Kant's Intuitionism A Commentary on the Transcendental Aesthetic Ever since the publication of his Critique of Pure Reason in 1781, Immanuel Kant has occupied a central position in the philosophical world. In Kant's Intuitionism, Lome Falkenstein focuses on one aspect of Kant's Transcendental Aestheitic, namely, his position on how we manage to intuit the properties and relations of objects as they exist in space and time. It is a major problem not only in philosophy, but in cogni
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  Kant s  Intuitionism   Commentary  on the  Transcendental Aesthetic Ever  since  the  publication  of his  Critique  of  Pure  Reason  in  1781, Immanuel  Kant  has  occupied  a  central position  in the  philosophicalworld.  In  Kant s  Intuitionism,  Lome Falkenstein focuses  on one  aspect of  Kant s Transcendental Aestheitic, namely,  his  position  on how we manage  to  intuit  the  properties  and  relations  of  objects  as  they exist  in space  and  time. It  is a  major  problem  not  only  in  philosophy,  but in  cognitive science in  general,  to  decide  how  much structure sensory input  has of  itself and how  much  we  give  it  through processing.  How  much  do our  fac-ulties  do to  structure  our  knowledge  of  objects  and to  give them theirspatial  and  temporal existence? Recent interpretations  of  Kant s doc-trine  of  intuition  have  emphasized  the  constructivist answer  to  this question, stressing that sensations have no structure of their own andthat,  for the  objects  of our  experience  to  have  any  spatial  or  temporalstructure at all, we must impose a structure through synthetic pro-cesses  of the  imagination  or  understanding. Rehabilitating  an  inter-pretation  of  Kant outlined  in the  nineteenth century, Falkenstein argues that  our  knowledge  of  objects  in  space  and  time  is not  grounded  in concepts  but in the  quasi-physiological constitution  of our  senses. Falkenstein  begins with  a  careful  critique  of  both historical  and  con-temporary approaches to this problem and goes on to develop acogent  and  stimulating argument  for his  position.  The  dialectic thatresults advances the discussion into controversial new realms, revital-izing  the  debate  about  the  implications  of  Kant s  Transcendental Aesthetic LORNE F LKENSTEIN  is a  professor  at the  University  of  WesternOntario.  The  essential  function  of the  understanding according  to  Kant is to  combine  the manifold  of  sensory intuition.  But  combination  is an  activity that  can be  under-stood in two ways. To assemble a number of separately given pieces into awhole as with a jigsaw  puzzle is to combine a  manifold  in one of these senses.  ut  there is also a kind of combination involved when one simply recognizes that  an outline ought to be drawn in one way rather than another within amosaic so that one type of figure rather than another is depicted. In this second sense the  matters  of the  manifold  are not  moved around  or  arranged;  ratherthey  are  taken  to be  presented  in a  spatial array  to  begin with. Combinationconsists only of deciding which pairs of already  adjacent  matters ought to beconsidered to  fall  on  opposite sides  of the outline. It does not consist of deter-mining which matters ought to be set  adjacent  to one another. The adjacencyrelations  are  intuited not  constructed.  Lome  Falkenstein KANT S INTUITIONISM   Commentary  on the  Transcendental Aesthetic UN V RS TY  OF TORONTO PRESS Toronto  uffalo  ondon

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Jul 23, 2017
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