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     Content Focus: My Family Provides my Shelter. September 05, 2019 Week 14 Day 4: Our House has Different Areas. I.   Objectives: At the end of the lesson the pupils are expected to: a.   Identify what are the different areas in your house. b.   Perform what to do in different areas in the house through dramatic play. c.   Solving simple puzzle. d.   Participate actively in class discussion. II.   Topic/ Subject Matter/ Message: Our House has Different Areas. III.   Learning Resources: a.   Reference: Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide pages: 194 -210  b.   Materials: Printed pictures, bond paper, pencil, crayons, c.   Puzzle  (Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom , Dining Area)  IV.   Strategies: a.   Daily Routine  b.   Drill: letter names and letter sound  c.   Review: What was our lesson yesterday?  V.   Lesson Proper: a.   Motivation: 1.   Movie Clip: Different areas in a house b.   Motive Questions: 1.   What are the different areas in your house? 2.   What do you see in each area? 3.   What do you do in each area? c.   Unlocking Difficulties: BOARD WORK: PASTE THE PICTURES IN ITS PROPER COLUMN. KITCHEN LIVING ROOM BEDROOM BATHROOM DINING AREA KITCHEN is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation. LIVING ROOM is a room for relaxing and socializing. BEDROOM is a room where people sleep. BATHROOM is a room in the house for personal hygiene activities. DINING AREA is a room where meals are eaten . d.   Presentation: These are the different areas in your house. (show the picture of kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and dining area) VI.   WORK PERIOD 1: ( GROUP ACTIVITY ) The teacher will group the children into 4 groups to do Teacher’s Supervised Activi ty (Triorama). The other remaining pupils will perform differentiated activities about what to do in the areas in the house through dramatization and puzzle. a.   Group 1  –   Dramatic Play (KITCHEN) Competencies: Naikukuwento ang mga ginagawa ng pamilya nang sama sama (KMKPPam-00-6) Participate active in a dialog or conversation of familiar topic (LLKOL-00-10) Materials: dramatic play area (bahay-bahayan with age-appropriate toys to represent a kitchen and other props as toy dolls) Procedure: 1.   The teacher encourages the learners to play in the dramatic play area cooperatively. 2.   Learners assign roles and proceed with their dramatic play.  b.   Group 2  –   Mini Book (Different areas in the house) Competencies: Nailalarawan kung paano nagkakaiba at nagkakatulad ang bawat pamilya (KMKPPam-00-3) Talk about the details of an object/picture like toys, pets , foods, places (LLKOL-Id-4) Materials: blank mini books, pictures or drawings of different areas in the house, + .+scissors, glue, colored markers Procedure: 1.   Ask the learners to look through the pictures and cut out the different areas in the house. 2.   Ask the learners to paste the cut-out pictures on their mini book 3.   Ask the learners to describe each house and assist them in writing down their descriptions. 2. Learners assign roles and proceed with their dramatic play. c.   Group 3  –  Triorama Competencies: Pagtiklop ng papel (KPKFM-00-1.2) Nakalilikha ng iba’t ibang bagay sa pamamagitan ng malayang pagguhit (SKMP -00-1) Materials: colored markers, crayons, glue or clear tape, scissors, poster board or paper Procedure: 1.   Assist the learners in making the triorama. Start with a square of poster board or paper. The larger the square the larger your triorama will be.)   2.   Fold it diagonally one way then unfold. And then fold it diagonally the other way and unfold. Cut it with a pair of scissors from one corner to the center. Grab one of the flaps and slide it all the way over the other flap. The triorama will fold right up into shape.) 3.   Ask the learners to fill the triorama with drawings of various things to make it look like an area in the house.) d.   Group 4  –   Picture Puzzle   Competencies: Pagbuo ng puzzles (KPKFM-00-1.5) Talk about the details of an object/picture like places (LLKOL-Id-4) Materials: large pictures of a living room, kitchen, dining room, toilet and bathroom, bedroom cut out in 4 to 6 pieces and laminated to make a puzzle. Procedure: 1.   The learners put together the puzzles first and describe what they see. 2.   The learners compare the areas in their house to what they see in the puzzles. VII.   Generalization: In which part of the house we are preparing our food? In which part of the house we welcome our guest? In which part of the house we are sleeping or resting? In which part of the house we are bathing? In which part of the house we are eating? VIII.   Evaluation:   IX.   Assignment: Prepared by: FRITZEL J. EBARDALOZA Teacher I, Kindergarten Teacher Observers: MRS. ELIZABETH LORENZANA Master Teacher I  LINAFLOR E. CABILDO Principal III


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