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  WARHAMMER QUEST THE BIG BOOK OF SPELLS WARRIOR EDITION BY PETER HARESNAPE The Big Book of Spells (Warrior Edition) contains all of those little spells an adventuring Wizard might someday need, but not be able to remember. The following spells are all in the book, and once per turn the Wizard may try to use one. Roll 1D6 for the Wizard's attempt to find it. If it is equal to or over the score given below, the Wizard may cast this spell for the Power cost given in brackets. A roll of 1 on the dice always fails, and likewise a roll of 6 always succeeds. These spells are really designed for the  Roleplay Game with a Gamesmaster, who can assess each situation and apply necessary modifiers. Some however (like Light) can be used in the Basic Game. The BBoS can be bought for 500 gold from all good Wizard's Guilds (Stock roll of 7) OPEN 2+ (1) Same as Roleplay Book LIGHT 2+ (2) This spell causes a ball of light to appear, circling around the Wizard. It lights up the board section he is standing on (though not adjacent sections). It can be maintained for 1 point of Power per turn. The Wizard must roll a 4+ to use this if he is in the darkness.  TONGUES 2+ (2) Same as Roleplay Book ZONE OF SILENCE 2+ (2) Same as Roleplay Book LEVITATE OBJECT 3+ (4) This spell allows the Wizard to levitate a small object, either raising it up or pulling it towards him. Use Initiative tests if he wants to do something fiddly, like turn a key from across the room. This is only useful on inert objects, which are not otherwise held or controlled. Levitating the club of a snotling would not work, but pulling a jewel from the head of a statue might. HALT MECHANISM 3+ (4) The Monsters often employ fiendish traps and devises to kill intruders, and some even remain from the time of the dwarfs. This spell allows the Wizard to try and suspend a mechanism or machine from working. It will have no effect on a machine that is partly or wholly magical, only solid, dwarf-style engineering. This doesn't usually have any effect on traps, as they tend to be too simplistic to delay in this way. It could be of use against mechanically operated crushing walls etc, which the Wizard has time to react to. This is a more difficult spell to maintain, and costs 2 Power each turn, as well as the Wizard's undivided attention- he cannot usually perform any other actions (or should at least make an Initiative Test)  ILLUMINATION 4+ (5) This works exactly as Light, but illuminates all adjacent board sections, and costs 2 Power to maintain. The Wizard must roll 6+ to use this in the dark (better to use Light first). SILENCE PAIN 4+ (6) This spell reduces painful sensations in the target. It can be used to help someone concentrate when injured, or to stop a sentry realising they have been shot. Note that this has no effect on Damage or Wounds, it is simply a deception that lasts for one turn. It is entirely separate from Ignore Pain and similar skills, and if employed in battles will have no perceivable effect. CAUSE PAIN 4+ (6) This spell can cause the target to feel a sudden pain. This has no effect in a battle etc, but could be of use distracting a sentry or causing animosity in a group of monsters. Less scrupulous Wizards might use it for interrogations... CREATE BRIDGE 4+ (6) Same as Roleplay Book CREATE WALL 4+ (6)  Using the same magic as Create Bridge, this spell creates a wall up to 2 squares long that blocks Line of Sight and Movement. It will last one turn. Only one may be cast at one time. If a Monster is adjacent to a wall and decides to knock it down, roll 1D6 and add its strength. On a roll of 8+ the wall is destroyed. This takes an entire turn. The Wall may be maintained as long as the Wizard spends 2 Power per turn maintaining it. TRANCE 4+ (7) This spell can be used to put the Wizard in a trance. If it succeeds, the Wizard slumps to the floor, dead to the world. He will not be attacked while there are other warriors alive. He can only return to consciousness if someone speaks aloud a pre-arranged phrase or word. If he was in the trance for more than 3 days he returns with full Starting Power and Starting Wounds. SUSPENSION 5+ (9) This is like the Trance spell, but may only be cast on a warrior or character that is on 0 Wounds and is about to die. This 'freezes' them at this point. When the spell is dispelled, roll 1D6. On a 1-2 the character has died, and may only be resurrected etc. On a 3-4 the character is in the same condition as before, and must be healed before he dies. On a 5-6 the character is unconscious but stable. Place him on 1 wound, and prone until he is healed further. TRACESTEPS 6+ (9) This spell can pick up on the trace of a named or known being that has passed through the area recently. It will reveal whether they were hurrying, which way they travelled, and the approximate number of people accompanying them. It will not work if the trace is older than 3 hours or younger than 5 minutes. For this spell to be cast there must be no Monsters on the target board section.
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