of the Discourse on Metaphysics and - the letters of Marchand April1686 xv 3. The letters of May andJuly 1686 XiX 4. The letters of September and Novemberr686, andofMarchand April1687xxvi5. The letters of August and October 1687xxxi6. The place of the Discourse o Metaphysics and the . correspondencewith Arnauld in Leibnjz s thought xxxix p ~~ Vll ix TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ABBREVIATIONSTRANSLATOR S NOTE T1-IE CORRESPONDENCE I. Leibnizto theLandgraveErnstvon Hessen-.Rheinfels. 1 1 I February 16863 II. Arnauld to the LandgraveErnstvon Hessen-Rheinfels. 13 March 1686.   III. Leibnizto the Landgrave. 12 April 1686 II   IV. Leibnizto the Landgrave. 12 April168618.V.Lcibniz tothe Landgrave. 5/15 Aprilr686 22 VI. Arnauldto Leibniz.13 May 168624 VII. Arnauld to the Landgrave. 13 :t\lay 168635 VIII.The Landgraveto Lcibniz.21/31 May 168638 IX. Leibniz>s  RemarksuponM. Arnauld)s letter 39 v L  ~ :   £ w ft © 19 67 MANCHESTERUNIVERSITYPRESS  ll ri ts reserved Published by the University at THE UNIVERSITY PRESS 3 16 -3 2 4Oxford  oa~ Manchester J3 First published intheUnited States 19 67 BARNES   NOBLE INC. 105 FifthAvenue, New York, N. Y. 1 3 Printed in GreatBritain by Butler   TannerLtd. ,FromelindLondon  TABLE OF CONTENTS   J : r  _ _~   .. .~j ..   ' ' l' '5 ~a,~Wj tll(l(~\:lI a I 4~_ ~.~ N, A;I'IIIl'i ,lJ 'Ij IIlAI .  ',Gil.-_RnxSrI§ JllClJlt_nIllUIII ,,;.wRU I. l.X tlUlliIlll JZ~(I.t  _ . II. .; .kllll- ~ . 1I 41l1 _III   ; 4 11  8 5111) . ;-; 9- .  ;~C..4 g~   ~ .... Vll Gotifried WilhelmLeihniz: Samtliche Scllriftell u Briefe (Darmstadt and Berlin,1923-). References arc toseries and volunlc. C.  tv Leibniz:  Olifessio Philosophi cd. by Y.  Paris, Ig6I). Opuscules etFragments inedits de Leibniz cd. by L. Couturat(Paris, 1903).  orrespondance Leihniz Clarke ed. by A. Robinet  Paris, 1957). Clarkes translation  17 17) is contained in Loemker, pp. 1095 ff. and has beenpublishedseparately by H. G.Alexander (Man- chester,1956).References by paper and section)aretoLeibniz spapers. La Logique de Leibniz by L. Couturat  Paris, Igor). Discours de Metaphysique ed. byH. Lestienne 2ndcd.,Paris,1952). See also  Lucas andGrint .) GotifriedWilhelm von Leibniz byKuna Fischer, 5th ed.,revised by W. Kabitz  Heidelberg, Ig20).  - Leibniz et Spinoza by G   Friedmann  Paris,1946). Die philosopltischen Schriften von Gotifried Wilhelm Leihniz ed. by C. 1. Gerhardt, 7voIs.  Berlin, 1875-90). Leibnizens mathematisclte Scllriften ed. by C. I. Gerhardt,7 vols.  Berlin and I-Iallc,1849-63). ABBREVIATIONS Bclaval C A to ClarkeCouturat, Logique DM Fischer-Kabitz Friedmann G GM 9   75 77  2 139 14   143 16 3 16 5 166 16 9 INDEX OF NAMESINDEX OF SUBJECTS   X. Leibnizto Arnauld. 4 1 4 July 1686 .. f. XI. Leibnizto Arnauld. 4/X4July 1686 XII. Leibniz tothe Landgrave. 14July 1686 XIII. I   eibnizto the Landgrave. 2 12 August 1686 XIV . .A~nallld to Lcihlli~. 28 Septcmber I G XV. The Landgrave to Lcibniz. 21/:P  }ctobcr 1686 XVI. Draft of a letter from Leibnizto Arnauld -+ XVII. Leibniz to Arnauld. ·28 Novcmber/8  ecem e~ 1686 XVIII. Leibnizto the Landgrave. 28 November/8 December 1686 XIX. Arnauld toLeibniz.4 March 1687   XX. Leibniz to Arnauld.30 April1687 - XXI. Leibnizto Arnauld. 22 JUlY I August1687 XXII. Arnauldto Leibniz. 28 August1687 XXIII. Arnauld to the Landgrave. 