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  MGT301- Principles of Marketing (Session- 5)Question No: 1 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one  If XYZ Insurance Company observes a suddenincrease in the number of farmers seeking flood insurancein Pakistan due to major floods in India, Which one of thefolloing is representing flood situation for the company!  ► arketing opportunity ► arketing strategy ► arketing concept ► Marketing threat   Question No: ! ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one #onica is aiming its Cool Cam camera at teenagers$Which one of the folloing is reflecting %eenagers! ► Target audience   ► &egmentation ► %arget market ► 'ocus group   Question No: 3 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which one of the folloing options represents thisstatement (What place do you ant your product to hold inthe consumer)s mind*! ► Product  ► Positioning  ► Promotion  ► Place   Question No: ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one +n important concept in hich e realie that losing acustomer means losing more than a single sale$ It meanslosing the entire stream of purchases that the customer ould make over a lifetime of patronage$ Which one of thefolloing options reflects this concept!  ►  -et profit  ► Customer lifetime value  ► .elationship marketing ► arket share Question No: 5 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one /athering secondary information is one of the steps of developing the research plan$ What does the meaning of secondary information in marketing research!  ► %hat does not currently e0ist in an organied form  ► That already exists somewhere, having beencollected for another purpose  ► %hat the researcher can obtain through surveys andobservation  ► %hat already e0ists somehere in an organiedform   Question No: # ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one If +1C 2td knos that its market share in Pakistan hasdropped 34 percent in the first 5uarter of the year butdoes not kno hat might have contributed to thisdecline, it is in hich stage of the marketing research process! ► 6ypothesis development ► &ymptom identification ► Problem identification ► Data interpretation Question No: $ ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one If 7nilever needs to survey retailer)s attitudes on theavailability of product literature in athletic shoe shopsand needs the results ithin four orking days,7nilever ill probably use hat kind of survey! ► + mail ► + telephone ► Computer intervieing  ► A personal interview   Question No: % ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one arketing researchers usually dra conclusions about largegroups of consumers by studying hich of the folloingsmall component of the total consumer population!  ► /roup  & ample  ► %arget group  ► +udience   Question No: ' ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which one of the folloing three8step processrepresents (Perception*! ► otivation, personality and attitudes  ► Collecting, eliminating and organiing informationinputs Marketing Manageent MQsPage 1    & !eceiving, organi ing and interpretinginformation inputs  ► +nticipating, classifying and discardinginformation inputs   Question No: 10 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which one of the folloing is #$T  the stage thatcustomers go through in the process of adopting a ne product!  ► +areness  ► Interest  ► 9valuation  ► Culture   Question No: 11 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Inelastic demand in industrial markets refers to hichof the folloing situation! ► :emand for a given product fluctuates very littleover time$ ► Price increases or decreases will notsignificantly alter demand for a given product%   ► %he demand for one product depends heavily on thedemand for another product$ ► &upply for a given product cannot keep up ith thedemand for it$ Question No: 1! ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one ost organiational purchase decisions are made byhich of the folloing categories! ► %he sales force  ► + team of purchasing agents  ► A firm&s buying centre  ► Inventory control personnel   Question No: 13 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one In its purchase of a small business computer, r$ +tee5asked that potential suppliers provide information onlyon units ith 3 b of memory$ +s managementevaluates the purchase, it finds that 3 b is inade5uatefor many of the softare programs they use$ In thisinstance, the firm ould need to modify hich aspectof the purchase process!  ► &earching ► &pecification development ► +lternative evaluation ► Performance evaluation   Question No: 1 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one 1uyer8 seller similarities is an attribute comes under hichone of the folloing concepts!  ► Demographic factors  ► Personal characteristics  ► &ituational factors  ► ;perating variables   Question No: 15 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which one of the folloing is a marketer)s major  positioning tool that has a direct impact on product or service performance< thus, it is closely linked to customer value and satisfaction!  ► Product 'uality  ► Product style ► Product design  ► Product features   Question No: 1# ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one 1eyond 5uality level, high 5uality also can mean high levelsof 5uality consistency$ 6ere, ('reedom from defects andconsistency in delivering a targeted level of performance*refers to hich of the folloing 5ualities!  ► Perceived 5uality ► Product 'uality  ► +dherence 5uality  ► Conformance 5uality   Question No: 1$ ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which of the folloing are a form of product that consistsof activities, benefits or satisfactions offered for sale that areessentially intangible and do not result in the onership of anything!  ► 2ine e0tensions  ► ervices  ► 1rands  ► &upplements   Question No: 1% ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which one of the folloing attribute may grab attention and produce pleasing aesthetics, but it does not necessarilymake the product perform better! Marketing Manageent MQsPage !   ► :esign  ► tyle  ► =ariable  ► Packaging   Question No: 1' ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one  -e product development starts ith hich one of thefolloing steps of ne product development!  ► Idea screening  ► (dea generation  ► %est marketing  ► Concept testing   Question No: !0 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one What do e call a detailed version of a ne idea stated inmeaningful customer terms!  ► Product idea  ► Product concept  ► Product image  ► Product proposal   Question No: !1 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which one of the folloing steps calls for testing ne8 product concepts ith groups of target consumers in ne product development!  ► Concept development  ► Concept testing  ► Idea generation  ► %est marketing   Question No: !! ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one %he consumer decides to make use of the product on aregular basis$ Which one of the folloing concepts )*T describe it!  ► +areness  ► Interest  ► %rial  ► Adoption   Question No: !3 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which one of the folloing concept )*T  represents theinvolvement of management and employees in thecontinuous improvement of the production of goods andservices!  ► Total 'uality management  ► arketing management  ► Customer relationship management  ► #noledge management   Question No: ! ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one When a customer pays .s$3>>> and receives a television setin return$ What does this e0ample sho!  ► 90change  ► Transaction  ► arket  ► &egment   Question No: !5 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one 'ast8food restaurants offer tasty and convenient food ataffordable prices< they contribute to fatness that harmsconsumer health$ Which one of the folloing concepts is #$T  being folloed by this company!  ► Product concept   ► Production concept ► &ocietal marketing concept ► arketing concept Question No: !# ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one ?%he netorks that connect people ithin a company toeach other and to the company? reflect hich one of thefolloing netorks!  ► W+-  ► (ntranets  ► 90tranets  ► Internets   Question No: !$ ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one (Planning that involves developing a strategy to meetcompetition and ensure long8term survival and groth*represents hich one of the folloing planning types! ► 2ong8range planning ► &hort8range planning  ► +nnual planning ► trategic planning   Question No: !% ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one %he publishers of (%he 9conomist* developed acampaign to market the magaine to university andcollege students studying business and management Marketing Manageent MQsPage 3  courses$ %he publishers are focusing on hich of thefolloing strategies!  ► Product development  ► 6oriontal diversification  ► arket development  ► Conglomerate diversification   Question No: !' ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one In 1oston Consulting /roup approach, hich one of thefolloing is a measure of company@s strength in the market!  ► !elative market share  ► arket share  ► 1usiness portfolio  ► arket groth rate   Question No: 30 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one ;ne of the contents of formal marketing plan that includes amarket description, a product revie, a revie of competition and a revie of distribution is calledA  ► %hreats and opportunity analysis  ► ;bjectives and issues  ► arketing strategy  ► Current marketing situation   Question No: 31 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one %he marketing mi0 consists of the four PsA product, price, place, and promotion$ In the age of connectedness, thesetools might be more appropriately named the four CsACustomer solution, Customer cost, Communication and BBBBBBBBBBB$  ► Customer control  ► Convenience  ► Consideration  ► Customer relationship   Question No: 3! ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which one of the folloing is #$T  part of the microenvironment!  ► Cultural forces  ► 'inancial intermediaries  ► Customer markets  ► arketing channel firms   Question No: 33 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one 'inance, research and development, purchasing andmanufacturing all are the activities of hich element of themicro environment!  ► &uppliers  ► .etailers  ► Companies  ► Publics   Question No: 3 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which one of the folloing forces is #$T  the part of company)s macro environment!  ► :emographic  ► 9conomic  ► Political  ► Public   Question No: 35 ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one arketing Information &ystem consists of people,e5uipment, and procedures to gather, sort, BBBBB, evaluate,and distribute information to marketing decision makers$  ► Analy e  ► +rrange  ► %est  ► Control   Question No: 3# ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Identify the name of a vast public eb of computer netorks that connect users of all types all around the orldto each other!  ► 90tranet  ► (nternet  ► 2+-  ► Intranet   Question No: 3$ ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one r$ +1C has just brainstormed a large number of ideas for adding ne products and services after visiting several buying fairs$ %he oners ill begin the first idea8reducingstage to select the good ideas and drop the poor ones$ Whatis another name of idea reducing stage  ► Idea generation  ► (dea screening  ► Product concept  ► Concept development   Question No: 3% ( Marks: 1 ) - Pleasecoose one Which one of the folloing product re5uires a lot of advertising, personal selling and other marketing efforts because consumer either does not kno about it or knosabout it but does not normally think about buying! 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