Light/sound cues

a list of lighting and sound cues for a short play
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    Lighting Cue Sheet  Show: Reunion Page 1 Scene/ page Cue # Count Type Description 1 1 0s Preshow house lights up, stage illuminated by light coming through window 1 2 5s House to ½ 1 3 3s Blackout 1 4 3s Sunlight 1 White light diagonal through window, “sun” (visible source of light) comes through windows on SR (fronts and other diagonals light rest of set) 1 5 1s Door Yellow light comes from behind door on SL 1 6 1s Door off Yellow light flickers off 1 7 .5s Overhead Bernie turns on a ceiling lamp (toplight and fronts get a little  brighter as well) 1 8 .5s Lamp Bernie flips on a lamp SL (yellow light) 1 9 .5s Lamp off Bernie decides against the lamp    Lighting Cue Sheet, Page 2   Scene/ page Cue # Count Type Description 9 11 8s Sunlight 2 “Sun” slowly shifts closer to window CS as Carol goes to look at  photos (shadows of windowpanes on ground) 17 12 8s Sunlight 3A “Sun” shifts slightly SL 24 13 5s Sunlight 3B “Sun” becomes mix of orange and white light 29 14 6s Sunlight 4 “Sun” moves very   slightly towards SL windows, shadows textures from windowpanes/ trees outside are more visible on walls and floor 37 15 .5s Lamp Carol switches on lamp from earlier 40 16 10s Sunlight “Sun” moves to mostly SL and shifts to mostly warm yellow/orange light 41 17 .5s Overhead off Bernie turns off overhead light, fronts and tops dim so “sun” is the main light source 41 18 4s Blackout (all lights down except for lamp) 41 19 .5s Lamp off Lamp is the last light to go out, delay shouldn’t be more than a second 41 20 4s Bows Fronts, diagonals, and tops up 41 21 5s Exit Fronts, diagonals, and tops to ½, house lights up       Sound Cue Sheet Show: ReunionDesigner: Ali Maynard Page 1 Scene/ page Cue # (Letter) Location Title Description 1 House Preshow Instrumental covers of hits of the 60s and 70s. Calm, acoustic. 1 House Preshow out 1 Environment City Sounds of cars, birds, sirens, muffled voices from outside 1 Effects/ Offstage L Bernie Click of light turning on, shuffling feet 1 Effects/ Offstage L Radio Staticky voice of radio announcer followed by Simon and Garfunkel’s “April Come She Will” 1 Effects/ Offstage L Radio out Effects/ Offstage L Bernie out Another click of the light turning off, shuffling stops 1 Effects/ SL Lamp Two clicks as lamp is turned on and then off again 1 Effects/ CS Overhead One click of overhead light turning on 1 Effects/ Offstage R Knocking Sound of Carol knocking on door
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