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  Lesson Plan Language Art - story Day/Date: Tuesday / 6 August 2013 Time/Duration: 10.30 am  –  11.30 noon  Year 4 Enrolment: 6 / 6 Units/Themes/Topics: World of stories The Legend of Mahsuri Content Standards: 4.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to express personel response to literary texts. 4.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to plan, organize and produce creative works for enjoyment. Learning Standards: 4.2.1 Able to respond to literary texts: a) characters b) place and time c) values with guidance 43.2 Able to plan, prepare and participate in a performance with guidance based on literary works. Learning Objectives: By the end of lesson, pupils should be able to : 1. Recall the story of Mahsuri. 2. Identify the characters in the story. 3. Fill up the dialogue bubbles based on pupils’ imagination.  4. Identify at least three adjectives based on given character. 5. Create a book mark based on creativity. CCE Generating Ideas, Identifying Moral Value: Paying attention, cooperation Teaching Resources/Aids: 1. Laptop 2. Power point slide 3. Manila Card 4. Worksheet Prior Knowledge/Skills: 1. Pupils heard and learned the story before.  Steps Teaching Strategy Language Content Notes Set Induction (5 Min) 1. Teacher shows some pictures of Mahsuri story using power point slide. 2. Pupils relate the pictures to the story that they learn in previous lesson. 3. Pupils participate in the discussion of the story. T: Good morning, class. How are you, class? S: Good morning, teacher. We are fine, thank you teacher. T: Ok, fine class. Today, teacher going to show you some pictures. I want you identify the topic that we are going to learn today by looking at the pictures. Is it ok, class? S:( After watching) Yes, teacher. It is a story of Mahsuri. T: What do you know about Mahsuri? S1: She is beautiful. S2: She lives in the village. S3: She is famous in Pulau Langkawi. T: very good, class. T.Materials: 1. Power point CCE: Generating ideas LO 1  Appendix 1 Presentation (15 Min) 1. Teacher retell the story. 2. Pupils identify the characters in the story. 3. Teacher shows them a watch which is made by manila card. 4. Teacher explains them how to do this watch. 5.Teacher gives each of them the pictures of characters in the story. 6. Pupils make the watch using manila card and picture of the character given to them and name the character. T: Now, listen to the story and identify the characters in this story. S: Mahsuri, Mahura, Datuk Kerma Jaya, Mat Deris……  T: Well done, my dear children. Now, we are going to make a watch. (Teacher shows pupils the step of making watch and guide the pupils to make their watch) T.Materials: 1. Manila Card 2. Colour Pencils 3. Pictures 4. Scissors CCE: Identifying LO 2  Appendix 2  Steps Teaching Strategy Language Content Notes Practise (10Min) Who am I ? 1. Teacher gives instruction of ‘Who am I?’ game.  2. Pupils sit in circle in order to play magical box. 3. While the music stop, the pupils pick one card from the magical box. 4. He or she will read the sentences from the card. 5. Other students will identify the character based on description. T: Now, we are going to play a game. It is called ‘Who am I?’   S: Hurray…  T: Ok Class, when the music stop, you need to pick a card and read it out to the class. Then, the others need to identify the character based on that. S: Ok, teacher. (Pupils start to play the game with teacher’s guidance) T.Materials: 1. Box 2. Radio CCE: Identifying LO 3  Appendix 3 Production (25 Min)  Activity 1  –  Bubbles 1. Teacher distributes the Worksheet (pictures and speech bubbles) to pupils. 2. Pupils need to fill the dialogue based on the situation given. 3. Pupils present their work to the class.  Activity 2  –  Adjectives tree 1. Teacher display two tree on board with different character. 2. Teacher also display some adjectives cards at the side of the board. 3. Pupils choose and paste the correct adjectives to the particular character. 4. Discuss the answer together. T: Class, can you recall the dialogue in this story? S: Yes, teacher. T: Fine, now teacher will distribute the worksheet. I want you all to fill in the bubbles with the suitable dialogue. S: OK, teacher. T: Class, now look at this tree and the mango there. S: Yes, teacher. T: I want you describe Mahsuri and Mahura with suitable adjectives. S: OK, teacher. T.Materials: 1. Worksheet CCE: Generating Ideas  Appendix 4 T.Materials: 1. Polysterine Tree 2. Word card CCE: Generating Ideas LO 4  Appendix 5  Steps Teaching Strategy Language Content Notes  Activity 3  – Book Mark. 1. Pupils discuss about the moral values in the story. 2. Teacher distributes empty book mark to pupils. 3. Pupils fill the book mark with one of the moral values that they learn from the story. T: Now, tell me what you learn from this story? S1:Don’t torture anyone. S2: Have to trust someone. S3: Always be a good person. S4: Help people when in need. T: Teacher will give you this book marker. I want you write one of the moral values and decorate it. S: Ok, teacher. T.Materials: 1. Manila card (book mark) CCE: Generating Ideas LO 5  Appendix 6 Closure (5 Min) 1. Teacher asks pupils to show their book mark. 2. Teacher call the pupils in random to read the moral values that they wrote in their book mark. 3. Teacher end the lesson by stressing on moral values of the story. T: Class, show your book mark to your friends. S: Here is mine, friend. T: Now, read the moral values. S1: Be good to everyone ….  T: We must do good things to others. Ok, Thank you, class. We will meet soon. S: Thank you, teacher. T.Materials: 1. Manila card (book mark) (PUNGKODI A/P THIAGARAJAH)

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Jul 25, 2017
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