Lesson Plan 1, Model Unit 12, Reading

Lesson Plan – Grade 10 LESSON PLAN 1 Textbook : Tieng Anh 10 (Basic) Period: Date: February, 2 th 2011 ! ass: 10B ! assroo#: 22 $nit 12% &usic 'eading Teacher in charge: Pha# (uan !ong I. Objectives: By the end o) this esson, students *i be ab e to: + gain #ore kno* edge about so#e kinds o) #usic + ta k *ith their )riends about the to,ic o) #usic II. Teaching Aids: textbook, handout, ,ro-ector III. Anticipated problems + There *ou d be #any *ords that .s do not understand + .o#e .s *on/t un
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   Lesson Plan – Grade 10 LESSON PLAN 1 Textbook : Tieng Anh 10 (Basic)Period:Date: February, 2 th  2011! ass: 10B! assroo#: 22$nit 12% &usic'eadingTeacher in charge:Pha# uan !ong I. Objectives:  By the end o this esson, students *i be ab e to:+gain #ore kno* edge about so#e kinds o #usic+ta k *ith their riends about the toic o #usic II. Teaching Aids:  textbook, handout, ro-ector  III. Anticipated problems +There *ou d be #any *ords that .s do not understand+.o#e .s *on/t understand *hen T gies instructions in ng ish  Soltions: +T teach so#e ne* ocabu ary and instructs .s to guess the #eaning o other ne**ords based on the contexts%+T gies instructions as c ear y as ossib e and checks understanding careu y or T #ayuse ietna#ese to c ariy the instructions% Teacher in-charge: Pham Xuan Cong    Lesson Plan – Grade 10 I!. Procedres:Stages TimeTeacher#s Activities$or% arrangements$arm & p 5 minutes) I.   $arm p. 'ame Shar% Attac%  ( T inites the .s to  ay the ga#e and guess a *ord *ith 3 etters%+ T diides the c ass into t*o tea#: To# and 4erry+ T gies the ru e:  I have a word with 9 letters. . Two groups will take turns to  guess letter by letter. If your guess is right, the letter will appear in its correct place, if not, that boy will go down one  step. Which team can guess the word first wins the game. If the boy get down 5 steps, the shark will attack the boy and  you lose the  game. +T ets .s  ay the ga#e+The *ord is  5 T  ' T A 6 5+T asks .s so#e 7uestions to ead in the esson+   Tell me, what does entertain mean What do we often do to entertain !e.g. o to the concert, watch movies, play games, read books, watch sports, listen to music#). Today we are going to learn about one the most popular kinds of entertainment$  Music )nit 1*. +sic 'eading + Lead in ,estions : Do you ike isten to #usic8 !an you gie #e so#e kinds o #usic that you kno*8Teacher+*ho e c ass II. -eore /o read: 1. +atching: +atch the t/pes o msic 0ith their Pair *ork   Teacher in-charge: Pham Xuan Cong    Lesson Plan – Grade 10 Pre & reading %& minutes description( T sho*s a tab e *ith 2 co u#ns: tyes o #usic anddescritions+ T asks .s to *ork in airs and #atch the tyes o #usic its correct descrition%+ T inites so#e .s to gie ans*ers+ T gies eedback and roides the correct ans*ers%9  Answers:  1%b 2%e %d ;%a %c *.Pre(teaching vocablar/ < emotion =(n) t>nh c?# (synony#+ ee ing)@ #otiona (ad-) < communicate  () giao ti(isua s)< integral part   (n) hCn khng thE thiu(ex antion)<  solemn Gs ɔ H#=(a) ong trIng, trang nghiJ# (trans ation)< lull    ʌ = () ru ngK(isua )< mournful!a)  buLn rCu, thJ MNng(isua )+T e icits the *ords ro# the .s+T #ode s t*ice then asks .s to reeat chora y+T ca s on so#e .s to reeat the *ord%+T has .s read the *ord ist one #ore ti#e% hec%ing: 'ap(ill +T sho*s the s ide as be o* and asks .s to *ork indiidua y+Then T inites so#e .s to gie the ans*er Teacher+Oho e c ass6ndiidua  Teacher in-charge: Pham Xuan Cong    Lesson Plan – Grade 10 + T corrects .s/ #istakes i necessary+ T gies the correct ans*ers%  Answers:  %. communicate &. lull '. integral part (. solemn 5. emotion $hile & reading    minutes III. $hile /o read. Tas% 1. Tre alse statements: 2ead the passage anddecide 0hether the ollo0ing statements are tre3T4 oralse354.Activiti/ 1. Open prediction( T gies handout+ T asks .s to redict beore reading the assage%+ T inites .s to gie their ideas  Activit/ * % Tre alse statements +T asks .s to read the assage and check their  redictions+T asks .s to gie the ans*ers+T has .s correct the a se state#ents+T roides the correct ans*ers%9  Exec!ed answers: %. * &.* '.T (.* 5.T  6ndiidua Pair *ork  %( minutes Tas% * & 6estions 7 Ans0ers 8 'ame +T inites .s to  ay a ga#e ca ed  ucky singerQ  Teacher in-charge: Pham Xuan Cong 
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