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Lesson Plan for English Language
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  Lesson Plan 1 Time : 60 minutes  No. of students : 30-35 Level of proficiency : Intermediate to Advanced Topic : Picture Essay Writing General objective : To enable students to write simple descriptive essay based on given clues Specific objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: 1. Understand the flow for the essay based on the essay 2. Understand between the Introduction, Body and Conclusion 3. Scan picture(s) and make up simple sentences. Skills involved : 1. Scanning for information 2. Writing Content : 1. Whole-class discussion 2. Pair-work 3. Group discussion 4. Individual work Teaching Aids : 1. Manila Cards 2. Textbook. Stage/Time Content Presentation/Rationale  Set Induction 15 minutes Whole-class discussion 1.   Teacher prepares pictures of a story. 2.   Teacher asked the students what is described in the given  pictures 3.   Teacher gets students to talk about their ideas. 4.   Teacher takes out the answer(s) in Manila Card. Rationale To introduce the lesson. Development Stage 1 20 minutes Whole Class Reading 1.   Teacher read the essay in the textbook followed by the students. 2.   Teacher asks for volunteers to answer the question. 3.   Students respond    Teacher repeat the exercise  based on what is stated in the textbook Rationale Students look up for information from the given picture and text Stage 3 20 minutes Individual-work Material: Question paper 1.   Teacher give question papers. 2.   Teacher rotate among class to identify weak students. 3.   Teacher assist student. Rationale Test student’s understandings. Closure 5 minutes 1.   Students are instructed to hand-in their written work. 2.   Teacher goes through the day ’ s lesson.  Name :_________________________________ Class :_________________________________ Question :  Fill up the blanks with the correct answer. 1.   ALI 2.   PARK 3.   FELL 4.   AHMAD 5.   ALI 6.   SHAKE 7.   FORGIVES 8.   FRIENDS 9.   ALI One day, Cikgu Abu is walking in the Park. Cikgu Abu sees Ahmad and Ali at the  _________. Ahmad and _______ is quarrelling. Ahmad do not want to be ________with Ali anymore . Ahmad pushes ____________. Ali ________ down.Cikgu Abu ran to ______ and Ali. Cikgu Abu asks Ahmad to apologize to ________. Ali __________Ahmad. They  ________ hands. Cikgu Abu is happy.
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