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Madhya Kalin Bharat

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   eè;dkyhu Hkkjr  This book is available at all leading physical book stores and online book storesTo view complete books visit.To download complete catalogue click or visit QR.             Hkkjrh; bfrgkl  eè;dkyhu Hkkjr         󰀧    Ø  i 󰀧kkl dk la  k lYk dh ;k X;k ij fHkZ  j djk FkkA g  i 󰀧kkl dk lkZ  P fkdkjh gkk FkkA ml ij fdlh dk ad󰀧k  gha  gk k FkkA lYk dk in ik;% iS 󰁠d gk k FkkA   Ø  [khiQk keek=k dk (lYk dk) e  f[k;k gk k FkkA [khiQk  d iHk  R dk ekk lYk dh bPNk ij fHkZ  j djk FkkA  e  ckjd󰀧kkg f[kh  k L;a  dk gh [khiQk ?kk f k dj fn;k FkkA i󰀧kklfd O;LFkk i  .kZ  % bLkfed keZ  kS j mld kn󰀧kk   ij kkkfj FkhA  Ø  lY dk ea  ^ehj* iHkk󰀧kkh FkA l  Ykk a d f, ehjka    dk leFkZ i k;% k󰀧;d gk k FkkA ; fnk g ;k kM  ;a  =k d kjk ih bPNk l lYk dk inLFk dj fdlh U; dk l  Yk  ck n  FkA gkkafd ;g dek j lYkk a ij gh k  gkk FkkA   Ø  cc kS j kmnnh f[kh d dk ea ehjk a dk eg  lcl de Fkk knh dk e a lcl fkd FkkA    ; 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