Lesson Plan 1-Listening and Speaking

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  DATE 9 th  April 2014 SUBJECT English Language TIME 11.20 am- 12.20 pm CLASS 1 Al-Khawarizmi NO OF PUPILS 37 pupils LEVEL OF PUPILS Mixed ability THEME World of self, family and friends TOPIC Meet my family FOCUSED SKILL Listening and speaking skills INTEGRATED SKILL(S) Reading skills LEARNING STANDARD(S) By the end of the 6 years primary schooling, pupils should be; 1.1.1 Able to listen to, say aloud and recite rhymes or sing with guidance 1.1.4 able to talk about stimulus with guidance 2.2.3 read and understand sentences (3.5words) in linear and non-linear text with guindance DOCUMENT STANDARD PERFORMANCE (DSP) - CCE/EDUCATIONAL EMPHASES Contextual learning and constructivism HABITS OF MIND (HOM) Mastery learning GRAMMAR VOCABULARY Simple present tense VOCABULARY Father, mother, sister and brother  AVA Picture cards, mahjong papers and worksheets MORAL VALUES Love for family PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE Pupils are able to talk about how to wash their hands (personal hygiene) GENERAL OBJECTIVES AT the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to listen to, say aloud and talk about their family members with guidance. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: (a) Talk about the stimulus (pictures) (b) Talk about their family members with the guidance (c) Identify which one is father, mother, sister and brother based on the stimulus (pictures) given.  STAGES CONTENT TEACHING AND LEARNING ACTIVITIES REMARKS SET INDUCTION   Wh questions 1. Teacher introduces her family portraits to pupils using picture cards. 2. Teacher asks pupils about their family members. 3. Teacher introduces a poem about family.   Rationale: -  Provides stimulus for the pupils to talk about -  Relate to their daily life (family)   AVA:Mahjong papers with poem and picture cards   HOM: -   EE: Contextual learning   MV: - PRESENTATION   Poem title: ‘Meet my Family”  1. Teacher reads the poem as a whole. 2. Teacher reads line by line follow the pupils. 3. Pupils read the poem stanza by stanza guided by teacher. 4. Pupils read the poem with teacher. 5. Teacher introduces the family members’ word cards:     Father   Mother   Sister   Brother 6. By using picture cards teacher guides pupils to identify the family members.   Rationale: -  Introduces the poem -  Drilling in reading so that they can pronounce the words clearly and correctly.   AVA: word and picture cards. Practice   Mix and match the words with pictures   Guided writing 1. Teacher takes off the word cards and reorganised the pictures. 2. Teacher asks pupils to identify which picture cards belong to which word cards. 3. On the board, teacher creates a framework on how to   Rationale: -   Train pupils’ memorization -  Allow pupils to talk about their family -  Act as a  introduce oneself and one’s siblings. guide   AVA: word and picture cards.   HOM: - Production 1. Teacher explains how the framework works. 2. Pupils take out their exercise books and write the framework. 3. Upon completion, teacher requests for volunteers to talk about their family members based on what they have written in their exercise book. 4. Then, teacher asks representative from each group to talk about their family members.   Rationale: -  Making sentences through framework.   AVA: book   EE: Mastery learning   MV: Love CLOSURE   Worksheets   (task  – based learning)   Drilling 1. Before teacher ends the lesson by giving out worksheets that need to be done at home (complete draw of their family members)/ 2. At the end, pupils re-read the poem with teacher’s guidance     Rationale : reinforcement   AVA: work sheets   EE: Mastery learning My name is ______________. I have ______ brother and _______ sister.
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