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Making Andy run faster

Making Andy run faster
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  Making Andy run faster, use less system resources, and run games better is fairly simple. If you know what you are doing.Sometimes it's even as simple as running ImportOVA from HandyAndy>Settings. Other times, it takes a little more than that. 1.Enable Virtualization: o enable !irtali"ation, you need to access your system's #IOS. ypically when you first turn on your $% or laptop, a screen pops up briefly with instructions on how to enter the &#IOS or &Setup. (sually the key is either )* or +el %heck #IOS +oc - Andy Support for keys for every computer manufacturer. If you are using Windows 8.x on a UEFI BIOS, do the following to access your systems BIOS! Open PC Settings"#eneral"$d%anced Startu&"'estart (ow Then )rou*leshoot"UEFI Firmware Settings Once you are in, you will need to find the setting that says either !irtuali"ation, Intel !irtual echnology, !-/ if you have an Intel %$(, SM!, or AM+-v if you have an AM+ %$( then enable it.After doing this, make sure to fully shut down your computer, then turn it back on again. Some motherboard0#IOS configurations need a cold reboot to apply the setting. You have to run ImportOVA from HandyAndy>Settings to reset the machine at this point. Original documents1 Andy )A2    , #IOS +oc - Andy Support 2.Turn off Hyper-v: In the latest versions of 3indows starting with 4./, Microsoft started including 5yper-v on some 3indows versions. 5yper-v can hog !irtuali"ation, and not let other apps use it like Andy6. herefore, it might need to be manually turned off. o do so, follow these steps1   Win+ey-  Command prompt (admin)   dism.exe Online /isa*le0Feature!1icrosoft02y&er03  Reboot 3.Power plan: On laptops, choosing a &balanced or &power-saving mode could reduce the power of the %$( significantly by reducing its clock speeds. #y doing so, it also limits Andy's performance. o fi/ this, set 3indows' power plan to High Performance or make your own power plan that does notreduce %$( performance. 4. Set up the mahine orretly: here are two settings that matter in !irtualbo/7 %$( cores and Allocated 8AM. o change these 9ha"i %haieb : Andy Support  settings go to HandyAndy>Andy Launcher then choose the machine you want to configure and click Settings. he rules are simple1 CP!    ;umber of allocated cores should not e/ceed the number of physical cores you have.  ;umber of cores should be the highest possible, without breaking rule <.  hese are virtual cores, so do not e/pect to monitor them using any kind of system monitor. "A#!    he amount of allocated 8AM should never e/ceed =>?* M#.  he amount of allocated 8AM should never e/ceed half of your system's 8AM.  @eep in mind that the machine will use up to the set amount of 8AM, but the Andy binary can use additional 8AM as needed.  Make sure to leave your system enough 8AM to function properly. 9iving Andy too much 8AM can cause your system to fall back to cache, which will hinder its performance. !."unnin# $n%y on an &ptimu' laptop: Optimus is a technology used by ;vidia on most 3indows laptops running its graphics card. he idea is to save power by running regular applications using the Intel integrated 9$( and get e/tra performance for graphics-intensive games and applications by using the ;vidia 9$( he Optimus driver usually comes with preset application profiles, but there isn't one for Andy yet. So you will have to do it manually, this is how1  Open $VI%IA Contro& Pane&  9o to #anage '% Settings  and navigate to Program Settings    %lick the Add  button  Add 'andy.e/e' from Andy's directory with High(performance $VI%IA processor  setting.  Apply changes and e/it ;!I+IA %ontrol $anel.  Open Andy and enoy better performance and regulated 8AM usage. Original documents1 Optimus $ost - Andy Support 6. Temperature' an% Throttlin#: Blectronic components have electric current flowing through them constantly, which causes them to heat up. 5eat, however, can kill electronic components. herefore, they always need to be cooled. hat is what all the fans in your system are for. %$(s run the highest risk of damage, since they dissipate the most heat. hat is why when the cooling system fails, temperatures rise and the %$( tries to protect itself by slowing down and even shutting down parts of itself7 his is called thrott&ing . In order to avoid throttling, you will need to monitor your system's temperatures and maintain your cooling setups. )or a laptop, it is recommended to get it internally cleaned at least once every two years more freCuently if used in a dusty environment or a house with cats or dogs. 9ha"i %haieb : Andy Support  Monitoring temperatures can be done using Speccy or Core )emp or any similar software. (.)n'tall $n%y on SS* 'y'tem' If you are installing Andy on a computer with an SS+ as the system drive, you might want to move the virtual machine to a secondary 5++ to save space and write-cycles. o do so, follow these instructions1 *+A"$I$,* this -i&& reset Andy and you -i&& &ose a&& data inside it.  Open !irtualbo/ and go to i&e>Preferences>,enera&  %hange the default machine folder to any folder you like, preferably something dedicated to !irtualbo/ machines only.  9o to HandyAndy>Settings  then choose ImportOVA to reset the machine.Original documents1 SS+ Install - Andy Supporthis concludes this subect. 5opefully after applying these tips your Andy will be faster than the fastest tablet on the market today. If not, feel free to oin our support group on )acebook for more help. /n0oy Andy* 9ha"i %haieb : Andy Support
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