31 August 1687 XXIV. The Landgraveto Leibniz. II Septelnber 168 7 XXV. Leibniz to theLandgrave   XXVI. Leibniz to Arnauld. 9 October 1687 Appendix I to Letter XXVI . Appendix   to Letter XXVI  XXYII. Leibnizto Arnauld. 4/14January 1638 ; XXVIII. Leibnizto Arnauld. 23 March 1690  Grua qrua Jurisprudence ]agodinsky  , LeRoy Lewis Loemker LR. Lucas and Grint 110n. PNG.PrenantRivaud ABBREVIATIONS ·C. W.Leibniz: Textesilzedits, cd. by G. Grua (Paris,1948 ). Jurisprudence univeTselle et Tlzeodietfe selon  eibniz by G. Grua (Paris,1953)· Leibnitiana: Elementapllilosophiae arconae de summa rerum, cd. by L J agodinsky  Kazan, 1913). Leibniz: Discours de lv ito Jhysique d Correspondallceavec Amauld ed.byG. Le Roy (Paris, J 957). Letlres de Leib;zi::;   Arnauld d apresun manuscritiiledit, ed. by G. Lewis (Paris,  9 2  . Gottfried Wilhelm Leibni;:;: Philosophical Papers and  ett~rs cd. and trans. by L.E.Loemker (Chicago, 195 6). Logic and Reality inLeibniz s Aleta- physics, byG.H.R. Parkinson(Oxford,1965). Leibniz: Discourse on Ivletaplrysics, trans. byP.G. ,Lucas and L. Grint Man- chester, 1953).(Based on the Lestienne edition). Principes de laphilosophic ou Alonadologie, ed. by A. Robinet (Paris,1954)· Pritlci pes de la Nature et de La Grace, cd. byA. Robinet (in thesame volumeas the Monadologie).   G.  lV Leibniz: Oeuvres C zeisics, L. Prcnan t (Paris)1940).   Rivaud, review of Jagodinsky in Revue de Melaphysique et de jllorale, 19   4. viii --- ':l;: I J _ n~~·t:;:4 TRANSLATOR SNOTE The tran~lator of the Leibniz-Arnauldcorrespondenceis faced  ;.\ ith atextualproblem.Leibnizintendedtopublish the correspondence, and to this end revised his own copy,whichtherc-f(lrediffers in somerespectsfromthelettersthai:· Arnauld received. The problem, then, is whether thecor- respondence is tobe translated in is srcinal or in its revisedstate. translated belowis the text of the correspondence as Leibniz left it that is, the text on which hewould have.based any published edition. Leibniz scopy is the basis of the edition of the correspondencepublished by C. 1.   Gerhardt in I879,as part of Vol. II of Die plzilosoplzisclztn Schriften von GotifriedWilhelm Leihlliz, and the translation has been made £l·om· this edition; the letters thatArnauld received are referred to only in so far as theymake it possible to.correctmisreadings in the Gerhard t text, or to repair omissions that affect the ·sense. To this end,reference has been made to Leibniz: Discours de Metaphysique et Correspon- danceavec Anzauld, ed. by G. LeRoy (Paris)1957), which presents the letters as they were received. Gratefulacknowledgement is made to the publishers of thisedition, Messrs.Vrin, forpermission to u~e Professor Le Roy s text forthispurpose.Alldepartures from Gerhardt s text have beenin dicated in footnotes. In the conflict which frequently occurs between accuracy and elegance, the former is alwaysgiven priority; an attempt has been made toconveyLeibniz sstyle and even punctua. tion asfaithfullyasis consonantwith thedemands of clarity. Internal consistencyhas been sought as far aspossible. Where thetranslation is indanger of rendering a Leibnizian termambiguously, the srcinal word or phraseisfootnoted. Esprit has beenthroughouttranslatedas  mind , except   one or twospecialinstances whereagain afootnotehas been IX
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